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My favorite way to stock up on freezer meals

Why I love my freezer meal group…

We have talked about freezer meal groups before and we have shared lots of freezer meal recipes over the years!

Freezer meal groups are great because you get to stock your freezer with a variety of freezer meals and the work is minimal for you. Freezer meals are awesome because it takes minimal prep to get a meal on the table for the family. A lifesaver for all of us busy people. And a money-saver because you end up eating out less and grocery shopping less. Yeah!

  • Homemade meals in the freezer, ready to serve with minimal prep
  • Great variety of meals too
  • Try new meals/recipes from other families
  • Ultimately saves time and money
  • Fun! Regardless of how you organize the group, try to arrange time to meet and socialize with each other because it is fun and one of the best parts about the group.

my freezer meal group

I’m just an average, busy mom, but I love finding ways to make meal planning easier and, of course, I love to save money.

How to start a freezer meal group:

Group size

We like having 5 or 6 people in our group, but you can start small with just a few friends, if you want. The group may depend a bit on how you decide to organize the group too (see below). You will need to consider how many meals you will have to make and receive, and if you have enough space to meet together comfortably.

Group communication

It is really helpful to have a system in place for communicating about meetings, recipes, and other things like that. Email, group texting, and a calling tree are a few options. We started out doing group emails, but I found it hard to keep track of the replies. So we tried a private Facebook group for our freezer meal group and it has been great! It is easy to set up too. Everyone in our group can see the posts and comments, so it is easy to join in on each conversation.

Serving size

The amount of meal required for each family should be about equal among the people in your group. Choosing people with a similarly sized family can be helpful. We have a few families of 5, and a few of 6. In our group, we decided that about 6 servings would be sufficient for each family, so we use that as a rule of thumb for meal sizes – an 8×8 pan or about 6 servings.

Similar taste in food

Invite people to the group that may have similar taste in food. You don’t want to have someone making only spicy freezer meals, if your family really doesn’t like them. Some people prefer only certain brands of foods too, so you might want to ask about that sort of thing from the get go. Don’t forget to consider food allergies too! It is also helpful if all of the people in the group are really good at making food. Ha. But seriously.

Delicious and Easy Freezer Meals For Everyday

Group organization

This is one of the bigger decisions to make when it comes to starting a freezer group. There are lots of different ways to do it and you just have to figure out what works best for your group.

Some groups like to assemble the freezer meals together as a group. Decide on the meals, choose a cooking day, assign a hostess and co-hostess to do all the shopping, and distribute the prep work. Then get together to assemble the meals on the cooking day and split the grocery bill equally. This could be a great option for your group – read more about this style of freezer group here.

I found some people that fit my criteria in my neighborhood and were interested in the freezer meal group, then we all met together and discussed how we would like to have the group set up. This is what we came up with and it is working well for us. The perks are that it is flexible and easy to get the meals done on your own time frame and at your own pace.

We have 5 members right now. We meet at one of our houses around the first of each month and it is usually at 8 or 9 pm, when the kids are in bed and spouses are home. The meeting can be as quick as 30 minutes, but for many of us it is also an enjoyable opportunity to chit chat! I have really enjoyed getting to know these ladies better.

talking about freezer meal recipes with my freezer meal group

We decided that it is easier for us to each make multiples of one meal at some point during the month and with our own ingredients. We all agreed that the cost of the food would pretty much even out over time and that we have some control over our cost by choosing the meals we want to make anyway. With a group of 5, we each need to make at least 4 of our one meal so we can give one to each of the other members.

At the monthly meetings we each bring 3 ideas/recipes for possible freezer meals to make and we take turns presenting the ideas to the group. Then we all vote on the one we like best from each person – majority vote wins. This is an easy way to have some control over the meals you will receive and make. At the meeting, we also exchange the freezer meals that we had made since the last meeting, with any cooking instructions or notes. A few of us like to place our meals in a laundry basket for easy transportation, hence the laundry basket in the photos. 😉

Fix, Freeze, Feast The Delicious, Money-Saving Way to Feed Your Family

I have this freezer meal cookbook and really like it so far! (See more freezer meal cookbooks.)

So each person goes home from the meeting with new freezer meals from each of the other members and knows which meal they are going to make for everyone by the next meeting. I still make double of a recipe for my own freezer meal every once in a while, but for stocking up, I much prefer the freezer group to spending hours by myself assembling a bunch of different freezer meals for the fam!

There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to try something like this and enjoy it too! Get started with our favorite freezer meal recipes.

How I keep my freezer stocked with family-friendly meals...{Pin This} post for later if you loved this idea! ^^^^^

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  • Marie

    My freezer group fell apart because of “picky eaters”. Allowing everyone a say on what they feed their family is golden. I also love how you don’t worry about the cost and assume it’ll all even out. This plan is just structured enough to be sustainable without taking the fun out of it. Thanks!

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