Camping with Kids: 16 Games and Activities

Camping with your kids can be lots of fun. They usually do not require much entertainment, but it is good to have a few activities on hand to help create some extra special memories for the family. Here are 16 ideas we have that will make your time more memorable and exciting! 1. Bow and Arrow : We have a bow and arrow set for our kids that is ONLY a camping activity. They look forward to using it each time. It will require some adult supervision as they learn how to... Read this post

5 Must Haves When Camping with Young Kids

Even when my kids were young, we did a lot of camping. It was fun! I have learned from experience that there are a few things that make a big difference when camping with young children though. Things you may not think about unless you have actually... Read this post

Camping with Kids!

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Enjoy Camping with Kids! Are you and your family avid campers, or just getting started? Either way, you can always pick up new tricks on how to make your camping experience GREAT! To begin with, let me say that camping with kids is AMAZING - fun... Read this post

5 Tips for Camping with Babies

5 Tips for Camping with Babies Bring a Tarp and blanket: Throw down a tarp, and cover it with a blanket for an easy play area for little ones that aren't toddling around yet. We have also used a pack and play for little ones. Baby Lounging:... Read this post
Camping Kitchen Tips

How to Pack a Kitchen for Camping

Kitchen Area Tips and Tricks: Packing Dry Goods: Pack all of your dry food in sacks so it's easy to pack and carry to the picnic table. (We do a lot of camping in bear country, so putting the food away at night is a must...and the sacks come... Read this post

Camping with Kids… 4 Things I Don’t Go Without

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  Know when to splurge and when to save! You can be a frugal camper by gathering gear as you go...don't worry about getting everything for the first trip...ask around and borrow from family or grandparents for the first few times to help you know... Read this post