DIY Nursing Tank With Snaps (Picture Tutorial)

Adult|Frugal|Mothers Day
Nursing is a big job! Being comfortable AND modest can also feel like a big job too, especially in public. With my first baby, I stayed home most of the time in fear of having to nurse in front of other people. It took me a little while (okay a long while) to get the hang of lifting the shirt, undoing the bra, getting baby situated, redoing the bra and then getting my shirt back in place... all while staying covered up to prevent any awkward moments.  I remember being... Read this post

DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

It is ALMOST October and we all know what that means... HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween! It is such a fun holiday and my kids LOVE deciding what they want to be each year. I always cringe at how much people are charging now-a-days for halloween costumes!... Read this post

DIY: How to Make Baby Headbands {Satin and Felt Flowers}

Today I have a guest (my cousin!) sharing her skill of DIY Baby Headband making! She's so talented so I asked her to teach us how to make baby headbands! Such a great way to save and they are so cute! Thanks Amie! I love to make baby headbands.... Read this post

How to Make Jeans into Shorts (and Keep the Original Hem)

Make cute jeans into cute shorts! I love this clever way to shorten the length of jeans or pants while still keeping the original hem! This works perfectly on a straight leg jean or pant and is an awesome solution to worn out pant knees. You... Read this post

5 Cozy Handmade Warmer Tutorial

Winter is coming and we've got you covered from head to foot.. 1. DIY Slipper Boots As light as your ordinary slippers but looks like unique boots -Slipper Boots! It feels so homey I'd like to walk around the house during winter wearing it. So... Read this post

DIY Hair Tie Valentine {for YOUR girlfriends}

Valentine's Day Gift you can Make Yourself I decided today that I wanted to make a valentine to give my friends. Once upon a time I used to stamp valentine’s cards for my friends and family. Enter 4 kids in 5 years and I haven’t done anything... Read this post

Top 10 Ways to Re-Use Old Towels and Sheets

I recently cleaned out my linen closet only to realize that a good chunk of valuable space was being used up by old towels or sheets that no one ever uses anymore.  A lot of them are still in really good shape. Since I am still frugal at heart I... Read this post

DIY Race Bib Displays

Display Race Bibs and Medals with these DIY Crafts! My family and I love to run and participate in community races for both fun and fitness. Over the past few years we have gathered several race bibs soI decided to display all of the hard work... Read this post

DIY Infinity Scarves

Adult|Frugal|Mothers Day
I just love Infinity Scarves! They are so cute and versatile and really dress up an outfit!  I also love the way they help with modesty!  So when my cute daughters wanted infinity scarves I was ready to go out and buy them one in every color and pattern!... Read this post

DIY Mama Bird Nest Necklace

Need an idea for Mother's Day? Here is a cute and super easy tutorial on how to make a bird nest necklace for under $8.50!! {Pin This}   {Supplies} 24 gage wire ($3.99 at Michaels) {6 yards for $4.67 on Amazon} Beads (.99 at Michaels)... Read this post