Dollar Shave Club Review and Starter Box Deal!

Here's my Dollar Shave Club Review! PS - you can skip my Dollar Shave Club review and just go straight to my Dollar Shave Club deal! I think we can all agree that paying for razors at the store is NOT fun. Those darn things are expensive! For the longest time, I got away with buying whatever razors were on sale or cheap/free with coupons, but... Read this post

8 Inexpensive High School Graduation Gifts Under $10 (They’ll Remember You Gave Them!)

8 High School Graduation Gifts They’ll Remember You Gave Them for Under $10 Graduation season is an exciting time for so many, but it can also be a costly one. The invitations can add up, or even, sometimes, be unexpected. That’s why I've got inexpensive high school graduation gifts ideas that will cost you less than $10, and are things... Read this post

5 Tips to Help You Shop Smart at Costco

5 tips to help you shop smart at Costco
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Shopping at Costco: When & What to Buy Who doesn't love shopping at Costco?  Go ahead... raise your hand.  I don't see any hands.  Why?  Because everyone loves hanging out at Costco!  That is, until you check out and pay.  :)  I believe there have only been two occasions when I've actually gone inside Costco, stuck to my big list of 3... Read this post

How To Make Your Strawberries Last Longer!

Make your strawberries last for weeks instead of days using this tip!  Since strawberries are starting to be in season, I have been wondering how I can make the most out of this AWESOME fruit! I saw this tip on making your strawberries last longer (I can't even remember where now), but I tried it and this bunch of strawberries lasted for almost... Read this post

105 Cheap Date Night Ideas

20 years of marriage and 8 kids later... here's my top tip for a successful marriage... date nights are a must! Here's a list of more than 100 ideas. Time to make date night a priority!
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I've been married for 20 22 years now, and I'll be the first to say that having a successful and loving marriage takes work!   If you don't take the time to nourish it, your marriage relationship can evolve from a relationship of loving adoration into one that feels like you're nothing but business partners managing home, work, and family schedules... Read this post

7 Meal Planning Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Looking to save money (aren't we all)? Perhaps TIME? ✋ (me too) - but if you're like me... you don't mind cooking, you just don't like thinking about it. I've struggled with dinner time my for pretty much entire married life (that's 22 years people). If I had a live in cook, I would be thrilled (any takers?). BUT (there's always a but) I... Read this post

How to Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

If you've got boys, then you just may be like me and have an underlying funk smell in the bathroom.  And what can be discouraging is that no matter how much you scrub, that nasty smell may go away for a few hours, but then return by the end of the day. I got fed up with it enough to do some research to figure out a solution that will work!  What... Read this post

Five Steps to Creating a Simple Budget & Sticking to It!

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Trying to manage your finances without a budget is like trying to find directions in new city without a map, GPS, or smartphone! AKA: BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!  Creating a monthly budget is a necessary step in taking full control of your finances. It’s a quick and easy snapshot of where you stand financially. A budget will help you to successfully... Read this post

The 6 Best Things to Buy in January

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The presents – unwrapped. The tree –  just a few remaining needles the vacuum cleaner didn’t catch. A new calendar hangs on the kitchen wall, and the last thing you probably want to do is head out the door to a department store for Yet. More. Shopping. But you should. Last month we told you the best things to buy in December; and while... Read this post

10 Things People Waste Money On

Do you have a goal to spend less money or to increase your savings? I do! My goal for 2017 is to build my savings up to cover 6 months worth of living expenses. In order to do that, I will need to pay more attention to how I'm spending my money.   Are you wasting your money? posted an interesting article about the 10 things... Read this post
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