How to Make a Budget and Stick to it Using 7 Bank Accounts

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Making a budget is one thing, but keeping to a budget is a skill in and of itself! Over the past several years, I've discovered a few different ways to help us stay on track with spending. One way is using the YNAB app. Check out my You Need a Budget review for all the details of why that works for budgeting. But another trick to help me make a budget is to use multiple bank accounts. In fact, we have SEVEN bank accounts that we use! How you can use multiple bank accounts... Read this post

Amazon Pantry: Tips Tricks and Your Burning FAQ’s

Many of you Amazon Lovers have probably heard of Amazon Pantry. And maybe you've even used it... whether or not you have, today I want to talk to you about why this is a great little way to save... I think there are a few things you possibly have... Read this post

You Need A Budget Review + 60 Day FREE YNAB Trial!

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are you READY to finally get out of debt? OR maybe you are committed to start really save more money? I'm excited to share my You Need a Budget aka YNAB review and convince you that using this is an excellent... Read this post

Introducing The Savory Butcher – The New Awesome Alternative to Zaycon Fresh!

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I know thousands of you were huge fans of Zaycon Fresh. Last June they suddenly closed their doors and left tens of thousands of customers empty handed and out hundreds of dollars. I'm so excited to announce that a couple of former Zaycon Fresh customers... Read this post

25 Lunch Box Hacks to Simplify Your Mornings

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With 6 kids in school this year, I have finally figured out that I've got to be organized when it comes to our morning routine and making school lunches!  I'm a proponent for teaching your children how to work... and one of the ways I teach them is by... Read this post

30 Ways to Use Amazon Alexa on Your Echo Device

I wouldn't be surprised if an Echo device happened to find its way beneath your Christmas tree this holiday season. If so, then you are probably looking for ways to use Amazon Alexa on Your Echo Device. Did you know the Echo Dot was the #1 selling... Read this post

Amazon Lightning Deal Tips!

Every day Amazon offers Lightning Deals on everything from toys to electronics to household, clothing and more! Because these deals are so awesome, they may go really fast!!  We want to help you save, and sort through the deals really fast!  First... Read this post

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Back to School Deals {FREE Back to School Supply List Price Point Guide}

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Did You Know That Back to School Deals Start Right After the Fourth of July?! Believe it or not, as soon as the Fourth of July is over, the Back to School Deals begin! In fact, some of the best deals show up during July! Sending kids back to school... Read this post

Zaycon Fresh Closed for Business and What You Can Do About It

6/26 afternoon UPDATE: We now know that Zaycon was being sued by one of it's investors (lawsuit started in 2016) and while Zaycon has been able to handle legal fees and operate their business for some time, they clearly weren't able to sustain both. It... Read this post

Dollar Shave Club Review and Starter Box Deal!

Here's my Dollar Shave Club Review! PS - you can skip my Dollar Shave Club review and just go straight to my Dollar Shave Club deal! I think we can all agree that paying for razors at the store is NOT fun. Those darn things are expensive! For... Read this post

8 Inexpensive High School Graduation Gifts Under $10 (They’ll Remember You Gave Them!)

8 High School Graduation Gifts They’ll Remember You Gave Them for Under $10 Graduation season is an exciting time for so many, but it can also be a costly one. The invitations can add up, or even, sometimes, be unexpected. That’s why I've... Read this post
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