Zaycon Fresh Closed for Business and What You Can Do About It

6/26 afternoon UPDATE: We now know that Zaycon was being sued by one of it’s investors (lawsuit started in 2016) and while Zaycon has been able to handle legal fees and operate their business for some time, they clearly weren’t able to sustain both. It is rumored that they are declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which does involve restructuring and requirements for meeting debt obligations. But thousands of customers are pretty low on the debt list, so I do not hold out much hope… AND does “suspending operations” mean that Zaycon will operate in the future? Until we know, go through the process I outline below…

Over the last 8 years we’ve been telling you all about Zaycon Fresh. The concept, started by two brothers from Spokane, WA, was simple… cut out the middleman and help people save on chicken. We helped them launch outside of Washington and have referred thousands of customers to them over the years and have loved their service ourselves!

**UPDATE 9/6/18: There is a new company called Savory Butcher that is offering the opportunity to purchase meat in bulk as a co-op and piloting in the Northwest! Read more about Savory Butcher here!**

On June 25, 3018, they announced that they have suspended business operations. Their facebook page has been shut down and the website only shows a landing page with a short message:

It is with deep regret that we inform you that as of June 25th, we are suspending business operations.

Zaycon Fresh has put forth monumental efforts to endure recent challenges but conditions are such that this suspension is necessary.

Updates will be forthcoming as we are able to provide them.

Thank You


What Happened

Even though we’ve had a relationship with Zaycon Fresh for years, we found out the way the rest of you did… just by going to their website and seeing the message. (UPDATE: They sent out a mass text cancelling future events on 6/27 and letting customers know about the operations being suspended with a link to their website). We knew the original owners, and they were great men who really wanted to help families save money. Sadly, things started to change in 2013 when they brought on investors. The chatter is that they have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy… but I do not know that for certain. I do know, according to this article, that they had millions of dollars invested into the company and board members.

I also know that they employed many, and helped THOUSANDS of families across the US save money on chicken, beef, pork, and fish. I felt that the business model was excellent. And they always worked to have a good relationship with bloggers like me.

Being a business owner as well, my heart hurts for Mike Conrad and his family. I can’t imagine the stress. I am saddened for all the customers who paid money for product they will not receive. I’m personally sad because I LOVED their products and am bummed I’ll have to pay full price for chicken and beef again!

What You Can Do About Your Unfulfilled Zaycon Orders

Email them:

They left an email on their site, I’m not sure if you’ll receive a response, but I would be clear and concise in the email, give an order number (it would be on an email you received once you placed your order) and ask for a refund. Keep that email so you have proof that you tried to contact. Their phone number is no longer working. You can find names of board members and contact info on their company on the Better Business Bureau website.

Dispute the Charges:

If you have an unfulfilled order for Zaycon Fresh, you likely will not receive the product (please share your experience in the comments below). Since you are charged when you place the order, you’ll need to go find that charge and start the process of disputing the charge, since you have not received the product for the order.

(Thank you to our reader Piper, a former banker, for the following info:)

When contacting your bank or credit card, you can mention that under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you are entitled to dispute the charges since the product was not delivered. 

Section 161.b.3 is the part that covers you:

Some people are saying that you should still show up at the scheduled event and take a picture of nothing happening there, in order to prove that you didn’t receive the product. I’m not sure that you have to go to those extremes. I would start today by contacting the bank or credit card that you paid for the product through. Work with them to start the process of disputing the charge.

Tips for disputing a charge older than 60 days:

Some readers state that providing this “evidence” has helped them dispute charges that are older than 60 days. Of course your mileage may vary, depending on your bank or credit union. But it doesn’t hurt to do a little digging and retrieve these emails (hopefully you didn’t delete them).

  • provide emails from Zaycon with original purchase and delivery date
  • Provide subsequent emails (and/or texts) that show a postponed delivery (or deliveries)
  • Provide email/text that showed the cancellation
  • Show the message from the Zaycon Fresh home page that states operations have been suspended

Do Something Kind:

I find that when I’m upset about something that I don’t have much control over, I can spend time and energy being mad and frustrated, OR I can put that energy into something good. You can pray for the employees who suddenly lost their jobs, and for their families. You can find gratitude for the things you DO have and find a way to bless someone else. No, it won’t bring back the hundreds of dollars you spent on product you won’t receive. But complaining about it won’t either. Yes, go through the steps that I mentioned above (but do it calmly), and then doing something good and positive for someone else. You CAN be an influence for good in this world… let this experience remind you to go above and beyond for someone, to make their day better. I promise that you’ll feel a little better too!

Please comment below and share any info you may have and your experience. I will update this post as I learn more.

And if you’ve lost money to Zaycon Fresh, I am sooo sad about that. And I hope you are able to get it back from your credit card! I have already heard reports from readers who have been able to get refunds from the dispute process!


  • I was able to pick up my order today, June 26, but I suspect my other two orders will not be fulfilled. I contacted my bank and filed a dispute regarding the two charges to my Visa account.

    • So glad you got it Eva! I think at this point the drivers who had product are working for free. So grateful for the good people who work “in the weeds” at Zaycon Fresh!

      • I also picked up my order today and the driver was so nice. He shook my hand, told me thanks for being a great customer, and confirmed the sad news. I’m thankful I got my last order of zaycon chicken. I also already submitted a dispute with my credit card for August ribs.

    • Where was this at?

    • I got a confirmation email dated June 25 to be sure to pick up my order tomorrow June 27th. I don’t know whether it will be there or not… Should I try or will it not be there?

      • I would totally show up. My impression is that the drivers were given the option to finish their routes or donate all the food to charity. I’ve been told that all drivers opted to finish their routes. Show up and if he’s there, give him a tip!

    • It’s sad the brother’s are thieves!! Knownly taking money for orders they couldn’t fulfill is FRAUD…..hope they prosecute them all, including the Board!

    • I promptly contacted my credit card company and they gave me a full refund even though my order for cod dated back to early January! The pick-up date on that had been changed 4 times so I should have cancelled it then but kept holding out hope I’d get it. My other order was placed just last month so I had hopes of getting my money back on that but I was thrilled they honored my January one as well.

    • USAA BANK would not refund my purchase. They said that even though I showed proof of order number and cancellation… because I didn’t have the actual $ amount on the order cancellation/receipt they said it wouldn’t work because they can’t confirm that with the February placement date.

  • We picked up an order late Saturday, our driver who we have met dozens of times never said a word. I have $300+ in paid for orders awaiting delivery….fortunately on Cr Card so have disputed the charges so hopefully will not lose the money, but will sure miss the quality products we have been receiving via Zaycon for the last 7 years.

    • I’m certain the drivers had no idea of what was coming. I picked up an order just a week ago myself! And I agree, I too will miss the great products.

    • I also have over $300+ in paid for orders that have been repeatedly rescheduled. Were paid on a bank card so hopefully I am able to dispute, even though payment was back in Feb and March. Will follow guidance provided above, thank you very much, and pray for the best for us all. 🙁

  • I had two outstanding orders, I have contacted Paypal and started the dispute process.

  • Tried them for the first time and kept wondering what was going on, as my order kept getting pushed and pushed and pushed back. Will head over to my cc company and start there with disputing the charges.

    • So sorry Meghan. I know the push backs were due to some supplier issues they were having. Let us know how the dispute goes. I’ve had some email me to let me know they’ve already received a refund from their credit card issuer.

  • Was able to pick up our order today. Our driver said he was laid off last night. But, he is still contracted to work until the first week of July. Not sure if they are working for free at this point or if they received some kind of compensation until the end of their contract. Thinking about those that are suddenly unemployed.

