DIY Pink Glitter Slime

Looking for something super easy and fun to do with the kids? Try out this DIY Pink Glitter Slime! It's incredibly easy to put together, and a ton of fun too! Not a fan of pink? You can get any gel food coloring and make it whatever you'd like! Ideas for DIY Glitter Slime: Birthday Party Boredom Buster Staycation activity Slime Party ... Read More

Five Steps to Creating a Simple Budget & Sticking to It!

Trying to manage your finances without a budget is like trying to find directions in new city without a map, GPS, or smartphone! AKA: BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!  Creating a monthly budget is a necessary step in taking full control of your finances. It’s a quick and easy snapshot of where you stand financially. A budget will help you to successfully... Read More

Christmas Gift Idea: Hot Cocoa Stirring Spoons

Everyone is looking for an affordable gift that they can share with you neighbors, co-workers, and friends. These adorable hot cocoa stirring spoons would be the perfect DIY to add to a hot cocoa mix, a mug, or any other thoughtful gift. My little girl is wanting to get a gift for all of her little friends at school. That can sure add up so we... Read More

Shopping at Kohl’s: Tips, Tricks, & Coupon Codes

Kohl's is one of my favorite places to shop! You can save loads of money at Kohls, if you know how to play their game! Read below for the full instructions and make sure you go check out hte most recent Kohl's Coupon Codes and Deals! #1 - Use Kohl's Coupon Codes: Did you know you may combine up to 4 promo codes per order when shopping online on a... Read More

Save Money at Disney

How to Save Money at Disney Who loves Disney? Who wants a family vacation? Who is ready to make memories to last a lifetime? Now here's the question that really matters, Who wants to Save Money at Disney? As you know, Disney isn’t cheap, but it can be one of the happiest places on earth with your family! Here are some tips to help you prepare... Read More

Frugal Girls’ Night Ideas

A happy mom is a better mom! So, I recently decided that I need to start planning to have a girls' night once a month. The idea is to create a reason to get together and provide opportunity to relax, interact, and connect. It is therapeutic and fun! Everyone has some sort of skill, talents, or connections that they can utilize and share! I... Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Originally posted April 2013... I'm happy to report that by the time our house was finished (man, that took forever), and our financing went through, my score was high enough to qualify us for a great interest rate!  It was nice having Credit Sesame keep me plugged into what our credit score was and help me stay focused on improving our credit! I decided... Read More

Marbleized Easter Eggs

Want a fun way to dye your Easter Eggs? I bet you have everything you need in your stockpile! Ingredients Neon Food Coloring White Shaving Cream (or Cool Whip-Thanks Reader Anna for testing this!) Hard Boiled Eggs, pre-dipped in vinegar to make the colors vibrant! Tools Cookie Sheet Knife or Toothpicks Paper Towels Spoon ... Read More

Parenting Tip: How I Use Chores to Keep My Kids Motivated

How I use chores to keep my kids motivated and on task. Advice from a mother of 8.
As a mother of 8, I'm continually on the look out for new ways to keep my household running.  I know I'm not alone in this... even if you've only got one child... Read More

DIY: Make Your Own Homemade Household Cleaning Recipes

Over the past few months we've been testing out some of these homemade cleaner recipes. This is a great way to live on less: make your own household cleaners, and save major dough! Some of you may have missed them, so I thought it would be nice to put them in one easy spot!  If you're on Pinterest, feel free to pin this and share it with others!... Read More
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