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October 24, 2011 15 Comments | Disclosure

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Cathy – Fabulessly Frugal Co-Founder

Cathy’s expertise on… I started this blog on October 8, 2008 so my family and friends from church could follow what I was doing.  I had been couponing for barely a month, so I was learning as I wrote.  Shortly after, Monica started emailing me some deals she was doing, and in November I added her as an author to the blog.  We didn’t know each other very well at that time, and no idea what we were getting ourselves into!  She and I used to write nearly all of the content and handle all the emails and comments.  In March of 2009 we started teaching classes together, and in April of 2010, after tweaking and refining the class to perfection, we filmed it to offer to readers everywhere in DVD format (use coupon code CATHY to save 50% by the way!).

Every family size can coupon… I have 7 children.  Yes.  That is right.  7 children and they all belong to me and my hubs.  😀  Wanna know how much Cathy spends on groceries each month… In my pre-coupon days, I could easily spend $1000.00/mo on groceries.  When I coupon actively, I can get by on $100/week.  That includes diapers (I have 2 of them in diapers).  I’m not a full time couponer though.  My family and this blog keeps me quite busy, and there are times you’ll find me paying (gasp) full price for cereal if I’ve missed too many cereal sales!  But you know what I’ve decided.  It’s OK!  You do what works for YOU!  I don’t feel like I need to keep up with everyone else and their big stockpiles.  Every little bit I save is still better than not saving anything at all!

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Monica – Fabulessly Frugal Co-Founder

Monica’s expertise on… As one of the founders of Fabulessly Frugal I have been writing fab blog posts for a long time.  One of my favorite series teaches the new couponer how to coupon. Check out Coupon Tip Tuesday.  Although Freezer Meal Cooking has been a collaborative effort, it is a series that I brought to fabulessly frugal after years of doing it myself. Albertsons is my favorite store to coupon and my store of expertise.  I love to bring our readers giveways. I also give our couponers a sneak peek at the coupons that are coming in the Sunday paper.

How Monica learned about couponing… My first encounter with the concept of couponing as we know it today was back in 2007. My Uncle Tracy was telling me about how he shopped CVS for deals and got stuff for free all the time, in fact even got paid to shop. He told me he had a drawer full of razors that he got for free. I could not believe it. Razors are $10 each? How did he do it? He tried to explain the concept of stacking coupons and sales. It seemed easy enough, but where do you find coupons? He directed me to When I got home and tried to match up coupons and deals at Walgreens I was unsuccessful. I did not know about newspaper coupons and I did not have a coupon blog to help me figure things out. I quickly gave up and figured couponing just did not work in my area. One year later…

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Becky – Manager

Becky’s expertise on… I post about TargetWalgreens, Amazon, and other online deals!

Becky has not always been frugal…  Before joining the team she worked outside the home, mainly in an administrative roll.  Now that she’s the manager of she loves to share the great deals she finds, and loves to check them out herself.  Since giving birth to her second child in June, saving has become even more important.  Coupons, Online Deals, and saving on her day to day expenses help keep her at home, with her kids (Bug and Bee).  Her favorite thing about is being able to save money while working from home!

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Kearna – Expert Blogger & Project Administrator

Kearna’s expertise on… I do coupon match-ups for Fred Meyer. I also manage our coupon insert lists for more than 20 nation wide areas.

This is what Kearna HAS TO have that is not frugal… I will spend money on electronics and appliances that are not the least expensive choice, but better quality. I used to buy cheap vacuums until I found myself buying them every year because they kept breaking.

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Melanie – Online Shopping Expert

Melanie’s expertise on… I am an expert at shopping online. So, I keep any eye on daily deals and any other online deals and coupons that are FAB. I also share lots of my favorite recipes!

Melanie’s frugal fashion tips… I like to shop online whenever possible. I can still use coupons/coupon codes on sales that are in the stores, but I can get some additional cash back from Ebates, and usually find a way to get free shipping too. Just make sure you are familiar with the return policy. My fashion tip: Don’t buy it unless it fits well and is flattering, no matter how cheap it is. You can find quality/long-lasting and flattering clothing at FAB prices.

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Heather – Store Expert

heatherHeather’s expertise on… I post the Rite Aid Coupon, Albertsons, and Walmart match-ups and my weekly shopping trips to show others how I break up transactions and roll +Up rewards, Plus I love shopping online at Amazon, and sharing my sweet finds!

