Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

easy keto bacon jalapeno poppers appetizer recipe
Gluten Free|Oven|Cheese
Bacon Jalapeno Poppers - low carb, super easy, and super delicious! These bacon jalapeno poppers are always a big hit and wonderful appetizer recipe! Don't expect to have any left over and you will probably have several people comment about how delicious they are too. Bacon, cream cheese, and cheese are always an awesome combo! I see a bunch... Read this post

Instant Pot Mexican Shredded Chicken Recipe

Easy Instant Pot Mexican shredded chicken recipe
Gluten Free|Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Main Dish
Try this easy and fast Instant Pot Mexican shredded chicken recipe! Yes, this Instant Pot pressure cooker chicken recipe is easy and fast, but it is also full of flavor! I love this Mexican shredded chicken on a salad, in a tortilla, and on nachos. Yum! It tastes pretty good by itself too actually. There are lots of ways to enjoy this delicious shredded... Read this post

DIY Sweetened Condensed Milk (Made From Scratch and Easy!)

Easy sweetened condensed milk recipe and substitute
Gluten Free|No Bake|Mexican
Did you know you can make your own sweetened condensed milk?! For real, I thought you could only get sweetened condensed milk in cans from the grocery store. With this recipe I was doubtful at first, but a few minutes later I was amazed and pleased! Lo and behold, there in my blender was that sweet, thick, magical ingredient - sweetened condensed... Read this post

Easy Enchilada Chicken Recipe

Gluten Free|Oven|Main Dish
Super easy, keto, low carb, enchilada chicken recipe! This enchilada chicken recipe is a super easy way to change up the flavor of your typical boneless skinless chicken breast - low-carb style. A chicken recipe that is super simple, healthy, and ready in less than 30 minutes! A Mexican or Southwest seasoning works really well here. I use... Read this post

Shrimp Enchiladas Recipe

Egg Free|Oven|Main Dish
My favorite cheesy shrimp enchiladas recipe! These shrimp enchiladas are probably up there in my top 4 favorite shrimp recipes. They are cheesy, flavorful, and totally different from the usual enchilada. Don't get me wrong, I like the usual enchiladas too. The cheesy sauce and sweet shrimp set this recipe apart though. These enchiladas are... Read this post

Baked Chicken Taquitos Recipe

Egg Free|Oven|Main Dish
This is definitely my favorite chicken taquitos recipe! It is super easy to make these baked chicken taquitos and everyone in my family loves them! They are also an excellent freezer meal. I like to double the recipe and freeze some for my own fam and take them to other families that could use a delicious, quick meal to stash in the freezer. I'm... Read this post

Green Chicken Enchilada Keto Soup Recipe

Gluten Free|Main Dish|Chicken
Try this super easy low carb keto soup recipe! Seriously easy - you only need 5 ingredients to make this keto soup recipe and they are all pretty common ones too. Plus, you can have it ready to go in less than 30 minutes easy! This simple soup really does taste just like a green chicken enchilada would...if it were a soup. ;) The salsa verde,... Read this post

Keto Taco Bites Recipe

Gluten Free|Oven|Main Dish
Easy dinner, snack, or appetizer recipe - Keto Taco Bites! When the whole family loves it - even the picky ones - it is a recipe worth getting excited about. Yes, this is a keto and low carb recipe, but anyone that likes tacos will like it! In fact, my kids that don't like tacos, actually do like these mini keto taco bites. ;) (ps - if you're curious... Read this post

Oven Baked Tacos Recipe

Egg Free|Oven|Main Dish
An easy dinner for Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, or any day! These baked tacos are perfect for Game Day, but they are also a wonderful, fast, and easy dinner idea for any day! If you haven't tried baked tacos before, you'll want to save this recipe and give them a try real soon. These are not just your basic tacos. I mean, yeah, you could just... Read this post

Buffalo Chicken Nachos Recipe

Oven|Main Dish|Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Nachos for Game Day! We had these nachos for dinner the other day and loved them! Crunchy home-baked chips, spicy buffalo chicken, and lots of cheese! I love the addition of chopped avocado as a garnish to help cool things down. Seriously delicious! Perfect as an appetizer, dinner, or for a Super Bowl party. You don't have... Read this post
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