My Favorite Organization Hack

My favorite organization hack involves a shoe organizer... but I don't use it for shoes!

Today I’ve got to share one of my favorite little tools for organizing just about anything!  This one item is so versatile and useful!  I love it when you figure out a new way to use an organization tool!  This pocket shoe organizer is being used for so much more than shoes!  Here are just a few ways you can use this little gem!

Use it in the Pantry

shoe organizer for pantry organization


In my last home I had a really small pantry, but don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to at least have a pantry. It was my first pantry and it was awesome to have one. One of my favorite ways to utilize that space better was to use an over-the-door shoe organizer for any small individually wrapped items, especially snacks for the kids.  I loved it so much that I took it with me to my current house! I currently have a wonderful pantry, but I still love this organization method because it is so convenient and easy. My kids love it too. They easily see what they can choose for a snack. Like I said, this has been great for my family, but I can see how some kids might need to learn some snack discipline with so much within reach and easy to see. 😉

Use command hooks on the door to keep it from getting scratched

I don’t want to damage my door frame or door, so I have some utility Command hooks to hold the organizer on the door. Each of these hooks is supposed to hold about 5 pounds, so I figure I should be good at up to 15 pounds. It’s worked out perfectly so far! 

Coat Closet or Mudroom Organization

shoes organizer for coat closet organization

This year, I took this idea a step further. I purchased another over-the-door shoe organizer and some more hooks (I used medium wire hooks for this one because it has holes for four instead of just three) and attached it to the inside of my coat closet door.  This has been WONDERFUL!  Now we can miraculously find our hats and gloves quickly! And we discovered that we have a lot more hats and gloves than we thought. 😉

If you’re really feeling organized and on the ball, you can assign and label a row or a few pockets to family individuals. When the season is over, fill the pockets with other seasonal items. Or just remove the organizer from the hooks and roll it on up with the items inside the pockets, stash it away for next year. Love it!  Again, I use the  Command hooks because they protect my door, are easy to remove, and keep it in place!  Of course, you can just use the over-the-door hardware that comes with the organizer.

Use command hooks on the door to protect it from scratches


Camping Organization

I have yet to do this… but I think it’s incredibly genius!

shoe organizer for camping supplies

Photo Credit: Starling-Travel

Toy Organization

I thought this was such a great idea for organizing toys!  Kids don’t have to dump a bucket of stuff out in order to find what they’re looking for… that’s assuming they put their toys away in the pockets when they are done with them!  🙂  Perfect for barbies, stuffed animals, cars… as long as you get the clear shoe organizers, I think this just might work!

shoe organizer for barbies

Photo Credit:  A Girl and a Glue Gun

shoe organizer for toys

Photo Credit: Sunlit Spaces

Organize Gardening Tools

shoe organizer for gardening

Photo Credit:  The Coupon Project

Organize Art and School Supplies

shoe organizer for school and art supplies

I loved this example from I Can Teach My Child… perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, and crafty folks!

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

cleaning products in a shoe organizer

Photo Credit:  Fashionable Home

 What are your favorite ways to use a pocket shoe organizer?

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My Favorite Organization Hack has so many different uses! Number 2 is my favorite!


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