  • I’m really having a hard time being nice about this. I’m angry that this has happened. I’m out $327.55. My anger is with the fact that they continued to take orders knowing something was going on with their company. They should have ceased taking orders and gotten things straight. For someone wanting to help families save money, the opposite has happened. For those of us with unfulfilled orders, we are only losing money. Not fair, not right. If they ever do come back in business, I will never ever try them again. Cathy, my anger is not directed at you and I thank you for all you do. Zaycon really left a bad taste in my mouth. I will go through the process of trying to get my money back, but Zaycon shouldn’t of put me (and many others) in this situation in the first place.

    • Hi Marina, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that it totally stinks to have to put time and energy into getting our money back. And I can totally understand how hesitant anyone would be to try them again… IF they resurrect themselves. I hope you get your $300+ back quickly. That is a big chunk of change and is 2 weeks worth of groceries for some! I have hope that they didn’t take money from people, knowing that they were going to completely shut the doors. And I hope that they respond to customers that email them.

      • I took orders and paid for over $500 that our neighborhood was going to process and package of the chicken breast… I got screwed and not even kissed!

    • Well said!! My husband and I are seniors. He is ill, I am still working, we live very carefully. It takes a lot just to make ends meet! We have a little over $200 pending in fish & chicken orders. We only spend $300 for our monthly grocery budget! This is a real burden for us. We will not be seeing a refund in the future. Bankruptcy laws protect these folks. Sounds like GREED cost them, not a Christian thing to do to innocent hard working people!

    • I have bought from Zaycon for over 6 years. I too, feel that Zaycon knew what was coming and the .99 chicken promo was more so a scam. You don’t just wake up one morning and file bankruptcy or shut your doors! They were sending out promo emails this weekend! I will never buy from them again, regardless of how this plays out.

      • I agree. I’m FURIOUS over this…. Well over $200 in outstanding orders & that’s money I’m pretty sure we won’t get back. Bank already said over $120 is beyond the 60 day limit for filing disputes. That’s a LOT of money for a single income family!!!!!

      • Right??! That’s what bothers me the most. We received so many great offers and solicitations to share with friends just days veggie thru up and disappeared. They absolutely knew at that point what was going to happen. The process to shut down their sites and communications would take 48 hours, at least. Just disputed over $900 in pending orders. Hope a big fat class action lawsuit happens….. I’ll be first in line!

    • I agree with you! I was getting advisements all last week. They should have stop taking orders period. I have a family of 6 this business practice is unacceptable, however I am sadden for all the people who lost their jobs. I wouldn’t wish unemployment on my worst enemy.

  • I second what Marina wrote. If they were trying to act ethically then they should have stopped taking orders. Closing a business does not happen overnight. They knew this was coming. I think they pushed order dates back to keep our money to pay their bills. I had many great orders with them. This time I finally convinced my mom to go together on an order and this happens. I am embarrassed. I have contacted my cc company for my money back. If Zaycon does come back adound they lost my business. All they had to do was email us in advance and ket us know refunds would be coming. Instead they close up shop like a snake oil salesman.

    • I do agree that there certainly were better ways to handle the situation. So sorry for the loss of money. I hope you are able to recover it easily!

  • I just picked up an order in Ogden, Utah. However, I didn’t ask the driver about the company closing. I figured he wouldn’t have any information and felt like he is getting asked it repeatedly. Now that I’m home, I’m kicking myself for not asking. I do have 2 other orders pending that I’ll have to dispute.

    • And I’m really bummed not to get those amazing ribs that were coming to me next month! Poor guy… I bet this is a pretty rough day for him.

      • Me too! 😓 The ribs were the best!
        Was suppose to already have them, but they kept postponing tbem til August….knew something was wrong as I have ordered from them for over 10 years and never had that happen…praying they are able to honor their commitments to their faithful customers! So very sad!

  • I had 3 orders in the works that were set to be picked up in September or later. I just clicked on my past credit card statements on “dispute charges” and one was credited immediately to my credit card, the other two are pending investigation. Hopefully this gets worked out for everyone sooner than later. It’s quite disappointing.

    • Glad you got the one worked out right away! Hopefully the others will follow suit! And yes, very disappointing!

    • I had the exact same experience. First one was approved but other two are pending. Very frustrating. Wish I had asked for the most expensive order to be refunded first! Seems like the CC company approves the first one but not the subsequent ones. Heads up for those of you who haven’t started the dispute process yet.

  • I too have 2 outstanding orders worth $150. I have filed a dispute with my bank. I do feel sorry for them but also am upset that when they push back my order 3 times saying that they were having trouble keeping up with demand and gave a discount code for a percentage off of chicken makes me mad!!! Because of course I ordered more. I hope things will resolve soon for them, their employees and everyone who is without their wonderful products and money. Sad day indeed.

  • They owe me a lot of money. Capital One was very helpful with filling out the dispute claims but I had to explain what bacon was, I had to spell it out twice, other then that not too painful. She said they have me covered. I loved the product and pick up was so easy, the driver so nice, I picked up chicken last week. They suckered me back in for another order of chicken at .99 per pound along with the orders they kept pushing back. I hate to say it but I also can’t believe they didn’t know. They kept taking our money to pay their bills knowing this was happening. I’ve also done Bountiful Baskets for years and they too hit a rough patch last year and are still trying to recover, very hit and miss now. My family has been eating so healthy between these two programs, I’m so disappointed.

    • That is a bummer about Bountiful Baskets… they’ve been off my radar for a few years so I hadn’t heard that. So sad. 🙁

      • A Faithful Bountiful Baskets Participant

        Bountiful Baskets is alive and well!! I have a truck that makes deliveries to my small town every other Saturday morning. A couple years ago the DISTRIBUTOR that worked with BB quit, unannounced, and left the whole group in a big pickle. Slowly but surely sites are starting to open up again with new, local distributors. As you can imagine, this is a VERY TIMELY process! Instead of 1 distributor providing produce for the entire country, each state or region has it’s own distributor. And finding just the right company that understands the BB process and is reliable is very important and takes time.

    • Yes, Capital One is hearing from a lot of us today. They gave me my refund for 3 orders totaling $270.73. There is still a 90 day dispute/investigation period. I also had to tell them what the products were….shrimp, bacon and chicken. They are obviously overseas so I had to explain buying in bulk so that was kinda humerous.. lol
      I don’t like the fact that they suckered a lot of folks in with the .99/lb chicken breast knowing there was a huge problem going on.
      Capital one said Zaycon may refund people in which case the credits would come off but he seemed to think there may not be any response at all to the filed disputes.

  • Picked up my cod order today, suburban Detroit. Driver told me he’s out of work, but he’s just taking care of his customers and getting product to them. I think some people are getting their orders because they were already in transit to the delivery events. I have 2 future orders, and have disputed those with my credit card company.

    • So great to see that there are good people who still want to help others. Sad situation for the employees.

    • I ordered Cod as well and is supposed to be picked up in Tennessee tomorrow June 27th. Maybe there is hope for me. I’ll have my husband go to the drop off point tomorrow with fingers crossed. I wondered why their page said all of the October orders were our of stock when I ordered for June. …I imagine they saw this coming.

    • Emily is your driver Terry? I picked up cod same day as you but I didn’t have a clue about this until today and Terry didn’t say anything to me about it. I did notice he seemed off, not the usual smiling guy. So sad.

      • I picked up from Terry yesterday too. I agree he definitely was not his usual happy self. I had seen an article about this already so was surprised to actually have him there with my order. I didn’t figure he knew much more than we did, so I didn’t ask. I really hope no one gave him any crap about something that he has no control over.

