Why I Love My Hand Blender & How I Use it Every Day (and how it’s helped with my 50 pound weight loss)!

Why I Love My Cuisinart Hand Blender & My Favorite Ways to Use It!

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What is the one appliance that I use in my kitchen more than once a day, that helps me with my health and makes life easier??  It’s my Cuisinart Hand Immersion Blender!  I have mine for YEARS!  I love it for things like making baby food, protein shakes, homemade salad dressing, and so much more!

Why I heart my immersion blender and 10+ ways to use it!

Every time I have mentioned a hand immersion blender you have all agreed that they are fantastic! So I wanted to share the three reasons in particular WHY I appreciate the immersion blender, and also several of the ways I use my blender.

But before I get to that I do want to point out that this is just one of the tools that has assisted me in my 60 pound weight loss AND it’s one tool I’ve used to maintain that weight loss!  I use it every day when I make my protein shake for breakfast. For those of you who have been wondering about how I’ve lost the weight and maintained that weight loss, this is just one way I’ve done it.  If you missed it, be sure to read my post about why I absolutely adore my bathroom scale!  PLUS there is more to come on my weight loss, I promise!  OK… back to why I love my immersion blender!

Cuisinart Why I love

#1 Easy to use – The blender can be ready to go in seconds. I keep it in cupboard, right next to my Trim Shake mix, protein shake mix, and PB2. This allows me to whip up my breakfast quickly! It came with a great 32 ounce measuring cup that I mix it all up in (I use almond milk and crushed ice). I love how I can use it on liquids, ice, or even hot foods. So much easier to use this for small batches of food that needs to be whipped or blended.

#2 Powerful and versatile – The immersion hand blender has kept going strong for us for over 7 years…and it’s not one of the kitchen gadgets that is rarely used…we use it on a regular basis, and for all things! We recently mashed potatoes and it worked really well! With a 200-watt motor it will be ready to blend up most any kind of pre-cooked veggie, smoothie recipe, homemade salad dressings, even smoothies with frozen fruit!

#3 Easy to clean up – The immersion stick is can be easily removed and washed quickly. I just pop off the stick and give it a quick rinse under hot water in the blending cup and then I’m done!

6+ Ways I Use my Hand Blender:

Cuisinart Smoothie

Fresh Smoothies – On of my kid’s favorite breakfasts is a fruit smoothie, and this is our number one way we use the blender. We enjoy trying new combinations and I’ve even slipped in some spinach now and then! 😉

Cuisinart Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk – Chocolate milk in seconds? Done! Just add syrup to milk blend for about 10 seconds, and you’re ready to go.

Protein Shakes – Each morning I start my day with a TrimShake… a meal replacement shake with only 70 calories and some amazing benefits that help control “stress-induced” appetite, overeating, and carb cravings. One other reason I LOVE it is that it has amino acids in it… this helps protect the muscles I’ve been building so my body burns fat instead of muscle!  I can help you get this at WHOLESALE pricing (about $1 per serving). Send me an email at seekingwellness@fabulesslyfrugal.com and let me know you want to know more about the Trim Shake.

Cuisinart Baby Food

Baby Food – Baby food really is SIMPLE to do, and is so much more cost effective! Prepare big batches and freeze them, OR make a small batch with dinner.  The hand blender makes it easy to blend to just the right consistency and all of the food is ready at the same time! This saves some major money!Cuisinart Whipped Cream Edited

Whipped cream – Some times you just want a little something for dessert. Rather than whipping up a big batch of cream, you can pour a little amoun in the measuring cup and blend away!

Homemade Salad Dressing – my favorite to throw together is this Creamy Poppyseed  salad dressing from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  And just last night I made the Avocado cream sauce for this amazing and easy chicken recipe using my hand blender.  I’ve also used it to make the bacon paste for this popular kebabs recipe!

The ideas and uses are open to all you can think of with the hand blender! A few more ideas include making gravy, blending hummus, whipping eggs before you scramble them, mashing potatoes, preparing sauces, and even chopping nuts for baking! Do you have another idea? I’d love to hear how you use your immersion blender! Leave a comment below.

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Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender

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  • Low and high  speeds to tackle your task!
  • I appreciate the Dishwasher-safe blending shaft and beaker because it makes cleaning up easy and FAST!

For a little more, you can snag the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender with Attachments. You’ll get the handy dandy chopper/grinder attachment! The one I have has the wisk, and I’ll admit that I rarely use that one. But I am sure I’ll use the chopper and grinder attachment! I’m also thinking about getting this cool “beaker” cup to use with my immersion blender for my bigger batches of smoothies!

Cuisinart Hand Kit

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Why I heart my immersion blender and 10+ ways to use it!
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