Introducing The Savory Butcher – The New Awesome Alternative to Zaycon Fresh!

I know thousands of you were huge fans of Zaycon Fresh. Last June they suddenly closed their doors and left tens of thousands of customers empty handed and out hundreds of dollars. I’m so excited to announce that a couple of former Zaycon Fresh customers started a new “Community Bulk Meat Buying Co-op”, called The Savory Butcher!PS – See info HERE about their upcoming Boise and surrounding areas delivery on 9/12/18! AND scroll down to see my Facebook Live interview with the co-founder of Savory Butcher!

The concept is simple… get a bunch of people together to purchase a product at a lower cost (compared to purchasing it on your own at the grocery store) means you skip the middle man (grocery store) and save a ton of money!

High quality meat + Lots of people = lower costs

I know a lot of you have been feeling just like I have been… it’s been hard to swallow the prices of quality meat and I wasn’t willing to buy cheap meat. That’s why I’m so excited about The Savory Butcher!!!

Savory Butcher vs Zaycon Fresh?

  • TRIMMED CHICKEN!!! You’ll receive a 40 pound box of boneless skinless chicken breasts that are ALREADY TRIMMED!! HOW exciting is this!?!? In fact, I think this will save you even more money because you won’t be paying for all the fat and skin that we would spend an hour trimming off! I’d usually have a couple pounds of trimmed stuff that I’d throw out. Since you’re getting a full 40 pounds of chicken that is READY TO EAT, you’re saving even more money (not to mention time!)
  • GRASS ROOTS! NO investors allowed (this was a huge downfall to Zaycon Fresh)
  • ORGANIC will be offered!!! Coming Soon! Organic is expensive, but since we’ll be purchasing in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money compared to grocery store prices!
  • HIGH QUALITY MEATSavory Butcher is going back to the original source of high quality meat that we saw in the early years of Zaycon Fresh (if you’ve been a long time customer, you’ll know that the quality changed over the last 24 months)
  • PAYMENT: Pay for the product a week or two prior to pick up, not MONTHS before!

Savory Butcher Launch Plan

  • Last week they launched in Utah and sold out of the day of delivery!
  • NEXT WEEK (September 12, 2018) they are launching in Boise, ID and surrounding areas! Learn more about Savory Butcher in Boise and surrounding areas HERE. 
  • They are piloting in Utah, Idaho, OR, WA and AZ so they can work thru the kinks and make sure the processes run smoothly before they launch in other areas. We will definately let you know when new areas launch!

Meet the Founders of Savory Butcher

I know there was so much negative stuff floating around the internet about Zaycon Fresh. I have hundreds of comments from many of you hoping that something similar to Zaycon would show up. I felt the same way… but I didn’t want to buy from people I don’t trust. So let me tell you about the two founders of The Savory Butcher… Cassie Michael and Erle Adams.

I’ve known Cassie for a long time because she’s a “frugal blogger” just like me! She has been blogging over at The Thrifty Couple with her hubby for the last 10 years. She’s a busy mom with 6 kids who wants to stay on a budget. She’s just like me and you and was so sad when Zaycon Fresh closed… she loved the quality and the prices! In 2016 she was contracted by Zaycon Fresh to be a liaison between Zaycon and all the bloggers that were promoting Zaycon. She saw a lot of the mistakes the investors made with Zaycon behind the scenes. She tried working with them and saw the investors push the original founders out of the company. She had been a customer and promoted Zaycon to her audience for 8 years. She knew that Zaycon closing left  thousands of people wanting a better way to buy their meat. Rather than creating a company that was “money focused” (as the corporate investors turned Zaycon in to), she wanted something that was CUSTOMER FOCUSED (as Zaycon originally was back in the early days). So that is why she helped create The Savory Butcher… knowing that success is founded on helping the consumer.

Erle Adams: I met Erle Adams in 2016. He was hired by Zaycon to be over the “influencers” (that basically means anyone with a large online following). He worked for Zaycon Fresh for 14 months and was fired by the investors 2 days after Christmas in 2017 (they wanted to cut costs). Like Cassie, Erle saw the mishaps within the company. Erle knows the heart of the original founders of Zaycon and didn’t like seeing what was happening with the company.

Erle Adams in the refrigerated truck at the very first Savory Butcher bulk meat co-op pick up event in Utah.

Erle and Cassie stayed in touch after he was fired. Shortly after Zaycon Fresh closed, they got on the phone and decided they wanted to take on the challenge of helping thousands of people save money on high quality meat, stay true to the mission of helping others, and provide a product for less money. For the last several months they’ve been building a strong foundation for a community bulk meat buying co-op.

Last week they launched in Utah and the event when great! I’m excited to get my hands on some excellent quality meat for less money than what I could find it in local grocery stores. I’m excited to have my freezer stocked again! AND I’m excited to have some good solid people build something that so many of us want!

See What Other People are Saying About Savory Butcher:

Check out comments after the first co-op meat distribution event in Utah!