  • My bacon order delivery date has been pushed back so many times that it’s now past the dispute window for the card I used to pay for it, but my bank is going to bat for me to see if they can help out their customers, as they’ve have numerous calls from people trying to get their money back. I agree, the upper management had to know this was coming, yet I was still receiving solicitations emails up to June 22. Those who ordered in the past month or so likely can dispute it, but if your order was from months ago and still not delivered, it’s iffy if you’ll get your money back.

    • Hey Kris, one of our readers commented on facebook that she let the bank know that they changed the delivery date and the bank is considering the last email date from Zaycon (announcing the delivery date change) will work as the new transaction date, so she is covered. Of course this will vary from bank to bank, but might be worth pointing out. It also might be worth talking to management at the cc company if the person you are working with is unable to help you.

  • I picked up my chicken in Brigham City, Utah today. I figured that the driver wasn’t having the best day. He is the middle man between the company and angry customers. He just lost his job. It’s unfortunate that this is happening, but I really hope all of the employees land on their feet. I know what it’s like to be laid off. The fear is real. I gave him a tip. I may be out money on my future orders, but I am grateful I still have an income and I am grateful for the many, many years of business I have done with Zaycon. I hope they get things figured out soon.

    • And I’m pretty sure that this guy is fairly new with the company and recently replaced the old driver who used to have the ID, UT, WY route. Poor guy… thanks for being a blessing to him. That’s really awesome of you.

    • You are a good person. This is the best kind of attitude to have in a situation like this. ❤️

  • I just picked up a chicken order with Zaycon this past Friday. I woke up this morning to find they suspended business and I still have a July and August order for pickup. I paid for one order with my debit card from a credit union and they said there’s nothing that they can do and they won’t dispute the charge because it’s more than 60 days passed the statement posting date for that charge. I have a bad stomach ache because of this. I’m getting married in October and had hoped I had meat taken care of for the remainder of the year due to expenses. I’m really disappointed we won’t get our meat or our money back. Good luck to anyone else trying to dispute with their banks.

    • It’s so disappointing Heather. Give the bank a call back… there are some banks that consider the change of delivery date an “updated” transaction date and are helping their customers out. So sad how this is all rolling out. Best wishes to you in your marriage!

  • I was able to pick up my order for Bacon and Chicken Wings today. I wasn’t sure what would happen until the last half hour before pick up but I had not received a cancellation so had read that I might be able to pick it up. The driver told me that Zaycon was “done”. He told me that there are 19 drivers in the US and they were given the choice of taking the food to a charity/food bank or continuing their routes. All 19 decided to continue their routes. God bless them! I will be working on getting my money back on my other orders tomorrow. I hate to see this because I have REALLY enjoyed Zaycon meats.

    • Thanks for the update Anneke. It is heartwarming to know those drivers had the desire to make things as right as they could and deliver the product. I’m glad you got it!

  • I am a single mom with 8 kids and I paid for two orders I will not receive. This hurts my family deeply and I’m so disappointed that they would take money knowing they were in trouble and will not fulfill those orders.

    • Oh Laura, I’m so sorry to hear that. I know first hand how expensive it is to feed large families! I am trusting that they did all they could to keep it from coming to this point. However, that doesn’t get anyone their money back. So sorry for the loss.

      • I don’t understand how you can continue to say “they did all they could”. They were advertising up until last week! Taking people’s money, knowing the chances of being able to fulfill the orders were nonexistent! Clearly this HUGE STEP of closing down was not taken with just one week of foreknowledge. How could they possibly continue to take people’s money in good conscience???? What a strange response on your part. I’m furious.

        • I say that simply from who I have worked with over the last several years. People and business can still function, even when they are being sued. It could have been as simple as they showed up to the office Monday morning and there were court orders forcing them to shut down. We just don’t know all the facts. What I do know, and why I say what I do, is because of different experiences I’ve had over the years with the owners. Good people with good hearts. I don’t know all the details of what went wrong. I just know things started to change as they brought on investors,

  • Me too! 😓 The ribs were the best!
    Was suppose to already have them, but they kept postponing tbem til August….knew something was wrong as I have ordered from them for over 10 years and never had that happen…praying they are able to honor their commitments to their faithful customers! So very sad!

  • I am so deeply saddened that this awful thing has happened to what I have considered a fantastic company since 2009!!! I have referred so many friends and families to shop and feed their families in this healthier option – both in the physical way and in the pocketbook! I live in Michigan, and had picked up an order today at 7:57am. I was only the second car of the delivery route…but I had NO IDEA that this had happened until shortly after 10:00am. I was going to go to the website to look at finally ordering my next batch of bacon and that is when I found out the awful news! I wish I would have been able to thank the driver that I recognized from all of the years of deliveries! He had a sign in his truck windshield that stated “I LOVE JESUS”. Little did I know what a HUGE statement that sign meant today. I will pursue a claim with my bank for my two outstanding orders that I had placed and was expecting in August and October…Only hope they can make it right so I am not left with a bigger, bad taste in my mouth!

  • My text and email said tomorrow pick up is cancelled. Wish I could have made it to today’s pick up like I had planned!

  • I’m set to pick up tomorrow.
    Look guys I know we are all upset. I know we’ve lost money and food.
    Here’s the thing though, we need to give them the grace we would like to be given should we ever find ourselves in their position. Life isn’t fair. Any one who says it is is lying or selling something.
    But we can make a hard situation better by responding in Love and forgiveness, with thanksgiving for credit card companies that return our money.

    • Great way to look at it Melissa… thankfully there are many that are getting their money back through the credit cards!

    • Exactly Melissa key shreffler. They said they tried to keep going and we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I love all their stuff and they have provided excellent products and service in the past.

    • Well, tell that to those of us that work and work hard for the money we earn to spend it on products that will never show up… $508.33 worth in four orders my family will never see.

      If I find myself in their position of sending emails out with discounts knowing the financial issues at hand, you can be sure I wouldn’t swindle people with promisses I know will not be fulfilled. I’m not sure how else you can paint the picture of Zaycon any other way than shysters. You have to prepare for bankruptcy, you have to work on the backend of your server to close it down, make sure your social media accounts are deleted, prep for what they ended up doing. I GUARANTEE they didn’t decide to shutter things up yesterday, or even this week. Think of the planning that would have to go into doing what they accomplished yesterday and today and tell me it wasn’t days (if not weeks) in the works while still sending out discounts and taking orders for product never to be filled.

      I’ll send them condollences and love as soon as I see the product in my freezer or the refund in my account. Luckily I used a CC and not a debit card. USAA is fantastic so those of us in the military that use them for banking should (hopefully) be fine. One order was placed in January so that one is iffy but USAA is a great company so I’m not too worried.

    • I am trying to show some compassion but they pushed out orders so many times that the window of recouping from my debit card has long since passed. That’s where my compassion runs into some hard feelings. I would have gladly accepted their refund and apology for inconvenience but I just feel there was a better way to handle this. I lost well over $450.

    • Sorry Melissa, can’t do it. They knew this was going to happen and they kept taking orders. My husband had to quit his job to take care of his mother full time who had 2 strokes and is paralyzed on her left side. Mine is the only income coming in now. I’m barley making ends meet now. Can’t get my money back either as the 60 days has passed due to my delivery dates being pushed back a couple of times. No, I have no love or forgiveness in my heart for them. Do they for us? If so, they would not of done this. I read that this is not the first time they’ve done this. Unbelievable!!!

  • I am really sorry that this is happening. I work in a grocery store and am continually referring my customers to Zaycon. They have such a great product and the prices were fabulous. I am more sorry I won’t be getting my bacon than I am about losing the money, and I am a family of 6 living paycheck to paycheck with almost $400.00 in product I won’t receive. I really hope everything works out and they are back selling again in the near future. I assume they continued taking orders hoping everything would work out with their investors. Sometimes you don’t know until that very moment the decision is made. I for one will be in line to place an order if they get back on their feet. The product was just fabulous. I will place a claim with my bank, but if I thought it would help them stay on their feet, I would gladly let them keep it so I can keep their product and service.

