What Foods Don’t Freeze Well for Freezer Recipes

Which foods are not good for freezing?

  • Rice:   must be under cooked and sometimes still turns out a little mushy.  We usually do not cook rice ahead of time. It is easy to prepare when meal time comes.
  • Noodles:  must be under cooked and sometimes still turn out mushy.
  • Potatoes: do not freeze raw potatoes they turn brown. Use frozen potatoes for meals like Funeral Potatoes, Sausage Hash and Ham and Cheese Potatoes. When making soups we find that is works well to precook potatoes.  Again undercook to avoid mushiness.
  • Cream Cheese:  do not freeze
  • Raw Eggs: do not freeze (cooked eggs freeze fine like in Breakfast Burritos.)

TIP:    If your meat is frozen when it’s raw, you can cook it, and freeze it again.


  • kary

    Can you freeze pillsbury biscuit cans, crescent roll can etc?

  • Kristin

    We make a breakfast hash casserole – layer hashbrowns and then mix up a dozen eggs with 1 cup of milk, mix it with the sausage or bacon, and freeze it. Thaw and cook. It turns out so great we make it every month. Never had an issue with it. We also freeze cream cheese in the original packages if you’re cooking with it. I wouldn’t use frozen to make the cream cheese mints or anything, but in dips and sauces, it turns out great!

  • Laura

    Can you freeze mayo? I just found a recipe that called for mayo to be frozen and I always thought you couldn’t do that?


    I freeze my cream cheese before I open it. Is that ok?

  • Ashley

    What about lunch meats ?

  • emma

    Raw eggs can be frozen if they are already mixed. I would mix a bunch of raw eggs with food processor and freeze them into individual big cubes.

    Boiled eggs should not be frozen.

    • Lynne Krywulycz

      I have lovely fresh eggs from my chickens each day and I also mix them and freeze in a muffin tin – approx two eggs per muffin – and use them for making delicious omelets and scrambled eggs.

      • Lynn

        Do you freeze them raw? I really like making GF quiche but often bake it before freezing. It would be great if I could mix it all together, freeze, thaw in the refrigerator days later and bake as per norm. Is that how you do it? freeze raw and then thaw in fridge and bake as norm?

  • andrea

    Can you freeze Chicken Fried Steak And if so how would you reheat it?

  • I would flash freeze it (lay it out on an individual on a cookie sheet on a silicone mat and freeze, then put in a freezer bag once it’s frozen. To reheat, I’d just bake it. You’ll need to test out the temp/length of baking time.

  • Vanessa Dolby

    I freeze all the veggies for my beef stew (celery, onion, potatoes and carrots) in a ziploc bag. To keep the potatoes from turning brown, I add about 1 tablespoon of oil to the bag, seal it and shake it to coat the veggies. I put the meat in another bag and then freeze them together in a third bag. Works well.

  • Emily

    It says here that your need to use already frozen potatoes for the freezer recipes. I was looking at your scalloped potato recipe and it seems that you used fresh raw potatoes and then froze it. Does it turn out ok doing that?

    • We use the frozen hashbrowns from costco for the recipe. You could use fresh potatoes, but you risk them turning brown and they might get a little soggy. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Linday R

        A tip to keep the hash browns (or any other cut of fresh potatoes) from browning is to rinse them thoroughly until the water runs clear to remove all of the starch from the surface. Then freeze them in 1 lb packages or so. (Whatever amount you’d use per recipe..) They’ll come out just like store-bought frozen potatoes for a lot less money & without all of the preservatives. I hope that helps! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Would mashed potatoes freeze ok or no? Like for a shepard pie? Or is that a dish you wouldn’t freeze either? Thank you!

  • Samantha

    If you flash freeze potatoes for like french fries and onion potatoes would that still be ok ??? Thanks in advice !! Also before finding this website I found like 6 different website for 6 different things and come too your website and it has everything…

  • Samantha

    If you flash freeze potatoes for like french fries and onion potatoes would that still be ok ??? Thanks in advice !! Also before finding this website I found like 6 different website for 6 different things and come too your website and it has everything….

    • I have had luck with freezing potatoes… BUT, I use a super fast cutting machine (like 10 lbs in less than 2 minutes) and freeze immediately. I have heard a LOT of people saying that they turn brown. So, I imagine if you do them quickly you’ll be fine. But then also don’t let them defrost before cooking them!

  • Jack Cagle

    If cream cheese, even sour cream is on sale, I definitely buy more. And I just put them in the freezer. I let them defrost to room temperature, then use an electric mixer to mix the ingredients together until I get a smooth texture. Works the same with frozen milk. I accidentally put a quart of milk in the freezer, and came across it 3 years after the expiration date. Reconstituted it with the mixer, and it was just as good.

  • Tarina

    What about evaporated milk in a recipe?

  • Debra

    I am disappointed to see rice on the no-freeze list. I assumed it would freeze well because of the abundance of frozen entrees I see in the stores that include rice. Do they know some special trick for doing this?

  • I think it’s just because they are so processed. Rice is so easy to make the day that you need it though. When you freeze then thaw it, it’s mushy.


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