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How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

I recently moved into a home with stainless steel appliances. I love it! Pretty and shiny…until the kids touch it. No worries though. I’ve found an easy way to clean stainless steel.

how to clean stainless steel applicances

I was using a cloth with soapy water, then wipe with water to rinse, then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Always wiping with the grain, of course. It worked fine, but I really wanted an easier solution..something I can just spray on and wipe off, easy enough for everyday cleaning. I tried one that involved vinegar, water, and Dawn and it was okay, but didn’t work as well for me as an even easier option…


stainless steel refrigerator before and after

Oh, the many uses of cheap, simple vinegar! You probably already have some already. If you don’t, you should get some. A lot of the household cleaner recipes we like include distilled white vinegar. Plus, there are so many other uses for vinegar!

Right now, a gallon of Great Value brand vinegar at Walmart is around $2.39. Or you can buy the 2-pack of Four Monks brand vinegar gallon jugs at Costco for about $3.50. Cheaper than a gallon of milk and it will last a lot longer too! (But don’t try to drink it.) 😉

Cleaning Stainless Steel: Always go with the grain of the steel. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.


I usually don’t polish with the oil and I am still satisfied with my results. (The pictures in this post are from when I used vinegar only.) By the way, the vinegar smell disappears once the vinegar is dry!

stainless steel dishwasher before and after

Keep in mind that not all stainless steel is created equally. Some cleaning products work better on certain stainless steel appliances than on others.

Vinegar works great for me! In fact, my search stops here for now. I’m not even going to bother trying any more DIY stainless steel cleaners. None of them are as simple, easy, cheap, and they probably won’t work much better. BUT if vinegar doesn’t get the job done for you, here are some other options you can try…

More stainless steel cleaners to try:

Feel free to share your favorite tips & products for cleaning stainless steel in the comments!

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homemade cleaners

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  • Gloria Lindsey

    I definitely need a stainless steel cleaner! We’ve bought a fridge, dishwasher and oven that are from stainless steel and after using them for a month now I see that I will need a better cleaner to take care of the limescale and greasy fingers stains. I will try the vinegar spray! Thank you for sharing!

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