The Secret to Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs (and how to make them easy to peel!)

how to cook the perfect hardboiled egg

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

If you know a little bit about me you know that I love cool tools for my kitchen! And they don’t have to be very expensive for me to get excited about them either! This egg timer is one of my favorite kitchen tools so I am excited to share it with you so you can get one in time for Easter. I shared this tool a few years ago so I thought I would bring it back to share with some of you that have not discovered the awesomeness!

Easter is almost here. Time to dye your Easter eggs! For some reason I used to kinda stink at making perfect hard boiled eggs. But now I am a pro! All I do is drop in my Egg-Perfect Egg Timer and have the kids watch it change colors.

It’s so easy to use! All you do is put your eggs and the timer in the pan and turn on the heat to bring the eggs to a boil (hint: to make the eggs easy to peel also add a couple tablespoons of baking soda to the water).

You can see the color starting to change. It is at a soft boil right now. We are going for hard so we are going to keep boiling.

Now that the whole egg has turned a dark red color. Now I will just have to run my eggs under some cold water to let them cool down. I let the timer cool with the eggs. Cooling the eggs down quickly with cool water will help make them easier to peel as well! I do that by running cold water into the pot as soon as they are done cooking (ps – don’t dump the hot water out, just set the pot in your sink and run cold water into the hot water until all the hot water leaves).

The Perfect Egg Timer for Eggs Cooked Just the Way You Like Them

The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer is available on Amazon. Plus it qualifies for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime or Free Super Saver shipping when you spend $35. So you can make perfect eggs for Easter!

**Thanks to Shayley and Natalie on Facebook for this tip:  “Add a couple tablespoons of baking soda to the water and your eggs will peel with ease”.

The secret to perfect hardboiled eggs


  • My eggs come out perfect every time, but I don’t have any tricks or tools. I use plain water, and any eggs. Eggs go into cold water, on stove at medium high. Bring to a boil. As soon as it boils, I turn it off, put a lid on the pan,and let it sit for 15 minutes. 20 if I want the to be a little harder. Perfect every time, even if they sit there a little longer than needed….

  • If you put salt in the water when you put the eggs in to boil, even if the shells crack, the whites won’t seep out.

  • i put a bit of vegetable oil in the water, bring it to a rolling boil, then take it off the heat, cover it & let sit for 12 minutes. after that i rinse a few times & let sit in cold water until cooled, then dry and put in the fridge. they peel like a dream & the yolks are always yellow, never green. 🙂

  • Add a couple tablespoons of baking soda to the water and your eggs will peel with ease.

  • Well my eggs definitely don’t come out perfect every time. I didn’t hesitate and ordered this little gadget. Can’t wait for it to arrive on Saturday. Thanks for the tip.

  • I had one of those and the 3rd time I used it the thing wouldn’t go back to light, it stayed dark.. I cooled it off I just let it sit for days and it never recovered so I trashed it. Very disappointed.

  • Buy your eggs a few days ahead of time. Fresh eggs will tend to stick but “older” eggs will peel with ease. Next time I don’t plan ahead I will try the baking soda trick 🙂

  • I just ordered this!!! So excited! And thanks everyone for the TIPS! I loved making deviled eggs, but they NEVER turn out right! Maybe with this little guy, and all of these other tips, i’ll finally be able to do it!

  • I have that egg timer and never knew how it worked:) Thanks for that:)

  • Darn, too late to order it for this weekend! Even with one-day shipping now, it says it won’t arrive until Monday.

  • At Christmas time I found this little gadget at World Market for $5 and I had a $5 of $25 coupon so I bought 5 for every person in my family!!

  • If you drain the hot water and add cool water and ice back to the pan then put the lid on for 7-10 minutes it will create steam between the shell and the egg which also makes them easy to peel.

  • Is this a one time use thing? Or does it last for multiple uses?

  • I’ve had my egg timer-thingy for about 5 years now and it works like a charm and still looks brand new. I am a little worried, however, about boiling something that is hard plastic with my eggs with all the bad press plastic has had lately. I’m going to try the boil & cover method next time and see how it works for me. Thanks for the awesome tips! 🙂

  • Dont boil your eggs! Just found this new way to cook eggs on Pinterest! Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes in the oven! The whole egg in the shell! Use a muffin pan so the eggs dont roll around. Rinse under cold water after you take them out of the oven. The eggs taste so much better this way! You must try it!

    • That is a cool idea. Thanks for sharing Darcy.

    • I have been baking my eggs for a few months now. This method delivers the absolute perfect “boiled” egg.

      I did notice the whites weren’t as white but for the perfect egg, it is okay with me. I really wouldn’t want to use the baking method to deliver deviled eggs to an event as the color really does looks off.

      There is no need to add baking soda to your boiling egg water. Simply take them out and run the cold water over them just until cool to the touch. Crack your egg on a hard surface and use the pad of your thumb to gentle crack all of the way around your egg. Once it is all cracked, pick the pointed egg and pinch the top off, again using the pad of your thumb, remove your shell in one piece, with ease.

  • Just bought one. I’m allergic to eggs, but I cook them for my family. Anything that makes me have to touch and smell them less is good for me. Looking forward to trying this! Thanks!

  • Kay I hope it helps you!

  • I just baked a dozen eggs for the first time today as described above, and WOW talk about a picture perfect “hard boiled” egg!! I have never seen such beautiful eggs, the whites don’t break as easily so they will be perfect for deviling, but the whites still feel almost creamy in your mouth not kind of rubbery like hard boiled can feel. And they almost jumped out of the shell they peeled so easily

  • The way I make a perfect, easy to peel, Hard Boiled Egg is to put them in a steamer for 20 minutes. at the end of 20 minutes, put them in water with ice. They are very easy to peel and come out perfect every time.

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