The 6 Best Things to Buy in January

Best things to buy in January

Here’s What to Buy in January

The presents – unwrapped. The tree –  just a few remaining needles the vacuum cleaner didn’t catch. A new calendar hangs on the kitchen wall, and the last thing you probably want to do is head out the door to a department store for Yet. More. Shopping.

But you should.

We already told you the best things to buy in December; and while the frenzied days of holiday gift hunting may have left you shopping-shy, the month of January brings great deals that make it worth another go-around.

Below we’ve gathered together six of the top purchases that can save you money as the New Year rolls in.

1. Holiday Decorations

Christmas ornament

Keep out one tub of Christmas ornaments so you can store away the new bargains on holiday decorations that you will find this month. Stores need to empty their shelves of Santas and elves so they can fill them up with hearts and roses: This means you can cash in on next year’s holiday decorations.

Peruse the shelves at your local Walgreens and CVS for small gift ideas at discounts of up to 70% off or more, or stop in at Lowes and Walmart if you’re hunting for a new artificial tree, stand, or over-sized lawn decoration.

You just can’t go wrong with Christmas clearance at Target! Craft shops like Joann often mark down holiday knick-knacks before the turn of the New Year – and sometimes before Santa has even made it down the chimney! These items are then reduced again as December turns into January.

And if you are heading to Michael’s,  hop onto their website and click on the coupons tab: Michael’s sometimes runs a 20% off your total purchase coupon, which will bring down that price even more.

2. Holiday Gift Wrap

Christmas wrapping paper

As you may have guessed, wrapping paper is another one of the best things to buy in January. So, while you’re stocking up on new ornaments, don’t forget to indulge in rolls of Christmas wrapping paper too! Those leftover designs will still be in style next year, are easy to store (you might even consider buying an under the bed plastic wrapping paper container), and they never go bad.

Not only will you save money next year when it comes time to wrap up the gifts, but you will have one less thing you need to shop for at the end of the year! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our post about frugal and creative gift wrapping!

3. Fitness Equipment for Home

Workout equipment

After binging on egg nog and sugar cookies for weeks, a new treadmill or a set of hand weights may be tops on your list of exercise must-haves. (Don’t worry. We’ve all been there!)

Stores that sell fitness equipment know this, which is why January is a great time of the year to purchase items that will get you back into shape.

For a new set of weights, treadmills, workout wear and elliptical machines, try retailers like Sears, Dick’s and Walmart. Since these stores often start out with lower prices overall, the discounts found in January allow you to shed pounds without breaking the bank.

Dick’s Sporting Goods even features a clearance section online – so you might be able to fill up the spare bedroom with a complete home gym!

4. Gym Membership

Personal trainer and woman working out

Those who prefer to sweat socially may be more interested in heading to the gym for a jog on the treadmill or an hour-long Boot Camp class. Startup fees for new members are often waived for the month of January, and monthly membership rates may also be significantly reduced for a set period of time.

5. Linens

Stacks of towels

If your sheets have been dried so often they feel bumpier than a dirt country road, the local linen store may be a top priority stop on your January shopping list.

Termed white sales because bed linens were historically only available in the color white, these events feature sheets, comforters, towels and other household linens at significantly reduced prices. (The best news? The sales include linens of all colors and patterns these days, so you can stick with plain Jane or get a little crazy in the New Year!)

J.C. Penney, Kohls, and Bed Bath and Beyond are great stores to watch for white sales; their stock could be marked down by up to half! Kmart is another great option. With their every day low prices and great quality of household goods, Kmart white sales make it certain you’re going to hit big.

Don’t want to join the push and shove of in-person shopping? Hop online and visit these stores from the comfort of your own home. You’ll still see great savings on linens, and you won’t have to deal with the crowds.

6. TVs

Person holding apple TV remote

If a new TV is on your list of what you hope to upgrade in the New Year, hold off until the calendar changes. The newest of electronics debut at the first of the year, so last year’s inventory needs to move quickly to make room for the next best things. Retailers slash prices on the ‘old’ items for faster sales.

This is, of course, great news for you. Those ‘old’ TVs aren’t really old at all – you can probably purchase one that has been around less time than that stack of dirty clothes on your teen’s floor! Yet the cost will be considerably less than the newest models that just replaced them.

Take a look at stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart for your viewing pleasure. Remember, when you use your Target card you get an extra discount  on top of the already low price.

Wrapping it Up

Present, bows, and scissors

While your feet may be tired from pounding the pavement during the holidays, it’s a good idea to save a bit of energy and money for shopping during the first month of the year.

The amount you can save on the above items makes the trips to the stores worth every penny. And you can always take some of that savings and get a nice foot massage when it’s all through!

If you want to learn more about which items are best to buy during certain months, check out our guide to sales cycles.


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