    • I tend to agree with you Holly… I can’t imagine life without my freezer stocked with Zaycon meat! My kids were sooo sad to hear the news today too. They LOVE the bacon wrapped pork filets!

    • This is exactly what I keep thinking! I live paycheck to paycheck right now because I’m in the middle of paying off a lot of debt I got myself into during college. I know money struggles firsthand and I really doubt they were intending to hurt or deceive anyone! I am hopeful that they’ll get things figured out in the near future so I can buy from them again… if it means they keep my money as an investment in their company’s wellbeing then so be it!

      • I know the money struggle firsthand as well. I try and give others the benefit of the doubt. I had a lot of positive interaction with the founder over the years and am praying for him and his family right now.

  • I don’t want a refund, I want my chicken wings! I am out 2 orders of wings, one of pork chops and the $20 credit I had from my last delivery. We held off ordering the hamburger and ribs we wanted as I was leary after they pushed deliveries out and out & out. I had the feeling there was desperation in their postings lately and couldn’t quite swallow their explanation for why deliveries were being delayed. It is not rocket science, its deliveries.
    I don’t think they willfully sought to steal our money, but were trying to work things out in a high stress situation. In retrospect they will probably see how they could of done things differently. This is a loss all the way around, for owners, employees and customers.
    My orders were placed in January and February, so there may be little recourse for me. I am retired so the amount is significant for me, but in the grand scheme of things it will be okay. My garden is growing so maybe I can go vegan.

    • Way to look on the bright side Janet. I’m grateful you have a garden! 🙂 But in all seriousness, I’m sorry about your loss of wings AND cash! I agree that they were doing the best they could, trying to make it work out. .. I don’t believe that they would be taking peoples money over the last few weeks had they known that things were going to come to an abrupt end.

  • My CC says I can only dispute a charge for 60 days. I placed the order on March 1 for a delivery date in May, and the delivery date kept getting pushed back. The last update was July. Do you have any other tips to try to get my kidney back? I sent an email to Zaycon, and I’ll try to call my CC company to see if there is a loophole.
    (I kept getting emails promos for more bacon orders and wondered how they could be filling more orders I’d they were having supply issues.)
    Thanks for your info on this and your positive outlooo.

    • As far as emails go, my guess is that they are all generated from a different software program that hasn’t been shut off yet. I would call your bank again. Let them know that the order changed in May, which many banks consider a new charge date. Let them know that Chase and Capital One have been using this as a workaround to help their customers. I’ve found that being kind, yet firm, is better than getting angry at the customer service rep. Good luck!

  • I put in a dispute and it was refunded and closed in a matter of minutes. My bank told me they were quickly made aware that lots would be disputing the charges. My bank was prepared to refund immediately. Thankfully.

  • just got off the phone with Chase bank and the gentleman told me that is all he did yesterday was dispute for customers against Zaycon.

  • I have an outstanding order from April for July, since my charge is over 60 days ago I am unable to dispute with my bank.
    That’s almost $300.

    • If your deliveries were postponed, you might be able to go back and use that as leverage. It doesn’t hurt to call and talk (calmly) to upper management as well. $300 is a huge chunk of change. Sorry to hear that Leah. 🙁

      • Update:
        I work for a Credit Union and our upper management has spoken with cardmember services and they are accepting all disputes. Whether the large one gets paid or not will depend on what they hear from Zaycon. I filed my disputes today while at work, we’ll see what happens in the long run. All I can say is get into your emails print your receipts that show delivery date and then any subsequent emails pushing your order out then finally the cancellation email.
        That is plenty of information for disputes!

  • I do not feel sorry for them, for they were not honest about my communications with them. When all of my orders that I paid upfront for were being cancelled, and rescheduled I e-mailed them and said they were acting an awful lot like a company in financial trouble. They gave me # 30.00 in Zaycon money. Just like confederate money. I repeated this theme in another e-mail. I did not trust my gut and ask for a refund then. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, because I had dealt with them in the past. My last delivery was 2.5 hours late. I believe that they are like so many people today that do not know, or care one bit about ethics. They ripped off a lot of people, and knew that they were. I now consider the whole operation as fraudulent. I communicated with the office by phone while waiting for my delivery on June 19, 2018 in Greensburg, PA. Never a word about lawsuits, inability to deliver, or business going under. They got greedy, used our money for cash flow, and screwed a lot of people. It’s not the money, it’s about a relationship they had formed with loyal customers, and then knifed them in the back. I will not trust, or support another start up business like them again. It’s a shame, because I am a very trusting person. When they took my money, I considered it a valid contractual exchange, they they did not care about fulfilling. Thank you for your website.

    • Hi Paul… one thing to consider is that the customer service reps you spoke with and the delivery drivers had no idea what was going on in the boardroom. They are good people just trying to do their jobs (that they no longer have). I believe there are still good people trying to provide valuable service to fellow citizens. I have nothing to gain by saying this… in fact they owed me a substantial amount of money for new customers I sent them. Not to mention many other online influencers… We are all doing the best we can, trying to make the world a better place. I hope that you are able to get your funds back through your bank or credit card.

      • Cathy:
        The way we make the world a better place is by being honest in all of our transactions, relationships, and business dealings. I find it hard to believe that employees did not know. If I thought they were in financial trouble, how could you work there and not know. I do not fault them for trying to protect their jobs, but I talked to customer service reps on several occasions and clearly brought up financial matters. There was never any transparency, that’s all. I have the opinion that you are a little emotionally invested with this company, and that’s OK too. I really don’t care about the money as much as the deceptive tactics that were used. And to my brother and sister believers out there, our Lord called Satan the Father of Lies.

        • Since writing this post, I have learned more of the other story… one thing to note is that the majority of the “claims” on the original lawsuit filed more than 18 months ago have been thrown out. Of course, that doesn’t float around the internet. Nor stories of the founders being left out of many decisions and pushed out of the company they started, with the intent to cut out the middleman (grocery stores) and help save people money on food. My point is, there is a LOT more to the story than what we know, and the guy that filed this lawsuit is far from innocent in this entire ordeal.

  • I only had an order for $80, but on a tight budget that’s a lot. I called my bank & they said there is nothing they can do because it went thru as an atm charge instead of credit & it’s just like giving them cash. I hope something good comes of this & they make it right. That would’ve been my chicken for the entire winter

    • That is so interesting that it was processed as an ATM charge… I haven’t heard that before. Might be worth a phone call and talking to someone else about it.

    • I was a first time customer put my order in March they took my money then continued to push out my pick up date farther and farther my first pick up date was in June and the final pick up date was pushed out to October I called my bank and because the money was taken out in March I can’t get a refund my bank only allows 6 days to dispute a charge I should have cancelled my order when I called them about the pick up date . Now I’m out the chicken and the money never again.

  • I contacted my credit card company and was told I can not dispute it because I pay off my bill every month and the charges were months ago for orders that were to be delivered this week. I receieved an email Sunday, June 24 that they had a catastrophic truck malfunction (this was for a delivery in Virginia) and would not be able to deliver the products. This was for 2 cases of Bacon and 2 cases of wings – needless to say I am out quite a bit of $$ in addition I had a credit of close to $200 on my account that I had because I had to cancel a previous order. Text of the email:

    “You are receiving the following message regarding an order placed at First Christian Church Zaycon Fresh event on 6/25/2018 for Jumbo Split Chicken Wings, Premium Hickory Smoked Bacon:
    Last night the Zaycon Refer Trailer had a major mechanical breakdown that was not able to be repaired nor was a replacement unit able to be secured in time. As a result all of the remaining product on the trailer is a total loss. We are needing to cancel your event due to the loss of the product. We sincerely apologize for this and are working on a solution. We will send a notification tomorrow with an update.””

