Easy and Cheap Dinner Ideas for 4 (Tasty and Simple Air Fryer Recipes)

5 cheap air fryer dinners

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am excited to share with you cheap family dinner ideas that will help you save time in the kitchen and money at the store. These recipes are super awesome because you can adapt the portion size and recipe ingredients to easily feed 2 or 10.

(Generally, these recipes are perfect for feeding 4).

$5 Dinners to Help You Save Time and Money

Of course, the price might slightly adjust according to your serving size. But, generally these are healthy recipes for families and cheap recipes for individuals.

Keep reading to learn a few money saving hacks for these cheap dinner ideas. Or, you can watch and cook along with me in this YouTube what’s for dinner video.

Five Easy 5 Dollar Dinners that You Can Make in the Air Fryer

5 dollar air fryer recipes

The following are five easy dinners that cost $5 or less to make. These recipes are perfect if you are wondering how to save money on your grocery budget.

I’ll share a link to the recipe, the cost breakdown for me, and a few tips and tricks for the recipe.

Note: I recognize prices are not the same everywhere, so the final cost for each of these meals may vary. Share with me in the comments below how much these meals are for you!

1. Bean and Cheese Burrito

Air Fryer Bean and Cheese Burritos (Plus Freezer Meal and Frozen Burrito Instructions)

bean and cheese burritos in the air fryer
A bean and cheese burrito in the air fryer can be a tasty, healthy snack, lunch, or dinner. Use these tips for a quick air fryer burrito recipe any time you have the craving.
Check out this recipe

Cost breakdown

  • Refried Beans – $1.24
  • Colby Jack Cheese – $1.84
  • Enchilada sauce – $1.98
  • Tortillas – $1.98

Total Cost: $5.86

Recipe notes

You can switch out the refried beans with your favorite beans of your choice, such as black beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans. etc. You will just want to make sure your chosen beans are a good source of protein so that this simple burrito becomes a healthy and filling meal.

2. Tuna Melt

Air Fryer Tuna Melt

air fryer tuna melt
Need a quick, easy, and tasty lunch or dinner idea? Try this fabulous and healthy tuna melt recipe that you can make in your air fryer!
Check out this recipe

Cost breakdown

  • Tuna – $1.76
  • Mayo – $0.50
  • Bread – $0.93
  • Cheese – $0.80
  • Butter – $0.50
  • Tomato – $0.50

Total Cost: $4.99

Recipe notes

I decided to buy a bigger can of tuna because it had a cheaper price per ounce. I was able to make about 4 tasty tuna melt sandwiches with 1 large can of tuna. Depending on how much tuna you like on your sandwiches, you can make more or less.

3. Avocado Egg Bake

Air Fryer Avocado Eggs

air fryer avocado egg bake
Enjoy this keto friendly avocado egg bake made in your air fryer! This is a super easy air fryer recipe that everyone will love!
Check out this recipe

Cost breakdown

  • Avocados – $2,56
  • Eggs – $0.80
  • Toast (bread slices) – $0.25

Total cost: $3.36

Recipe notes

This recipe is so filling and tasty. With just three ingredients, you can get 4 avocado egg bakes for just $3.36. That is what I call a cheap dinner idea for 4!

Because this meal is so inexpensive, feel free to add other toppings and sides to your avocado eggs for a healthy and tasty meal. For example, some tomatoes, cheese, or bell peppers would taste amazing! Even use some leftover veggies!

4. Bean and Veggie Quesadilla

Vegetarian Quesadilla in the Air Fryer

air fryer bean and veggie quesadilla
This easy bean and veggie quesadilla recipe is perfect for those looking for a quick, inexpensive, filling, and tasty vegetarian meal. Plus, you can make perfectly crisped quesadillas in the air fryer in 5 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Cost breakdown

  • Flour Tortillas – $1.53
  • Colby Jack Cheese – $1.84
  • Peppers & Onions – $1.28
  • Black beans – $0.72

Total cost: $5.41

Recipe notes

I used 8 tortillas for this recipe, which easily serves four. A bean and veggie quesadilla is a great meal if you are looking for a simple way to feed your family of 4 a quick and tasty meal. Top the quesadillas with your favorite toppings such as salsa or pico de gallo, avocado, cream cheese, or enchilada sauce.

Just like the bean and cheese burrito recipe, you can easily switch out the black beans for your favorite bean or protein of your choice.

5. Zucchini Quinoa Boats

Air Fryer Zucchini Boats

A quick and easy, low carb dinner in the air fryer! These air fryer zucchini boats are simple to make and are bursting with all the right, fresh summer flavors. With only 5-ingredients, this recipe will be just what your family needs this summer!
Check out this recipe

Cost breakdown

  • Zucchini – $2.13
  • Peppers & Onions – $1.28
  • Cooked quinoa – $1.31
  • Taco seasoning – $0.38
  • Cheese – $0.63

Total cost: $5.39

Recipe notes

I adapted this recipe from my favorite Air Fryer Zucchini Boat recipe. To save money on protein (because ground beef and turkey is so expensive), I am using quinoa instead. Quinoa is a great source of protein and fiber. It is also incredibly cheaper than meat, which makes these zucchini quinoa boats a fantastic and cheap dinner recipe for 4. Plus it is vegetarian!

cheap air fryer recipes

Final Thoughts

What’s for dinner? This doesn’t have to be a stressful question anymore! With these crazy simple, crazy easy, and crazy delicious recipes your tummies and bank account will be singing you joyful praises.

What are some of your favorite cheap dinner ideas? Share with us in the comments below.

P.S.- are you wondering like I am what the total cost was for these 5 meals? $25.01. Now that’s what I call cheap and easy meal planning! 

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easy and cheap air fryer dinners

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