DIY Blue Mason Jars

Here is a cute craft project you can do yourself at home.
Loving these DIY crafts.

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A empty Mason Jar-any size (I found some at Walmart 12 for $6.00 these are great, because there is NO writing or symbols on the jars. Completely blank!)
Blue food coloring
A cup or something to mix the solution in
A sponge brush (about $.40 at Walmart)
Epsom salt (roughly $4.00 at Walmart for a large bag)
A candle ($.44 EA at Walmart, I prefer tea light candles)
A piece of tin foil
Pledge floor care (about $3.80 at Walmart)
Mason jars have become very popular. They are cheap and can be used for decoration, crafting, organization and so much more! I saw a technique on a local TV station how to turn those mason jars vintage blue, but there was not tutorial on how to make the solution. With a bit of practice I figured it out. The old blue Mason jars are almost impossible to find at thrift and vintage shops now because they are so popular. Here is a tutorial on how to make your very own. First we are going to mix the solution. Pour the Pledge floor cleaner in a plastic cup or a container that is sturdy (about 1 TBS is all you need. if you are going to be making a bunch of jars you can pour as much as you think you may need) *this solution is for one jar. Drop about 7-10 drops of blue food coloring depending on how dark you would like your Mason jar. This project is very forgiving so go lighter first and if you want a darker jar just add more coloring as you go. Begin to paint your jar in downward strokes until desired color, you may repeat process about 4-6 times depending on desired color
You will slowly see your jar turn blue
This dries in about 30 min so be sure to finish your project.. I don’t suggest you start the project and come back. It dries quickly. Once you have your desired blue, run your brush under a few drops of water and do one last coat over the jar. This will prevent blue streaks if spots have dried while you have been painting the solution on be sure not to get your brush too wet, if you do just put more of the solution back on the jar and repeat the last step. Let your jar dry for 30 minuets or more. Pat dry the bottom of the jar after it is completely dry (I seem to always get a few spots that don’t dry on the bottom)
Add desired amount of salt (the more the better so that it is easier to light your candle) and then add a candle and light!
These will brighten any room up! The blue adds so much character. These could be used for a baby shower, wedding, or just new decor in any room!
3 jars cost about $15.00 depending on what you already have
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  • Ball has 100th anniversary of the blue Ball Jar sets of pint jars in authentic blued for about $9.99. I ordered them for more from Amazon 2 months ago, but since have seen them at Target, Fred Meyer, Lowes and who knows where else. They are just made for this year only and will become collectible.

  • I forgot to say that the set is 6 of the 100th anniversary Blue jars.


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