    I never heard another thing until I saw online that they had ceased business operations.

    • So sorry to hear that Carol. I would try your card issuer again… just because you pay off your balance shouldn’t mean you don’t receive that protection.

    • Carol:
      That is interesting. Must be their MO. They used the same excuse in the Pittsburgh area. They used Ryder rental trucks. Ryder is a good outfit. I am sure that they would send another truck. Especially in the case of perishable foods.

  • I put in an order for October and hoping i will be able to obtain my payment back! We were constant customers of Zaycon, very disappointed to here this!

    • I wouldn’t count on getting it back from Zaycon, Dawn. But hopefully you can work it out with your credit card company or bank!

  • we had an order for earlier this week cancelled. we received a nice email that the reefer truck had broken down and they lost all the product. we also have a credit from our previous order because our driver left the location early and we did not get our product. I don’t know if we will get the latter back but we have disputed the former. if Zaycon does not bounce back I hope someone will take their business model and make it work.

  • I absolutely love your comment about doing something kind, and praying for the families affected. Thank you for offering this perspective and suggestion.

  • Have you read the pending lawsuit? Of course it’s all from Braddock’s point of view, but it does NOT sound good for the defendants. This Braddock guy is suing for $6,500,000 plus interest. My $45 for chicken, while a significant amount for my family, is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. No matter where the fault actually lies, Zaycon knew they weren’t going to be able to fulfill orders and continued to take money from trusting customers. I’m out my money because my bank says I authorized the charge so it’s not fraud. Live and learn…

  • Well, I’ve really enjoyed Zaycon for about 3-4 years, but this is not the way to wind down a business, suspend operations, etc. We are out nearly $1400 in Zaycon orders, all on CC’s so at least disputes have been filed. But really, how could they possibly resurrect this business? Even if they change the name, it will only take about 30 seconds of sleuthing to figure it out; and after this fiasco, what consumer would do business with them again? Not me – that’s a guarantee.

    • I agree that they handled it horribly. If someone else started something similar (someone completely unrelated to the Zaycon Fresh Board Members/Investors), would you do business with them? Different company, same business model?

      • Honestly, hard to know. Right now the thought of paying for something so many months in advance and hoping I don’t have to deal with this nonsense later is leaving me with a very bad taste in my mouth, so my initial gut reaction is “no way” to that sort of business model. Perhaps that’s the emotion of having to spend about an hour and a half on the phone with CC companies yesterday disputing charges, and desperately hoping I really will not be out OVER A THOUSAND dollars! I think though, that there’s a reasonable chance that this will have ruined this particular sort of business model, at least for a while.

  • I have five outstanding orders, totaling $575.96. I am so very unhappy. I do not have enough money to lose this amount. Three of the orders were made in March, and delivery has already been delayed twice with no option to cancel. I filed disputes with the bank, but they said the ones from March are over 60 days old and cannot be disputed. I am devastated.
    Zaycon never contacted me directly, and that is poor customer service. They have been continuing to receive payments from customers even though they knew they were in trouble. I placed my last order May 25, just one month ago. No indication was given me that there was a problem.
    I plan to contact the Georgia State Atty General regarding this issue.

    • I filed a complaint with the BBB. For what it’s worth… I’m sorry you’re out so much. Dishonest people suck.

      • I did file a complaint with the Atty Gen in Washington State, where Zaycon is located. The form was very thorough, and I get the impression that they will research it as well and get back with me.
        One consolation for me is this: If wrong has to be done, I would rather be the one done wrong than the one doing the wrong.

  • I too am among those who have an order placed that I will never receive. Have sent them a refund request and began the process with the bankcard.

    Very disappointed that I had to learn from a friend of the closure . Would had been nice for them to send out an email notice of closure to all customers. I know they have our email addresses as I was getting a promo email from them at least once a week.

    • I agree they should have notified the customers in a better way. Coincidentally, I just received a text notification about the August event being cancelled and that they have suspended business operations… with a link to their website.

    • I agree. They send me emails all the time about specials they have. They have had a lot of steep discounts lately, too. That is why I have so many outstanding orders. I feel sure that Zaycon knew when they offered those deals that we would never get the meat.

  • I am out three orders. Pork, ground beef and shrimp. My summer B B Q’s kept being pushed back, and now has totally been derailed. Feeling sad.

    Zaycon was sending out offers as recently as June 21, on their bacon deal. they HAD to have known what was up.

  • FYI – I just received multiple texts canceling all upcoming deliveries. I called the bank/credit card company about the two cards involved with the orders that I will not receive. Disputes have been filed on all of them including one from March that was on a debit card. Hopefully, I will eventually recoup about $700.

  • I ordered at the end of April; my pickup had already been put back to September. When I called my bank to dispute the charge just now, the agent had just received a memo about Zaycon ceasing operation, so it is definitely on the radar of the financial institutions.

  • Just got the text this morning. Then went searching for answers and came across your blog. Thank you for the information. I’ve contacted my bank and put in a dispute claim. I was to receive my order in Oct 2018. I was looking forward to my order. They had great prices for quality meat. Hopefully they get back in business and forego investors next time. Lol.

  • Unfortunately nobody is likely to see any of the money that they have paid. Personally we will bet out nearly 1200 dollars. Zaycon will declare bankruptcy, the credit card companies will have nowhere to pull back the money from and in the bankruptcy any money will go to those with first standing which unfortunately will not be the consumer. The credit card companies require a 60-90 day waiting period before they will pull the money from Zaycon ( not that there is any money to pull ) and in that time the bankruptcy will have begun. Not to burst anybodies bubble on this but this is the unfortunate reality that will ensue. Interesting read of the lawsuit that was brought in 2016
    Not so sure that the people who started this company are so innocent.

    • Sounds like they are crooks. Sad, we are out about $500. Oh well time to look for a local farmer.

    • I just read that lawsuit. What a mess! I have benefited from Zaycon’s products for many years, I am saddened by all this. Thankfully I was waiting before I placed my salmon order…
      I am so sorry for those who lost employment and those who have lost the money from the orders that will not be replaced. To quote ‘LOST ‘ what’s done is done… at least we are not the investor who lost millions .

  • I recently picked up an order of 160lbs of chicken breasts and had a future order of 120lbs of ground chuck that i just recieved a cancel for. And of course it has already been paid for. A $300 order.

  • I ordered from them based on your recommendation. I’m sure you made a tidy bundle on the $5 referral fees. Now many of us are screwed. I have 4 outstanding offers.

    • Julia, along with me, are many other bloggers who have checks that we can’t deposit because they’ll bounce. I’ve been a customer and one of their top referrers for the last 8 years and for the majority of those years I earned the $1 credit, just like everyone else was eligible to do. It was only in the last couple of years that they started paying bloggers cash, but I rarely promoted since I had already given them thousands of customers thru the years. I started promoting more this year because they were having such great deals on the chicken. I of course had no idea what was going on. It has quite the impact on so many different levels. Think about the farms they’ve been working with. We don’t even know how this is going to impact them.

      • I received a check from them last week after cancelling my order from January . I had no idea on 6/14 when I canceled that they were going bankrupt. I deposited the check this week (received it last week but was out of town) and it bounced. I am out the money I spent on the order as it came from my checking acct. This was my first experience with them.

