My Master List for 4th of July Fun

With 4th of July right around the corner, I wanted to give you one final Independence Day post so you can be ULTRA prepared for this upcoming holiday. I decided that instead of separating the post out into potluck recipes, dessert, or snacks… I wanted to put it all in ONE place so you can have a master go to list of 4th of July options.

In this post I will give you dinner ideas, dessert ideas, DIY clothing ideas, decor tutorials, and even help you know what to do with ALL of those leftovers. This is basically HITTING THE JACKPOT and getting all the tips, tricks, and hints to having the BEST 4th of July you’ve ever had.

Let’s get started shall we?

4th of July Dinner Ideas:

 Save money by throwing a 4th of July pot luck!

This is the perfect way to have an awesome celebration and not rack up the credit card bill in the process. Invite all your family, friends, neighbors etc. over and let them know you are having a potluck! A potluck is the PERFECT way to ask people to bring things so you aren’t stuck with all the responsibility! Plus, it will save you so much time cooking!

Super Easy Gourmet Burgers

If you want to spice up your normal 4th of July BBQ, these burgers are the way to go. They are still simple, affordable, and easy… yet they taste AMAZING! This will be a nice change to the normal burger. I highly recommend you try this one out!

Homemade Healthy Ketchup

homemade healthy ketchup

Whether you are looking for a more affordable or a more healthy alternative to ketchup, this recipe should not be missed on the 4th of July! It is made of items that you already have sitting around in your pantry PLUS, it is WAY healthier than your normal Heinz ketchup.


These super easy Shish-K-Bobs are AWESOME. And the best part is, you can make them and freeze them so on the 4th, you will have them made and ready to go. All you will need to do is cook them. Little things like this will make your Independence Day much more enjoyable because you won’t have to spend your entire holiday cooking. These kebabs are 100% customizable so you can satisfy the demands of your little picky eaters!

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

dr pepper pulled pork

This 4 INGREDIENT crock pot recipe will be such a hit at your Independence Day BBQ. I personally like to use Dr. Pepper as I cook it because I love the sweet flavor BUT you can use any cola that you would like. This is an easy recipe if you are feeding a crowd! Just throw it in the crockpot and wait for it to come out! That’s all!

Pasta, Cheese, and Veggie Salad

Pasta, Cheese & Veggie Salad

This is a super simple pasta salad recipe! My grandmother actually gave it to me and I love it! I have had so many different kinds of pasta salad but this one is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. It is easy, afforable, and perfect to have during the summer. It will refresh you right up!

 The Best Potato Salad

loaded baked potato salad

Is it really an American BBQ without some potato salad? Good thing we have a recipe that will blow your mind! This loaded baked potato salad recipe is to die for! I love it! It is super easy and you will easily impress all of your guests with this one!

More BBQ Recipes

4th of July Dessert Ideas:

Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

One of our readers said, ” I have now made this cheesecake recipe 3 times. It’s amazingly simple and everyone loves it. Thanks for posting this.” Do I need to say more? (Thanks Mark for the comment!) I love this recipe. It is SO SIMPLE. Cheesecakes can be so complicated, but this one cuts all the corners and turns out to be DELICIOUS!

Cream Cheese Cherry Pie

With only 6 ingredients and 5 steps, you will be done with this pie in NO TIME. I am all about the baking that is time effective and this one takes the cake… or should I say pie! It is super simple and your guests will LOVE it. I am sure everyone will ask you for the recipe! That’s what always happens to me!

 Indoor S’Mores

indoor s'mores

There are many circumstances where we do not have a fire and cannot make s’mores! And if we are being honest, even when we do have a fire, I worry about my kids making a HUGE mess or even worst, burning themselves! With this awesome recipe, you can make s’mores RIGHT in your own oven. It is simple, easy, and they taste just the same!

Cheesecake Strawberries

Cheesecake Strawberries

These are AMAZING. I love strawberry cheesecake, but have you ever thought to turn a strawberry INTO a cheesecake? With this recipe, you can hollow out a strawberry and fill it with a no-bake cheesecake cream and graham cracker crumbs. You have to try this one! You’ll love it!

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies

white chocolate cherry shortbread cookie

These cookies are soft, buttery, and oh so festive! What more could you want?? They make about 3 dozen cookies so you will have plenty for your outdoor barbecue! I had never had a cookie like this before I made it and now I love them!

4th of July Brownies

Click on this post and find 5 different ways to make the most festive brownies! Anything from brownie kebabs, to s’more topped, or frosted American flag ones! Brownie mix is so cheap to buy at the store and with these ideas, you can take something as simple as brownies and turn them into the centerpiece of your BBQ table!

Patriotic Berry Cookies 

Patriotic Berry Cookies

These cute cookies are so fun! Your kids will LOVE them and they are so tasty! When I see more difficult cookie recipes, I tend to stay clear because I am not 100% confident in my baking abilities (as I am sure many of you are!) but, these are so simple! I know you can do it! These will be such eye catchers at any Independence Day celebration.

Red Velvet Cake Roll

I love to make this one at Valentine’s Day, but why can’t we make it for the 4th of July too? It is red, white, and super tasty! My kids love this one, and not going to lie, I do too! I always find myself eating a little too much! haha this will be the perfect addition to any potluck held on this holiday weekend!

4th of July Dessert Ideas

Check out all these other 4th of July Desserts

Since it’s so hot outside, you might like to try some of our favorite Frozen Treat Recipes!

frozen treat recipes

4th of July Fun, Decor, and Tips:

DIY Bandana Dress

These dresses are the greatest! They are SO simple. I know many of you are saying that you don’t know how to sew, but honestly, you don’t need to know much to make these dresses! They are SO affordable and SO adorable!

4th of July Entertainment Essentials 

This post has all of my favorite Amazon 4th of July deals all in one place. I did the research for you so that you can just find all the deals and decide which ones you want to take advantage of. Keep in mind, prices change all the time so the deals I found could change at any moment!

What to do after the 4th of July party

Here are some money saving ideas on helping you NOT waste food! You can freeze almost everything at your 4th of July BBQ so that it does not go bad.

Which idea are you itching to try this 4th of July?

Now that you have seen the maser checklist of all things needed for the 4th of July, I hope that you have no problem planning the perfect Independence Day get together. Make your favorite foods, add whatever decorations you choose, and make tons of memories with family and friends this upcoming holiday celebration!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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