Campfire Eclairs Recipe {Woof ‘Ems}

Easy desserts to make over the campfire! Have you seen these campfire eclairs (or in my home called woof 'ems)? I hadn't even heard of them until my neighbor started raving about them to me. She makes them as a fun treat any time they go camping or start up the fire pit - in fact, she made her own set of woof 'em sticks! They are that good! Don't... Read this post

Grilled Pineapple

The best grilled pineapple recipe - Tucanos copycat
Desserts|Gluten Free|Summer
Try this easy, homemade grilled pineapple recipe! Have you been to a Brazilian grill restaurant before, like Tucanos or Rodizio? Almost everyone I talk to agrees that the grilled pineapple is the highlight of the meal! We love it! Even when we are feeling full, there is always room for a little more grilled pineapple! This isn't an exact copycat... Read this post

Huli Huli Grilled Chicken Kebabs Recipe

huli huli hawaiian bbq grilled chicken kebabs recipe
Gluten Free|Main Dish|Summer
Delicious and easy Hawaiian BBQ Huli Huli Grilled Chicken Kebabs! I love grilled kebabs. Easy to make and lots of flavor in each bite. These Huli Huli Grilled Chicken Kebabs are no exception - lots of delicious flavor and an easy homemade Hawaiian BBQ sauce! Sounds yummy, right? Well, it is! So make a plan to try it out soon! Here's the story... Read this post

Low Carb Sausage Balls Recipe

easy keto low carb sausage balls recipe
Gluten Free|Oven|Main Dish
Low carb sausage balls recipe - another family favorite! Found another low carb, keto, gluten-free recipe that my whole family loves! I've got a few picky eaters, so it is always a big deal when everyone is a fan. Sausage balls are perfect as an appetizer or party finger food, but also a great breakfast or meal option too. In fact, we had them for... Read this post

Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Quick and easy chocolate buttercream frosting recipe for cakes and cupcakes
Desserts|Gluten Free|Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
This is the chocolate buttercream frosting I've always wanted! Just look at those beautiful swirls of chocolate buttercream pretty, so delicious, and so much easier than it looks. Let me tell ya, homemade chocolate buttercream frosting tastes so much better than the canned, store-bought frosting. Now that I know how easy it is to make... Read this post

15 of the Best Air Fryer Hamburger Recipes

Recipe Roundup|Summer|BBQ
Air Fryers are all the rage right now. And if you have one, you have to try to one (or maybe all) of these Air Fryer Hamburger recipes.  Take a look at these recipes and let me know which one is your favorite or which one you want to try! And if you don't have an Air Fryer yet... check out the most recent Air Fryer Deals we've found! Bourbon Bacon... Read this post

Berry Quinoa Salad Recipe

Gluten Free|Summer|Healthy
This fruit salad is perfect for summer! Citrus and berries - talk about a wonderful side dish and salad for a BBQ! The quinoa adds a unique texture, protein, and more nutrition too. Give this berry quinoa salad a try! It is really a great healthy and delicious option for summer gatherings, potlucks, BBQs, holidays, etc. Have you had a salad... Read this post

Easy Made From Scratch You Can’t Stop Eating It Chocolate Cake

the best easy chocolate cake recipe
You've got to try this easy, delicious chocolate cake recipe! A few Sunday's ago I was craving some really good chocolate cake. I'm talking about some fabulous tasting made from scratch chocolate cake! So I came upon this highly-rated recipe on and made it two Sundays in a row. In fact, it made an appearance as our Easter dessert... Read this post

The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe

Gluten Free|Main Dish|Summer
One of the best chicken recipes - BBQ Chicken Kebabs! This isn't your ordinary barbecue chicken. In fact, these BBQ Chicken Kebabs are the best barbecue chicken I've tasted. It has definitely earned its place among the best chicken recipes out there! A few easy extra steps really add a depth of flavor that you can't get from just a BBQ sauce.... Read this post

Raspberry Brie Bites Recipe – Low Carb Appetizer

keto low carb raspberry brie bites appetizer recipe
Desserts|Gluten Free|Oven
Low Carb Appetizer Recipe - these easy raspberry brie bites are sure to impress! A great gluten-free, low carb appetizer option for your next party, BBQ, or holiday. Raspberry brie bites are tasty and pretty! You get a little bit of savory with the dough and brie cheese, but also some sweet from the raspberry jam and chopped berries. They are easier... Read this post
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