  • I also have a prepaid order. Received my text today that the delivery is cancelled. So sad! I’ll start the dispute process and email them. Sorry it worked out this way but I do hope the best for the employees and for the 2 men who started it. Looks like 1 bad investor did them in. Praying they learned and will return….!

  • I contacted the BBB and was told since they closed and that they can’t “mediate” between the two of us that my case was being closed. I still and trying to get my money back through my credit Union.

    • Good luck. My credit union said that since I authorized the charge it’s not fraud. Maybe not on my part…but they were certainly a bunch of frauds for continuing to sell product they never had any intention of delivering!

  • I placed an order in February, and was able to successfully dispute the charges with my credit card company (US Bank) this morning. They simply asked what the order was for, and if I contacted the company, and when was the item supposed to be delivered. My order was 160.65

  • Sadly, I think they took money from people knowing full well they were closing down. My most recent transaction was June 25…the day they closed. Rules set down by my credit card and bank say I can’t dispute the charge for 30 days.

  • I am so shocked and saddened by this news. We have relied on Zaycon for all of our meats for the last 7 years. It sickens me to eat burger and chicken from the grocery stores.

    However, I had a feeling something was up. All of the discounts, sales, promos. In my history with them, Zaycon had never offered this many promos.

    I had an order placed for salmon. The delivery date was just changed last week to a month later than the original date. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recoup MY hard-earned money. (I’m glad I kept the order confirmation email and printed receipt)

  • Let’s get a class action against them. I have zero sympathy for companies who burn their customers this bad…I have 500 in outstanding orders and cannot afford to throw that money away. They should at least refund customers…I bet it’s not as much as the legal fees.

    • I agree. My five outstanding orders total $575.96, and I cannot afford to lose that kind of money. I also cannot afford a lawyer. I also need meat for my family. We need our refunds.

    • Marcus, was a class action ever started?? Zaycon owes me an outstanding balance. I would like to join the lawsuit.

  • I placed my order in March with pick up scheduled for May 6th. Then it was pushed back 4 times and now cancelled. Never got my order.

  • I have 2 cases of hamburger that I ordered and paid for – they were suppose to be delivered Mid August. I also just received the text regarding them suspending business operations. This is so sad, like many people we have been members for years, and have referred family and friends their way. I wish the best for them through this process- and also hope we get our money back!

  • Yes, I’m bummed this has happened-no doubt. Being mad/angry won’t help. My thoughts are with those that lost their jobs and also the farms that supplied their beef/chicken/pork etc. Something like this has such a ripple effect it probably was only done as a last resort and I’m betting they tried to do everything to avoid it.

  • I feel like i have been screwed over. Paid back in March in good faith that i would receive something promised in return. I want my money back!

  • Is there anyone else that offers this service?

    • I’ve heard of… but I think they are pretty spendy and the meat is mailed to you… which makes me a little worried.

  • I ordered for the first time in May. They posted a Fall Fresh special for pick up in September. I was so excited since I heard nothing but good things about their products. Not understanding why they put on the special if they knew they were in trouble. Two days ago they even sent me a code to share with friends. So sad and disappointed.

    • Over the years they’ve had a lot of great specials… the lowest was $1.38/lb for chicken that I recall. So the $.99 was amazing and we simply thought it was another great deal, so we promoted!

  • I received a text from Zaycon today telling me that the event (pick-up) has been cancelled and that they were suspending business operations. I had placed my order back in February and my order pick-up had already been pushed back/rescheduled 3 times, that should have been a red flag to me. I went searching for answers and came across your blog. Thank you for the information. Anyway I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute claim. They told me to save the text from Zaycon which proves that I did not receive my order. Thankfully they are issuing me a credit so I am not out the money.

  • My wife just spoke to the credit card company. They temporarily refunded the money for our orders. We are sending them a copy of all the text messages. They are pulling the refund from the credit card side of Zaycon’s credit card accounts. We will know in a week if they were successful at getting the money back from them. My wife called Zaycon too and then number goes dead and says the number has been disconnected. Credit card company confirmed this as well. I will post more when we hear back from the credit card company.

  • I had over 800.00 in orders. paid by debit. they postponed and postponed, JUST so they could get the money and run. they KNEW this was coming. I have no recourse since they only cover 60 days. so i am out food for a yr for my family, and 800.00 i think maybe the attorney general or somone needs to file a suit. They are several husband and wifes that are all related. this is THEFT. pure and simple. many families dont have extra oney to replace this. i am beyond furious. millions of dollars they have STOLEN from people trying to get by. the docect has all the dates, for for them to keep selling every day, taking people s money adn then bam close up when they KNEW what was coming is THEFT. they all need to go to jail.

  • Queen Creek, AZ. Update this morning;
    A Zaycon truck came in this morning, driver and associate would not honor outstanding chicken breast orders but said they would sell their load for $40 per box cash.
    Guess there is just trying to cash themselves out?

  • I have 4 outstanding orders totaling $346.30. I just received 4 text messages stating that my orders had been cancelled and to visit their website for more details however, the website is no longer working. I don’t mind that they closed I just want my money back as that is a lot of money for me to have gone. I have sent them an email requesting a refund but will now start the dispute process with my bank.

  • This was to be my first order, one for Ribs and one for Bacon. It was supposed to be delivered in July, but got pushed back to Aug, then this. Sorry they went out of business, but I have filed with American Express and they have already made my refund immediately. Thanks AMEX!

    • Dang, so sad you didn’t get to try the ribs and bacon… they were AMAZING! The meatiest ribs I’ve ever had. I was going to get an order at the end of July (postponed once) and was sooo looking forward to it 😋 Glad to hear you got a refund though!

  • I have included a link to the lawsuit by Braddock, the former CEO. These people are criminals. They lied and betrayed everyone they came in contact with just to make a buck. They fired Braddock becuase they were greedy and wanted more stake in the company. Now they are left with a bankrupt company worth nothing and a bunch of angry/ betrayed customers.

  • I am in Hermiston, OR. My husband just went to the pick-up site and they are there.

  • I am out over $250 in pending delivery of orders. I will be calling my credit card to dispute. Both are past the 60 day window and both were rescheduled but not sure I kept all the emails or text messages 🙁 So sad, was a great experience and value up until now.

  • One of my orders was paid for using a Zaycon credit on file, so I don’t know how I could dispute that with my bank. I’m assuming I will be out of luck on that order. The other one I can dispute. I had wondered what has been happening with the company for the past several months, since every order for my area kept getting rescheduled for at least a month out.

  • I think everyone needs to fully understand how a dispute works. They money comes from somewhere, it isn’t like an insurance policy. If you file a dispute, in many cases the bank or company will give you a provisional credit, although they may not tell you it’s provisional. They then submit to the company on your behalf to dispute and get your money back. If they are unable to recover the funds-( in this case with bk there wouldn’t be) the provisional credit will then be removed. So if you do this, PLeASe ask how long be dispute process is and when you will know when it changes to a permanent credit before you spend that money from the dispute. This is only on purchases you have authorized. For fraud with no previous authorization the credit card company would protect the funds.

  • I received the notice today via text about my Zaycon orders being cancelled. I immediately called my credit card company. I barely got the words ‘ Zaycon Fresh’ out of my mouth and the CC rep said, ‘Oh, yes, we’ve been getting lots of calls all day, we can help you.’ We went over my orders and I should be getting a full refund.
    I’m so sad they are out of business and agree that it could have been done more ethically. However, we should offer grace and forgiveness if possible. I’m sure it came as a surprise to most Zaycon employees as well.

