Freezer Meal Recipes Master List

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Benefits of making freezer mealsfreezer recipes

Freezer Recipes

How to start a Freezer Meal Group

How to Shop for Freezer Meal Recipes

How to Prepare Freezer Meals

What Foods Don’t Freeze Well

Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken Freezer Meal Recipe

Chicken Freezer Recipes

How to make 7 fast and easy chicken freezer meals!

cheesy spinach burgers grilling

Beef Freezer Recipes

cheesy stuffed pasta shells freezer meal recipe image

Pasta Freezer Meals

ham and cheese braid image

Pork Freezer Recipes

honey lime tilapia fish recipe

More Great Freezer Meals


  1. Jolene Mireles says:

    You used to have a garlic lime chicken and a sweet and sour chicken recipe on here but I don’t see it now and I lost the recipe that I printed off 🙁 It was a hit and want to make it again! Where did it go?

  2. Kristi Stapleton says:

    I am having trouble viewing some of the recipes. I am tryng to view the ham and scalloped potato recipe and I am getting an error message. Please help! I used the recipe as a freezer meal and want to cook it up in the crock pot this morning, but I can’t access the recipe to find the cooking directions. Thank You!

  3. Hi Kristi-

    We are working on making our site faster. We transferred the site files over the weekend and it looks like some of them did not get redirected. So I am glad you let me know. We are working on it. In the mean time you can find that Scalloped Potato post here:

    In the meantime let me know if you need any other recipes. I am happy to help.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I can’t get ANY of the links to work 🙁

  5. In the meantime if you change any link like by taking out the .html and the date.


    It will work. Hopefully our tech team gets it figured out by the end of the day.

  6. What about a grocery list for the freezer meals?

  7. The recipes for family of 1 , how many people are considered a family? I need recipes for a family of 8. These are some of the best sounding recipes I have seen for freezer meals!


  8. I can’t get your website to take my email address so I can get your newsletter?

  9. My husband recently started working again after a period of being laid off. Right now we work different shifts and meal planning is kind of tricky since we are home at different times. I have been thinking about doing the freezer meal thing, and I was discussing this with DH. His one main concern was “Yes, I know it is convenient to reach in the freezer and pull out a prepared meal, but really, how much variety can there be with a freezer meal repertoire? Two or three things maybe?” I will be printing out your list of recipes you offer here. Boy will he be surprised there is so much to choose from. LOL Also I am thrilled there is so much information regarding the freezer meal process. This will surely do much to help me get started. Thank you!

    • YAY!! I’m so glad you found us!! If you are looking for even more recipes (because our 100+ aren’t what you are looking for) we HIGHLY recommend $5 Dinner… They have awesome plans you can buy that have 12+ meals in them, plus shopping lists! It’s super organized and very frugal!

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