The Savory Butcher Review: How I Save BIG MONEY on Meat!

I’m so excited to announce a new “Community Bulk Meat Buying Co-op”, called The Savory Butcher!

savory butcher

The Savory Butcher

The concept is simple… get a bunch of people together to purchase a product at a lower cost (compared to purchasing it on your own at the grocery store) means you skip the middleman (grocery store) and save a ton of money!

High-quality meat + Lots of people = lower costs

I know a lot of you have been feeling just like I have been… it’s been hard to swallow the prices of quality meat and I wasn’t willing to buy cheap meat. That’s why I’m so excited about The Savory Butcher!!!

Bulk meat buying, The Savory Butcher

6 Savory Butcher Benefits

1. Trimmed Chicken!

They have the option of buying TRIMMED CHICKEN at a far lower cost than what you’ll find in the grocery store! HOW exciting is this!?!?

In fact, I think this will save you even more money because you won’t be paying for all the fat and skin that we would spend an hour trimming off! I’d usually have a couple pounds of trimmed stuff that I’d throw out.

Since you’re getting a full 40 pounds of chicken that is READY TO EAT, you’re saving even more money (not to mention time!)

2. High-Quality Meat

Savory Butcher sources from high-quality farms.

3. Regular Delivery Schedule

Depending on where you live, they will be coming anywhere from 6-12 times a year! This means you don’t have to invest in all your meat for half the year. You can pace yourself and not worry about an overflowing freezer.

4. Reservation System with $10 Deposit

Savory Butcher now has an awesome reservation system! Savory Butcher customers can reserve their meat 30 days prior to delivery for a deposit of $10 per case! Then just 1 week prior to the delivery date, you’ll be charged the remaining balance. You’ll get an email notification 48 hours before the balance is charged and you can make any changes you’d like to at that time.

Picking up savory butcher meat

How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area

Savory Butcher is currently delivering in Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Don’t live in these states? I’ve got good news for you!!

Savory Butcher Needs “Community Leaders!”

Community leaders help spread the word in a specific zip code and build a community of interested families that sign an online petition.

Once the petition has enough online signatures, Savory Butcher will open up the area for pre-reservations like above, except that in this case, there will need to be a certain number of orders met… so the community will fill a truck and see a *virtual truck* filling as the $10 reservation deposits are collected.

The truck will need to be filled by a certain date. If the truck fills by that date, Savory Butcher will come to that area! If not, everyone who deposited will get their money back and they will try that area again a few months later.

Erle Adams in the refrigerated truck at the very first Savory Butcher bulk meat co-op pick up event in Utah.


See What Other People are Saying About Savory Butcher

Check out these Savory Butcher reviews after the first co-op meat distribution event in Utah!

Quick and easy pick-up of tasty fresh chicken breasts and thick cut bacon I bought 2 40 lb cases of chicken and everything went super smooth I love that the chicken is already trimmed Excellent chicken and bacon at amazing prices! Ordering was easy, pickup was easy and the price was great!

What do you think? Are you willing to give Savory Butcher a try??

If you want to learn more, head over to their website!


  • Man I’m so ready for this, but sad that it’s not in my state yet. Zaycon left a bad taste in my mouth, but I’m so ready to give these guys a try. Please please let us know when they come to California. I need to restock. Shortly after Zaycon closed, my upright freezer went out and I didn’t even find it until the next day. Everything defrosted and it was a big mess. So needless to say, I lost hundreds of dollars in that incident. I’m ready to restock, so Savory Butcher please hurry up and come to California.

    • Hey Marina… Savory Butcher is launching in new areas! Go sign up under my link and then you can sign up to start a petition to get them to come to your zip code! Read the updates (in the section titled, “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”!

  • Yes! It may be awhile before it’s accessible to me but I’m looking forward to it.

  • Any plans to include Alabama or Florida? I live in Panama City Beach and Zaycon was big here and the surrounding areas. Also gave family in Alabamabwho loved Zaycon too.

    • Hi Karen! Go check out this section in the updated post all about “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”! You can make it happen!

  • So glad to hear that someone is replacing Zaycon. Please let me know when you will be coming to the Maryland area.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Cheryl! There have been updates and you can get them to your area! Just read under this heading: “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”!

  • I guess I will be Debbie Downer here and state that I will be waiting a long while to try Savory Butcher, if, and when they come to CA.
    I understand that you were friendly with the founder of Zaycon Fresh, and are trying to minimize his dishonest practices by blaming investors. But, he closed up shop suddenly after taking more meat orders. That was not investors. I do not blame you for the actions of Zaycon Fresh. He was your friend and you trusted him.
    This new company is being run by people that had inside access to Zaycon Fresh and had to see the problems looming. Except, no one at Zaycon sounded an alarm to the public. I remain skeptical that Savory Butcher can be run in an honest and forthright manner when they worked at Zaycon Fresh. But, that is just my opinion. And thankfully, we are Blessed to live in a Country where we can choose to shop wherever.