  • This is what I received at the same time as the reminder to pick up on the 26th. My delivery dates were cancelled twice on 2 different orders. This was the first time I oredered, so never received anything. I hope we all can get refunds. Good luck!
    Dear Nancy Smyers,

    You are receiving the following message regarding an order placed at Trinity United Methodist Church Zaycon Fresh event on 6/26/2018 for Premium Hickory Smoked Bacon:
    Last night the Zaycon Refer Trailer had a major mechanical breakdown that was not able to be repaired nor was a replacement unit able to be secured in time. As a result all of the remaining product on the trailer is a total loss. We are needing to cancel your event due to the loss of the product. We sincerely apologize for this and are working on a solution. We will send a notification tomorrow with an update.

    The Zaycon Team

    Got Questions?
    Contact us 509.868.0613
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  • Crap, I have over $300 in orders. I think this is pretty rotten if they knew about this and really pushed to get orders and create all these phony sales lately just to collect money and then go out of business.

    • Just wanted to add they did not know about his just 12 days ago. They just sent me a special for the hamburger 10 days ago and now they are out of business? Why were they still taking orders, something is wrong with this picture.

  • Theres enough people here that we could pick up where Zaycon left off…..I want my good wholesome meats and fish and am willing to do whatever it takes to put that quality of meat back on my table. Call your drivers and see where they picked up said meats and fish. Get with your neighbors and put together an order and pay your driver to go get it. BAM you got your product again.
    Im going to start on my end here in Texas right now……

  • I am not able to submit a claim for my order since I used my debit card and they can only dispute transactions made up to 60 days ago. I was able to dispute my credit card transactions though.

  • I had two orders from Zaycon totaling $132.62. I have contacted my bank to dispute both charges but am being told the larger amount owed to me is beyond the 60 day window. The bank will try anyway. It stinks that Zaycon gives us no information at all!

  • We just picked up an order on June 22. The truck driver was in a quandary because a belt (my husband would be able to tell you the name of it!) that kept the refrigeration going was broken and meat would be thawing out. My husband offered to get him a new one, which the driver was appreciative of. He did and they got it fixed in short order. I am so sad…I love Zaycon–the business, the meat, even the driver was really nice. I have paid orders for every month through October I think: hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I just paid for a multiple order last week…surely somebody knew they were not going to be delivering meat by then. I can’t imagine why they were doing business and taking money just a few days before this announcement.

    • Your hubs was so sweet to help. I know the board knew there was trouble because of all that was going on with the lawsuit, but my gut tells me they didn’t know they’d be forced to shut down. I’m hearing that everyone showed up to work that day only to learn that they were terminated effective immediately.

  • I went to my bank today to dispute the 3 outstanding orders I have with Zaycon. The one placed in February they will not pursue and since the other 2 were on my debit card the only way to dispute them is to turn in my debit card and wait for a new one to be issued. This is b******t! We ordered in good faith from Zaycon and they duped us. I had always been patient with the delays and happy with the product I received but I feel like I’ve been exploited for my good faith. Shame on you Zaycon

  • I placed a order in April it was suppose to have been delivered June 13,18 got a text saying it was pushed back to July 20,18 then today the text saying sorry. I have sent a email to them as suggested and filed with my credit card. So sad I enjoyed their product.v

  • This is from a friend. Not sure where she got the info. We are in Kansas:
    Zaycon update from today’s driver Farley. Company was taken to court over a grievance and lost. They had to file bankruptcy. Once everything is settled they will refund the customers first then they will pay their staff and lastly they will pay their debts.

    They do have product left but the judge is making them donate the remainder to the food banks.

    All 23 drivers were told to take all their product to the food banks directly. They all refused and are delivering this last shipment without pay.

    • This makes me have hope…and make me feel better about the company. Maybe they really didn’t know that they would’t be able to deliver the meat they were selling so frantically in the past week. Maybe they were selling it for so little in hopes of paying court costs and keeping their business afloat. We can only hope.

    • I’m not sure that bankruptcy court is going to allow them to choose who they pay back first.

    • Also there are no court records of bankruptcy filing as of yet.

  • Any ideas if the debit card charges work the same as a credit card one? Our order was placed back in January, set to deliver this week. We didn’t get it.

    • I’ve heard that debit card charges won’t be returned. My mom ordered in January for an order that should be delivered in July. She’s not going to get her money back.

    • It’s going to be hit and miss Dottie. I would call your bank and explain the situation. 🙁 I think that because of T&C’s, that they aren’t required to refund charges outside of a 30 or 60 day window. It will just depend on your bank.

  • I find it REALLY hard to believe that they knew nothing about the business being suspended while they were taking orders up to a few days before thus suspension. I knew the .99 cent bl/sl chicken breast deal was too good to be true. Pretty crummy to take people’s money and run. I personally will never order from them again.

  • As was said in the beginning of this thread, channel your anger for the good and not pursue the bad and ugly. Yes, I am angry but I as a Christian First, my heart goes out to the staff, workers, drivers and all their families. I missed my $298.86 in orders due this July 18th and has been pushed back 3 times now and I expect to recover nothing, I have contacted my Card Co. and they are pursuing this with vigor, “BUT!?!” Those that have now lost their jobs and a way to care for their families, I am greatly saddened to the core of my heart. I know this is a stretch but we must ask our Lord to intervene and support these folks. Their collective issue is much greater than my $298.89 and my empty freezer!! Folks, I know your thoughts, I have them too but Jesus would have us all take the “HIGH ROAD” and pray for those that have lost their income and way to care for their loved ones and children in this tragedy. I also pray for the owners that started this Venture and I know the Lord saw it as Good Venture with a right heart!

    I am taking the High Road right now and want the Zaycon Staff and every employee , investor and stockholder to know that “I Am Praying For Them As Well, Their Families and For a Miracle For A Full Recovery and back into a Full Prosperity for this wonderful vision and venture. I am so sad this has happened to you and your families and to all that have placed their faith into your corse and operation. “God Bless Zaycon and Return Them To Us!!” Thank You Lord…

    V/R W/ Blessings

    Kent M. Whitney
    Master Chief US Navy EOD/CB SCW Retired

  • I have at least $840 in outstanding orders 😰

  • I was to pick up my chicken order today which I ordered 4/6. I heard about Zaycon going under very late last night. I received a text 7 minutes before the event saying it was cancelled and also received an e-mail halfway through the event time! I called the business whose parking lot it was about 10 minutes after the event start time and the guy I spoke with said the truck was there. So I went down there, but no the truck was not there (I think he thought it was another truck that was parked in the back of the building.) So I was not one of the “lucky” ones whose drivers showed up. (I’m in Utah). Fortunately I have no other orders and this order was only about $53, but it did have a $16 credit for a previous order refund that I will probably never see and there were referral credits also which I’m sure are gone for good. I called my credit card company – CitiBank Visa/Costco and they gave me a permanent credit. Don’t know if it was because we have been long time customers with a clean record or that the amount was so small. But it only took about 5 minutes. I feel so bad for the amount of losses sustained by customers and for those Zaycon employees who are now without jobs. I love the Zaycon products and will definitely miss them. And while no one really yet knows the whole story, I feel things could have been handled so much better than they were.

  • I was new and so excited. Embarrassed that I referred others. Never received any product. No response about a refund. I am a single parent and a daycare provider. Missing over $170 AND no product. What a nightmare for us!

  • I have 4 orders totaling $275.45 over the next few months. Emailed Zaycon…. haven’t; heard anything back .. starting the dispute process now.

