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March 19, 2010 50 Comments | Disclosure

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  1. How do I get the Price Point Guide code again? I’m already subscribed and received the code. But I didn’t keep track of it and can’t find it. May I have it again please?

  2. Hi, how do I get more information on your photo blankets, please & thank you.

  3. Where do we go to change password! Unable to locate this information. The email you sent replied you can change once you sign in with the one you processed. Unknown to me ! Please advise!

  4. KAREN Newton says:

    So I really want to give this a try I bought the DVD and have watched it over and over to get the basic ideas then I watched it and followed along with the DVD and my laptop to find the places on the website as well. but here is where I am lost a went and printed all these coupons from the website and then when I thought I was ready to do some shopping for just the coupon items that I just found I went to my local supermarket website which offers ecoupons and all the coupons I just printed were on their and I could link them to my card. I have already been shopping and saving money with my store shopping card but was looking for some real savings with using coupons. So did I wasted all that time now printing all these coupons when I didn’t need too? Also am I to buy the local newspaper to get the coupon inserts and will they be the same that the printable coupons are on your website? I am really confused about how the savings are to be done and would really love some feed back. I do understand the stock piling but I already stock pile maybe not enough or the right way but I always buy a back up of items already do I need to buy more of a stock pile? And if the coupons are different in the newspaper then the ones I am seeing on the website can I use the coupons in addition with the store ecoupons? Please guide me. Thanks

    • Ecoupons can usually only be used once… so if you printed to copies of the paper coupons, and you use the e-coupon, that means you can save 3 times!
      I LOVE getting the newspaper, because then I get 5 copies of each coupon! Like there is a BIC coupon coming out this weekend, and for the ones that get it, it means FREE pens! (All coupons are regional)
      I like my stockpile to be enough for 3 months, minimum.

  5. Tawnya Davis says:

    I LOVE the coupon insert list and am lost without it since 7/21 when the St. Louis edition stopped being updated. I assume this is maybe because the person who was doing that has left, so just wondering when you think it will be updated again and in the meantime, since the coupons are regional, is there another city I could access that would be the same as St. Louis? Thank you very much.

  6. mona david says:


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  7. I was wondering if you ever have give aways or contests on your facebook page. If so, I would like to donate a prize. I help people reach their weight loss and health goals with a product called ACE and many other SABA For Life products. Thank you!

  8. Hi! I was just wondering if you had already contacted the 15 days of giveways winners. I haven’t received an email from you about it, so I am unfortunately assuming that I did not win anything. But could you let me know anyway?

  9. Hey there ,

    I want to advertise with you, so once i get your media kit would love you work with you.
    Thank you,

  10. Paula Miller says:

    I love this website, so helpful. am a disabled senior and can”t make ends meet with my huge medical bills. Really need to know if anyone knows of any LEGIT MYSTERY SHOPPER OR WORK AT HOME sites or co’s. Please
    answer soon.

  11. Hello – Can anyone tell me when is the best time of year to get the lowest prices on buying new beds/mattress? Thanks

  12. I am in Omah, NE. are your deals/updates for couponing good for my area?

  13. Hi! I have been noticing that many of the sites for stores are not being updated. (ex. I cannot find Albertson’s current week). Is there a place a need to refresh? It is not only on your website that it is happening but on several others as well!

    Please help:)

  14. Karen Roush says:

    Please unsubscribe me from all of your services. Thank you in advance.

    • I don’t believe you are subscribed to anything Karen… Email at fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com if you are still getting emails, and I’ll try to help!!

  15. Are you still posting coupon inserts for Boise?
    Also, I haven’t been able to find the Albertsons IM matchups sometimes?
    Can you help?

  16. I can’t seem to find your coupon database anymore. Did you discontinue it, and if so do you know anyone else that has one? I’ve been a fan of your site for years and appreciate all you do!

  17. Is there a reason you stopped doing coupon lists?

    • Hi Karrie, you can read all about the changes we are making, and why, right here:

  18. I’ve emailed you. I’ve posted on your FAQ’s. I haven’t received an answer.

    Your coupon database STILL isn’t working! It’s been over a month!

    I’ve tried to access it via my home and work computers and my smart phone, but all the page ever shows is a blip where the search box used to be that says [favado_coupon_database] .

    I’m going to another site for my coupons now. I loved your site and have told literally dozens of others about it. Sorry to go, but your failure to get back to me or to correct the problem leads me to believe you’ve gone from caring about your customers to caring about your advertisers.

    Best of luck to you in the future. I’m moving on.

  19. cheryl leatherman says:

    Do you still list coupon matchups? I used to come to your site all the time, but you lost me with all the changes. I typed in “safeway” to search, and “no results”.Just wanted the matchups like you used to do. I know i’m not alone. Is it just the website harder to manuver? or do you not do those list anymore?

  20. Hi Becky, please help! Ive tried to use the contact us part but the captcha code isn’t working no mater how many times I try to type it in it’s not letting me sent my emails…SO, Please respond to my email because I don’t know how to get back and check this direct feed… I can’t find the 2 slice toaster from black and decker MIR …the one you have on your site is the wrong one and it’s no longer listed in the kohls rebate section. the sku is 92885587 please help! Thanks


  22. Lori Bynes says:

    Can you tell me the font you used in the word “Christmas” in the – 2015 Christmas Gift Guide – that shows up on this page:
    Thanks in advance!
    BTW, your contact page doesn’t work. Won’t let me leave a comment due to inaccurate Captcha. I’ve tried numerous times, but still won’t work.

  23. Carol Clouse says:

    Hi There,
    Your CAPTCHA code system won’t let me send you a message.
    I’ve got a story coming up for Thomson Reuters on a poll that asks people about what they think “a good deal” is. Would you be able to comment late next week once I have the poll numbers? I should get them on the 17th.
    Carol Clouse
    freelance writer/editor

  24. CAPTCHA system is not working as others have stated above, this is what I was trying to send you via email. Hi I would like to get the password to the budget tool or an unprotected version please. I add additional sheets like debt repayment and a monthly budget of which paycheck to deduct which bills etc but I cant do anything with 2016 version at all at least 2015 I was able to add sheets.

  25. I’m trying to send an email, but your screen capture feature isn’t working – as stated above. I’d like to invite you to participate in a local family resource fair I’m organizing. Please email me privately.

  26. CAMERON WAN says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there were any newspaper deals for the Oregonian?


  27. Hi
    I would like to share a tip of my own, how do I go about it. I did try head over to the FAQs but that redirected me to “”
    I think the gremlins have been in your links.

    And if I ever manage to send this, your CAPTCHA code thingy has told me I was incorrect 5 times so far…
    After try 10 I decided to try post here rather, CAPTCHA kept telling me it was incorrect, I tried exactly as it shows (mixed case as per the image) as well as all lower and all upper case, still wouldn’t let me send the message?


  28. Dolores Pilot says:

    I signed up 5 to 6 times last thursday and friday to received your emails and have never recieved and email confirmation and when I try to send an email to you using the captcha it keeps telling me the captcha keeps telling me it is incorrect.

  29. Hi Cathy, I have followed you since the beginning…I am frustrated that you don’t put the prices of the deals in you headlines anymore. Perhaps you have reasons, but for me, its like going to a garage sale and nothing is priced. I don’t have the time to ask how much it is, so I just walk away. I find myself walking away from your site a lot lately and it makes me sad. Thanks! Also, like Levona above, your Captcha code is not working. Tried emailing this, but gave up after 8 tries.

  30. Thank you, Thank you! for putting the prices back in the titles!!!

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