Heather’s Biggest Expense?… Heather is a stay at home mom of 8 kids ages 8 to 20.  With 4 Teenagers and many more coming up, I am always looking for deals on make-up, shampoo and other personal care items!  I love to find Fab deals on fun things my kids love. I’m slowly winning my husband over to the couponing world and I love it when I get something he loves for free!  I’ve always felt that clothes look better and food taste better when you know you got a really good deal!

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Hannah – Social Media Manager

Hannah Bio Picture

Hannah’s expertise on… Social Media.  Hannah, with Jessica, manages the social media aspects of the blog.  She also is our gardening expert, and loves to share great online deals, especially about fitness, snowboarding, or kids items!

Hannah has ALWAYS been frugal… Frugality was a key to her family when she was a kid… “I remember making homemade cleaning products, cutting coupons, shopping sales, and finding creative ways to stretch a dollar. My Mom taught me so many ways to save money, reuse things, and be crafty without spending anything!! So many precious memories were made in the process, and I hope to pass that on to my own kids. It’s my desire for them to see the usefulness and value with what we have before looking to buy something new.”

Jessica – Social Media Manager

Jessica’s expertise on… Social Media.  Jessica, with Hannah, manages the social media aspects of the blog.  She also posts recipes and great online deals.

Couponing changed Jessica’s life… Couponing has changed my life in many ways. Most importantly, with the money I save being frugal and couponing, I am able to be a stay at home mom to my two kids, one of which has disabilities. I will always be greatful for this. I know my husband appreciates it too! He works very hard which makes me happy that I can help contribute financially. I feel very blessed to have plenty for my family and still be able to help others like family, friends or those in need.  I am also able to do/buy things I would probably not otherwise be able to afford. I hope that I can teach my kids frugalness and wise spending habits so they too will be sucessful with their families.

Dawn – Store Expert

Dawn’s expertise on… I am the store expert for Safeway and Kmart. I also do the Kmart double trips.  A lot of people don’t like to shop at Kmart, but it is honestly one of my favorite stores to coupon at because of all the promos, catalinas, and double deals they have.  Safeway is a fun store too, as they constantly have new in store coupons and clearance deals.

Couponing changed Dawn’s life… It gives me a chance to make mundane tasks, like grocery shopping and menu planning fun. I like the challenge of figuring out scenarios and savings. I also love to be the first to try new products and share exciting deals with my friends and even strangers. And of course, we have some food storage and I save money.


  1. I am just starting to build my stock pile, what
    Did any of you start buying first to start your?
    Any suggestions? Or tips? Or things I need
    To know or do to make it a successful one?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Hi I was just wondering is Rite aid the same as Frys. I live in Phoenix AZ.

  4. I was looking at your newspaper subscription options and it referenced a question about holding a coupon class…Do you all do these here in the northern area of San Diego, CA? Also, how come you don’t have a newspaper deal for the LA Times?

  5. I’m looking for a Phoenix specific blog as well as a national blog as I help run a blog specifically for military wives all over the country looking for great deals. Is this blog Phoenix specific?

  6. raemeisha says:

    I was wondering when another couponing class will be help in Tacoma/Puyallup Washington? Also, How do I connect with other coupon users in my area?

  7. Hi! I live in the Portland area. Will your match ups be accepted at my local walmart? How far will they accept ads from? Thanks!

    • Hi Lizzie! The price matches we post are usually for Albertsons IM and you are in the Albertsons NW area. It’s so funny but the sales are totally different. The good news for you is that your deals are often better! I recommend looking at our Albertsons NW Match Ups and using those to Ad Match at Walmart. Starting tomorrow, 3-19-14 there are great deals at Albertsons NW on Nabisco Crackers and bananas that would be good to price match. :-) If there is another national store that you would like to see price match ideas let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  8. MELODY C says:

    As I’m from Calgary, Alberta Canada we don’t get to use coupons like you do. I would like to hook up with one of you fantastic Fruggle ladies to help me with a large grocery trip. I’m a single mom and sole earner in my house. I also support 3 households of which 2 have handicapped adults. So any savings I can get would be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to cut / collect coupons online to help out. I can come and see you any where in Montana for a weekend trip — obviously Great Falls is the closest to me.

  9. Hi Melody, sounds like you’re a busy lady! We don’t live in Montana, but I bet if you ask around, you’ll find someone in your community that can help you out! The favado app is a great tool to help you find the best price on the items you’re looking for too… check it out here:

    Best wishes to you!

  10. Barbara Foulds says:

    please advise me if the location is US currency or Canadian. Thank you.Barbbara

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