  • I have 6 orders totaling $662.17 that was supposed to be delivered in the next few months. The first order I placed was in January, due to be delivered in June. After they kept moving all of my orders to a later month and date, I started getting suspicious, but with the excellent service they had provided in the past, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Starting disputes with my bank tomorrow…
    Phill Alger

  • I received both text and e mails from Zaycon Fresh regarding suspension of operations. I looked up charges I had made in May for chicken and salmon to be delivered in September And October. Once I found the specific charges on my credit card statement for undelivered merchandise, I called the credit card company and disputed the charges. The customer service agent said that unless the merchant contested the disputed charges successfully that my disputed charges would stand credited and Zaycon had 90 to make
    their case. Initially I should see a full credit on my account 3 days from initiating the duspute

  • I also have two orders that I paid for early. Four boxes of chicken due in july and four boxes of hamburger in auguest. So sad to hear they are closing, really loved their products. Hope everything works out for them and all of us. prayers going out.

  • Correction, I orderd 5 boxes of chicken instead of four..

  • I used my debit card to pay for the five outstanding orders I have; I went to the bank to dispute the charges. Three of the charges, totaling over $300, were made in March, and the bank will not consider them because they are over 60 days old. The other 2, totalling over $200, have been provisionally credited to my account pending an investigation. If the bank can recoup the money from Zaycon, the credits will become permanent; if not, the bank will withdraw the money back from me.
    They suggested I seek personal legal counsel, but I cannot afford that.

  • UPDATE 6.29.18

    The Credit Union I work for was able to reimburse to me within 2 days of filing my dispute. INCLUDING the purchase that was beyond 60 days!!
    The accounting associate I was working with said that having the emails showing purchase with delivery date, the subsequent emails pushing it out and then finally the cancellation PLUS the message from the Zaycon Fresh home page that shows operations have been suspended was most helpful in the decision to extend past the 60 days for refund.

    just thought I would let you know!

  • I just went to the Richland WA delivery site, no truck. Fortunately (or providentially?) husband had nabbed 20 lbs of chicken breast at local grocery store a couple weeks ago along with bacon, and our current order was mostly paid in credits. I will be filing a claim and I really do feel for those who have a lot tied up. Did the owners know? We will never know the answer to that but I am sure anyone outside the board room had no clue. Our local pharmacy in Puyallup WA abruptly closed all in a day when corporate came in and announced they were closing. There are business tactics to help keep employees from last minute sabotage and I understand that.

    • Good point. There is chatter that even the founders didn’t know this was going to happen. It will be interesting to hear how things unfold. In the meantime, I hope that losses will be recovered.

  • I have just started the dispute process, but my credit union indicated they have several disputes with this company. He also indicated they had not been successful securing any funds.

  • I am so sad – and very unhappy! The delivery date for my pork chops has been changed twice – I should have had them in first in May, then again in June. Then they changed it to July – when we will be out of town on vacation. I have been trying to get someone to pick up the two cases I have ordered. I called Zaycon three or four times last week to try and see what other times and places were available for delivery, but no one said anything about the business closing. They were very upbeat and apologized for the delay. I specifically asked if there would be another delay and the customer service agent assured me there wouldn’t be one. Then the following Monday I get texts that my orders have been cancelled???? Why didn’t I get a warning so I could cancel my orders with them then? I am not happy!!! I do feel bad for the employees of Zaycon – maybe they didn’t know it was coming – but it seems that there must have been some indication that could have been passed on to us.

    • So disappointing! I’ve been told that employees showed up for work Monday morning, only to be told their jobs were terminated effective immediately. So I’m sure the person you talked to had no idea.

  • I am so sad to lose the services of this wonderful company!!! I have ordered from the company from the start. Every product had been outstanding! They have always been delievered on time. I did get my chicken last week and happy those two boxes showed up. One of the boxes was a delayed order. I have been waiting for my bacon order, which was such a great price and so delicious, I had to order more. I ordered it in Jan and got a second email this week changing the delivery date. I also ordered more chicken for Sept. I was able to get both charges reversed on my credit card. I’m just hoping everything works out the this company and they are able to come back. I’m on board if they do!

  • I called my credit card company which I had prepaid two orders, they reimbursed me immediately. Received conformation 2 weeks later that it was cleared. I am so sorry Zaycon had all these problems. They had great products. I am hoping that another company takes this idea as it saved us all so much money for excellent quality of meat and seafood.

  • I have really enjoyed Zaycon Fresh and glad we were a part of it, but with over $500 in undelivered food, I am not as happy with them. I emailed them in early July with all of my order numbers and have not received an answer. I am a little late, but am contacting my credit card bank today to see what else can be done. One of my orders was placed on 5 February and the last one on 4 June. Zaycon should have not allowed us to order in late May or June if they had any idea that their doors would be closing. I live in the Dallas area of Texas.

  • I am $1,000 in the hole from them. Still arguing with the credit card company even though I have the original orders and the cancellation notices. Arrgh. I searched to see if there was some sort of class action lawsuit against them. Apparently, not yet, so I may need to hire a lawyer.

    • How would a class action lawsuit help? They have no money!!

      A criminal lawsuit from the government for the leaders that allowed more orders they knew thy could not fulfill is needed!

  • We utilize a credit union instead of a bank for many reasons, but this incident gave us another positive reason. I disputed the charges with my credit union’s credit card online, filling out the forms very completely (including copies of my orders, snapshots of our calendar showing date changes for pickups, etc.), and the email from them stating they are now closed. We had three outstanding orders. All three were reviewed and fully refunded. Although we received refunds, I wasn’t really angry, more sad for the loss of this great business, the owners, and employees. If they can straighten things out, I would be a customer again – being sued would be horrible on so many different levels.

  • I loved Zaycon and support their decision to regroup… it is a sound business decision given the circumstances. I believe they will reopen again so hold tight and trust that this company that has always done you right will continue to do so. At this moment their money’s are tied up in litegations in the end it will all come about.

  • Any new information? I had several orders for over $500+. My bank was able to dispute 2 orders for a total of $124 during that time frame but wasn’t able to with the others. As a family of 9, this has hurt us financially & I’m hoping they will do the right thing & give us our money back.

    • I haven’t heard anything new about Zaycon… but I wouldn’t plan on getting anything back. 🙁 I’m glad you were able to get something back from your bank though.

  • I had been a customer of Zaycon for years. I had shouted and praised them to everyone I knew. I ordered about $228 of Chicken and then got an email that they were offering an unbelievable price of .99 a pound for chicken breast. My husband and I sponsor a childrens Home/Orphanage and I bought another $411 from them for the Home. I then got the text message. I am heartbroken! This was going to help feed children for months. I immediately filed with my bank but as of today have still not received any refund as the bank said they are backlogged. That is $639. I lost. But the children lost more! Food on the table is a necessity for everyone and this Home survives off of amazing donors to keep all the needs of the children supplied. This was just one total disaster for us.

    I pray one day that in some way I will be able to recoup the money and go to Sams or Costco to fulfill my promise.
    Totally heartbroken.

  • I was with Zaycon Fresh for about 3 years I believe it was. I loved their products. All the products were wonderful with great flavor, so unlike what we get in a grocery store. I was so saddened to hear about their problems. The last order I got from them they had to change delivery date I think 4 times, but I finally did get the order, I believe it was for the hamburger. I already had plenty of chicken from the last time I’d ordered that from them, so when it came up to order it, I didn’t order. I am Thankful now that I didn’t, but I sure do miss there great meats. Back to tasteless meats. 🙁 I think their concept to cut out the middle man was such a great idea, and that they chose to get their products from as organic of places as they could. I’m so sorry for the owners, did you say it was the Conrads, as well as all their employees that were so quickly without a job. I hope they were able to find work again. I think the Conrads were great people to work for, and shame on the ones that brought on the lawsuit that caused so much damage to so many people. Karma will visit them, I have no doubt. I miss you Zaycon very much. I told many people about the company and I know that many did order from them. If they start up again, I’d love to order from them again, if they come down this far again.

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