Giveaway Rules


That’s right… WINNERS every single day!! Here are the details:

  • Some days we’ll have just one winner, other days we’ll have four winners! You just never know! (The box above shows recent winners!)
  • You get to vote TWICE A DAY! It’s easy to remember… one time before noon, and another time after noon. You’ll be instantly notified if you’re a winner! So make sure you come back in the morning and then again in the evening to pick a 2nd deal you love and VOTE!
  • Limit 1 account per user. Duplicate user accounts will be deleted. You must have a user account to win. Make sure you use a good email address so we can contact you! (Don’t worry, we won’t be doing anything with your emails… we HATE spam too!).
  • Giveaway is for an Amazon gift card code, of varying amounts between $2 and $25.
  • Winner is chosen at random.

Need a video to show you how to do it?

Watch it here… prefer to read? Scroll down for more written instructions!

Here’s What it Looks Like:

TWICE A DAY come on over to the DEALS page on Fabulessly Frugal (conveniently located at Then scroll through the deals and click on your favorite. When it opens, you will see something similar to this off to the right of the deal. Simply click on this: 

When you do this the very first time, this box will pop up:

Simply fill this out form! This will register you on our site so you can vote. Make sure you use a GOOD email address… because that’s how we’ll contact you when you win. And don’t worry… I HATE spam email. So your email is safe with us! After you register, your vote will be counted!

You can vote once every 12 hours… once in the morning (midnight to noon) and once in the evening (noon to midnight)! Of course, the more you enter, the greater your chances for winning!

What’s in it for you:

Who doesn’t love Amazon gift cards?!  From $2-$25, every little bit counts, right? AND we would rather spend hundreds of dollars on our awesome readers than send it to the big wigs over at Facebook! This is simply a way for us to reward you for checking out our deals! Hopefully you’ll find something that you love or that solves a problem, and you can save some money on it as well!

What’s in it for me:

My team and I are working hard to provide you with relevant deals and information that you love. The info we gather will give us more insight about what deals you love (or don’t love). Which in turn just means we’ll be providing you with better content… so in the long run it’s another win for you!

So come on over to and cast your vote on your favorite deal!

CLICK HERE to check out a deal and cast your vote!