DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

diy halloween costumes for kids

It is ALMOST October and we all know what that means… HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween! It is such a fun holiday and my kids LOVE deciding what they want to be each year. I always cringe at how much people are charging now-a-days for halloween costumes! It is ridiculous! I saw a Finding Nemo costume that costs $200! FOR ONE NIGHT OF FUN, $200! And chances are, they will get candy, dirt, or whatever else they find on Halloween, all over it! There is no need to spend that much on a costume!

So, as my kids told me what they wanted to be this year, I started to get online and look up DIY Halloween Costumes. I found SO many great ideas that I wanted to create a post where you can go and find all the best ideas in just one place. These ideas are going to be for anyone ranging from infant to adult but the majority of the ideas are targeted more towards kids. You can find anything here though! Just keep your mind open and be creative with it. You don’t have to do it exactly like the picture. Add your own little twists to it and make it fun! I just found the best ideas out there so that you won’t have to spend hours researching and can just pick your top pick right here in this post. Now, just spend all your time creating that perfect costume.

Some of my greatest memories with my kids have been prepping halloween costumes. It is so much more fun to go out, go shopping for pieces, find things around the house, and throw it all together into a halloween costume than it is to just buy online and find it in your mailbox. It will not only save you money, but it will also build memories! I am DIY all the way when it comes to costumes!

I don’t want to make you wait any longer, so are you ready?

The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for kids

Rain Cloud

Isn’t this awesome? I can guarentee that they would be the only rain cloud in the neighborhood! No need to have the same costume as everyone else! This would be so fun to make and it is so simple! You child will love this! And think of how affordable this one would be! Click here to follow the tutorial!

Thanks Make It Love It! 

Oscar the Grouch

Find a ugly green sweater or an old shag rug from a thrift store, make the eyes and brows, and place your cute little baby in a trash can! Talk about the best costume ever!

Thanks Costume Works!

Easy Mac and Cheese

All I have to say is, brilliant! Why have I never thought of this? This would be the greatest costume! And think of how fun it would be to create! You child would remember the time he was mac and cheese for halloween forever!

Thanks Costume Works!

Old Ladies

This is the most adorable thing! 2 is better than one here! If you have a little playdate friend or cousin, dress them up alike! Hey, maybe you could get a group together to recreate the golden girls?? Now that’s an idea!

Thanks Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons!

Hot Air Balloon

This is so creative! And honestly, it wouldn’t take too long to make! Just buy some balloons and the rest can just be things you find around the house. Talk about an inexpensive halloween costume! And I am sure EVERYONE will love just how cute this is.

Thanks Costume Works!

Peter Pan & Mr. Smee 

Isn’t this great? Your sweet babes can be their favorite characters USING CLOTHES THEY ALREADY HAVE! This is brilliant and they will love it!

Thanks for the idea Made to Be a Momma!


Although they might not be able to see so well, they will adore this fun little costume! I mean who doesn’t want to be a jelly fish? Just use an umbrella you already have and BOOM, costume finished before you know it!

Thanks Hello Wonderful!


This costume is so easy, yet so adorable. There is absolutely no sewing involved. It is made out of cheap material and it is so simple, your child could even do it by themselves (with supervision of course!)

Thanks Hello Wonderful!

Scuba Divers

Aren’t these the cutest! And hey, you’ll be recycling when you make this costume too!! This one is super cost effective and so adorable.

Thanks for the idea Delineate Your Dwelling!


This is so cute and would take just a little time to put together! We all have gotten a box from UPS so just save it as an accessory for an awesome costume!

Thanks Design Bump!


What a fun idea! And it can be made out of just paper or paint on top of a cardboard box. This will entertain your kids for hours as they make it and then they will feel so proud to wear it on Halloween Night!

Thanks Pop Sugar!

Spagetti Bowl

This is hilarious and to be honest, I have never seen it done! If your son or daughter (or maybe even you!) want to have a memorable costume, this would be it!

Thanks How to Recycle! 


Almost every little girl wants to be a unicorn at least once for halloween! This is the perfect, easy, DIY tutorial to follow! You little girl will never forget this halloween costume!

Thanks Craftaholics Anonymous! 

Carousel Horse

This one costs under $5 to recreate! Isn’t that awesome!! It can be all yours with just a few minutes of hard work. And your little kid will adore this costume!

Thanks A Joyful Riot!

Pac Man

I had to end with this one because isn’t it just hilarious?! Your kids will love this! And think, you could make this a family event. Each member in the family could be a different ghost and one of your kids could be the pac man! It could be epic!

Thanks Effortless Chic!

So, Which One Will It Be?

I’ve given you 15 awesome options of different DIY costumes that can be used for your babies, your toddlers, your teens, or even yourself! Just remember that you don’t have to make it exactly like the photo. Do it your own way and make the perfect costume for you or your kids! Halloween is supposed to be fun! It shouldn’t drain your wallet though. So get to making your super awesome, super affordable costume!

diy halloween costumes for kids


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