What do you think? Are you willing to give Savory Butcher a try??


  • Marina

    Man I’m so ready for this, but sad that it’s not in my state yet. Zaycon left a bad taste in my mouth, but I’m so ready to give these guys a try. Please please let us know when they come to California. I need to restock. Shortly after Zaycon closed, my upright freezer went out and I didn’t even find it until the next day. Everything defrosted and it was a big mess. So needless to say, I lost hundreds of dollars in that incident. I’m ready to restock, so Savory Butcher please hurry up and come to California.

  • Anneke Amis

    Yes! It may be awhile before it’s accessible to me but I’m looking forward to it.

  • Karen Headrick

    Any plans to include Alabama or Florida? I live in Panama City Beach and Zaycon was big here and the surrounding areas. Also gave family in Alabamabwho loved Zaycon too.

  • Cheryl Gregory

    So glad to hear that someone is replacing Zaycon. Please let me know when you will be coming to the Maryland area.

    Thank you.

  • Dawn

    Come to Florida

  • Sarah

    I guess I will be Debbie Downer here and state that I will be waiting a long while to try Savory Butcher, if, and when they come to CA.
    I understand that you were friendly with the founder of Zaycon Fresh, and are trying to minimize his dishonest practices by blaming investors. But, he closed up shop suddenly after taking more meat orders. That was not investors. I do not blame you for the actions of Zaycon Fresh. He was your friend and you trusted him.
    This new company is being run by people that had inside access to Zaycon Fresh and had to see the problems looming. Except, no one at Zaycon sounded an alarm to the public. I remain skeptical that Savory Butcher can be run in an honest and forthright manner when they worked at Zaycon Fresh. But, that is just my opinion. And thankfully, we are Blessed to live in a Country where we can choose to shop wherever.

    • Cathy Yoder

      Yep, absolutely we are blessed! Just know that the majority of the “allegations” that were on that court doc that is floating around online have been thrown out and the founder of Zaycon, Mike, was working merely as an employee for the last four years since the investors took over. I’ve since learned that Mike Conrad didn’t know he was being “fired” until the same day we all found out that Zaycon closed.

      I interviewed Cassie, the blogger who co-founded Savory Butcher, on Facebook Live last night. You can view that here:

  • Peg

    ABSOLUTELY ready for the Savory Butcher to come to SIOUX CITY, IOWA! Broke my heart (and pocketbook) When Zaycon went out of business. I will work every delivery that I am in town!

  • Shelley

    Is the meat freshly butchered, not frozen?

  • Valerie

    Can’t wait until you come to Florida. I will definitely give it a try!

  • Mary Pimpinella

    It’s awesome for you folks out west. I live in NewYork State.

  • Amy Baron

    Hi! Do you know when the organic chicken will be available?

  • Taryn Lewis

    Come to north Florida!! We need you in the Jax/Gainesville market.

  • Tom Smitherman

    Yes, please expand quickly to the great state of Texas, especially Houston / Katy area. I’m getting ready for some good chicken and ground beef!!

  • marty

    I know several people that ordered from zaycon and was waiting to find another option to buying bulk at a great price. I’m located in Ohio and hope you get here soon. A lot of people are waiting for you. Take care and god bless . Email when you start delivery in Ohio.

  • Judy

    We bought bacon for the first delivery in Pocatello this week. It tastes great but was too salty. Did anyone else notice that? Once you launch I can’t wait to buy chicken breasts and hamburger. I really missed Zaycon and was hoping someone would rise up to take their place.

  • Teresa Browning

    Please let me know when and where in central Ohio you may come to in the future. It would be nice if you could be in the cities of Delaware or Westerville Ohio. Both cities are significantly large to justify coming to Ohio. Columbus is to big and I don’t know that area at all. Will you be offering other meats along with the chicken and bacon? We are big hamburger family.

  • Debra Booth

    On your way to Florida, you can stop in Arkansas! I was a Zaycon customer since 2013 and yes, when they closed up shop I was out over $200! I’m ready to give you guys a try!
    Please come to Arkansas. I’m right off Interstate 40!

  • Stephanie Borgman

    I had only been using Zaycon for about a year and I am really missing them. We used one of our salmon fillets tonight and it made me sad to think that I will probably run out before I have another good source. Please come to the Houston, TX area. We need you.

  • Jim Stephens

    Yeah! glad to see someone is stepping up. I miss Zaycon. Can’t wait to hear when you will be coming to Austin Texas

  • Judy B.

    We were able to get a refund through our credit union, thankfully. But we sure did want the food instead! Very glad to hear this! I’m in Washington State…are you selling here yet? SO ready for this, you guys!
    PLEASE try to get the shrimp, cod, pollock, salmon and any other seafood. We had one of our salmon filets tonight!

  • Tresha Elliott

    Please, keep us informed of their progress. Specifically when they come to MI or Oh!!

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