10 Best Things to Buy in September for BIG Savings

Deals in September

What to Buy in September

Fall is officially here friends! Recently I was brainstorming on more ways I could help you and your families save extra cash and I thought of a new idea: I am going to be sharing the best things to buy during the month of September.

I know all of you are dying from how much it costs to send your kiddos back to school so I am sure you are all looking for ways to pinch pennies. Well, if you know a bit about sales cycles, finding savings is pretty easy!

The way that sales work is that there are prime times to buy items. Different items go on sale at different times of the year depending on the release of new products, overstocked inventory, and excess products from previous seasons.

What I am going to do is help you know what to buy in September so that you can get all your dream items at the prices you could have never even DREAMED of! Let’s get started!

1. Old Generation iPhones

Every time I see the new generation of iPhones, I always dream of having it! They are awesome, but let’s be honest: I don’t want to pay hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars just for a phone! Why would I spend so much money on something that just loses value each day?

But, I do have a solution for you! You can have your dream iPhone, just a little late.

What happens is usually the end or middle of September, Apple will release the new iPhone. When this happens, the old version of the iPhone goes on SALE. So you can soon buy the previous generation for HALF (or maybe even a FOURTH) of the price.

So, don’t be going out spending all your savings on the brand new phone, just wait a year and get the new version once it is a tad more affordable.

2. Grills

I know when we think of grilling we always think of summer. Well, why buy a grill when the prices are hiked up? Might as well wait until the summer is over to get your hands on your dream grill.

What happens is during the summer, stores know that everyone will want a grill so they will keep the prices high. But, once the summer is over, stores are stuck with high quantities of leftover grills and begin to have sales. I have seen Amazon, Sears, and Wal-Mart have sales from 25-45% off!! It is amazing.

So, find your dream grill and just keep an eye on it. It will for sure go on sale this month.

Grills on Amazon

3. Patio Furniture

As the nights get more and more chilly, patio furniture becomes less and less needed. When something is low in demand, that means that prices DROP.

Be sure to check out your favorite stores to find your dream patio furniture because it could be just in your price range. You might have to store it in your garage until after the snowy season, but all the savings will be totally worth storing it!

Patio Furniture on Clearance

4. Cars

In September, car companies begin to release their new models for the upcoming year. That means the old models will go on sale.

Now, this only applies to new cars that come straight off the lot, but if you are wanting a new car, I would highly suggest buying one in September. You won’t be able to get all the newest and hottest updates, but I think the couple grand that you will end up saving will be 100% worth it!

5. Summer Apparel

Companies STOCK up on summer apparel starting from March on! What happens is that by the end of the summer, they are left with loads of unsold summer apparel. They won’t want to save it for next year because there will be completely different collections and lines to fill the store with by then, so they put all their summer apparel on clearance!

I have seen clearance sales up to 80% off of summer apparel! Stock up!! There is no need to wait around until next summer to buy your kids some shorts and t-shirts. Pay 80% LESS than normal and throw them in a drawer for a few months!

6. Mattresses

Mattresses go on sale only 2 times a year! Usually, one time during April or May and the other time is over Labor Day! Select brands will go on sale for over 50% off and still give you the option to use coupons!!

You can get the mattress of your dreams for HALF of the price! I have seen these deals on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club, plus many more locations!

Be sure just to pick out which mattress you like best now, then check up on these sites weekly! The moment you see it on sale, snag it while you can!

Sales on Mattresses

7. Airfare for Winter Vacations

The perfect time to snag flights at a good price is about 8 weeks before your fly-out date. September is the best time to start planning those winter vacations over Thanksgiving or even Christmas break.

Keep your eyes out for the best deals by subscribing to Scott’s Cheap Flights! I love these emails!! They send almost daily updates of the best flight deals around and you will be shocked at just how cheap you can buy round trip tickets!

8. Bikes

Like I have mentioned before, when something is low in demand, the prices drop! When it is freezing cold outside, not too many people will be riding their bike! And stores don’t want to keep their establishments plump full of bikes when they could stock them full of items that will sell during the fall/winter months… so they slash the prices for bikes in half!

That would be the perfect time to buy your kids a bike for Christmas or finally get yourself one that you can use once spring comes! Like I’ve said many times before, there is just no need to pay SO much for a bike when you can wait a little to get the same high-quality bike for cheaper.

Bike Sales on Amazon

9. School Supplies

Stores stock full of school supplies as the start of the school year comes. Once the year has started though, the demand has gone down and they are left with piles and piles of notebooks, pencils, folders, markers, etc.

Instead of waiting to buy your school supplies a month before school starts, might as well buy them in September for the next year. This could end up saving you THOUSANDS of dollars over time!

School Supplies

10. TVs

Now, TVs always go on sale during Black Friday, but when your college student is moving off to college, I am sure they do not want to wait until November to buy themselves a decent TV.

Luckily, September is the perfect month to get a great deal on a TV, especially a 32-inch one! 32 inches is the perfect size for a dorm room or a tiny studio apartment! Check out Amazon because I have seen AMAZING deals pop up on there during the month of September in the past.

TV Sales

What to buy in September

Go Snag Those September Deals!

September is the perfect time for a new start and new things! Watch prices and lookout for the best September deals on these upcoming items because I am sure you can save loads just by doing your homework.

I cannot wait to see if I can get my kids a cute little TV for their college apartment! I can’t wait to hear what kinds of deals you guys find! Make sure to check out our deals section for more amazing deals (it’s updated constantly with new deals)!

September deals

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Best things to buy in September

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