    • Yep, absolutely we are blessed! Just know that the majority of the “allegations” that were on that court doc that is floating around online have been thrown out and the founder of Zaycon, Mike, was working merely as an employee for the last four years since the investors took over. I’ve since learned that Mike Conrad didn’t know he was being “fired” until the same day we all found out that Zaycon closed.

      I interviewed Cassie, the blogger who co-founded Savory Butcher, on Facebook Live last night. You can view that here:

  • ABSOLUTELY ready for the Savory Butcher to come to SIOUX CITY, IOWA! Broke my heart (and pocketbook) When Zaycon went out of business. I will work every delivery that I am in town!

    • There have been updates and you can get them to your area! Just read under this heading: “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”!

  • Is the meat freshly butchered, not frozen?

  • Can’t wait until you come to Florida. I will definitely give it a try!

  • It’s awesome for you folks out west. I live in NewYork State.

  • Hi! Do you know when the organic chicken will be available?

  • Come to north Florida!! We need you in the Jax/Gainesville market.

  • Yes, please expand quickly to the great state of Texas, especially Houston / Katy area. I’m getting ready for some good chicken and ground beef!!

    • There have been updates and you can get them to your area! Just read under this heading: “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”!

  • I know several people that ordered from zaycon and was waiting to find another option to buying bulk at a great price. I’m located in Ohio and hope you get here soon. A lot of people are waiting for you. Take care and god bless . Email when you start delivery in Ohio.

  • We bought bacon for the first delivery in Pocatello this week. It tastes great but was too salty. Did anyone else notice that? Once you launch I can’t wait to buy chicken breasts and hamburger. I really missed Zaycon and was hoping someone would rise up to take their place.

  • Please let me know when and where in central Ohio you may come to in the future. It would be nice if you could be in the cities of Delaware or Westerville Ohio. Both cities are significantly large to justify coming to Ohio. Columbus is to big and I don’t know that area at all. Will you be offering other meats along with the chicken and bacon? We are big hamburger family.

  • On your way to Florida, you can stop in Arkansas! I was a Zaycon customer since 2013 and yes, when they closed up shop I was out over $200! I’m ready to give you guys a try!
    Please come to Arkansas. I’m right off Interstate 40!

  • I had only been using Zaycon for about a year and I am really missing them. We used one of our salmon fillets tonight and it made me sad to think that I will probably run out before I have another good source. Please come to the Houston, TX area. We need you.

  • Yeah! glad to see someone is stepping up. I miss Zaycon. Can’t wait to hear when you will be coming to Austin Texas

  • We were able to get a refund through our credit union, thankfully. But we sure did want the food instead! Very glad to hear this! I’m in Washington State…are you selling here yet? SO ready for this, you guys!
    PLEASE try to get the shrimp, cod, pollock, salmon and any other seafood. We had one of our salmon filets tonight!

  • Please, keep us informed of their progress. Specifically when they come to MI or Oh!!

  • Please just come north of the Utah border into east Idaho! Please let me know when you get into Idaho Falls and farther north. I so miss the great meat and prices Zaycon offered.

  • I saw that you will be delivering to Arizona. Do you have any specifics?

  • If you live in Idaho, Utah, Oregon or Washington they have a NEW and awesome reservation system that will only cost you a $10 (fully refundable) deposit! AND if you live outside of these current areas and want some amazing fresh meat delivered to your zip code, go read the updates in the section titled, “How to Get Savory Butcher to Deliver to Your Area”! It’s totally possible!!

  • I loved the convenience of the one pound packaging hamburger that Zaycon had. Will you offer that in the future?

  • Just used my last 1# 90% Zaycon hamburger. Came across this site! When will you come to North Carolina?

    • Linda – you will want to go register at their website. They have a new “ambassador” system… if you can get enough people in your area to “fill a truck” thru a “presale” event, they will come!

  • I’m having a hard time contacting Savory Butcher. They removed the last of what I owe for four cases of chicken breasts today. I have no contact telephone number to verify pickup date and place and I’m getting concerned.

    • Candi, just log into your account and click “orders” from the drop down menu. You can see your order history and the delivery date. They also have a link to a contact form and a phone number at the bottom of their website. Hope that helps!

  • Where do you source your chicken? I have reacted to southern chicken that is injected with broth or MSG solution or dipped in a preservative containing sulfites or phosphates. Would your chicken be safe for me?

    • Hi Debby, you’ll want to click over to Savory Butcher’s website to see the info on their chicken. I actually just picked up another 40 pounds this week and it’s great! Unfortunately I don’t have the box anymore so I can’t give details abt where it was sourced. But in sure Savory Butcher can help with that!

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