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Bookmark our Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals database to save you a ton of time! We post only the very best Amazon Prime Day deals! 

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon has announced on their blog that Amazon Prime Day 2020 will begin at 12AM PDT on Tuesday, October 13 and conclude at 11:59PM PDT on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. In 2019, Prime Day was Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th. Because of the events of 2020 and staffing shortages, Amazon had delayed Prime Day for the first time in its history.

Here’s what we expect for Amazon Prime Day 2020:

  • We believe Amazon will drop more deals on their own tech EARLY. Amazon Device Deals dropped at noon pacific time, on Sunday, July 14th in 2019. We will share them as soon as they are live, on our deal database.
  • We look to see Amazon deals on brands such as Echo, Alexa, Kindles, Fire tablets, Amazon Newsstand and Prime Video Channels. We also expect to see sales on the Amazon’s branded Cloud Cam and Blink.
  • A MARATHON of awesome deals starting throughout the day! Don’t worry… we’ll do ALL the work! See tip #8 to make sure you don’t miss out on price drops on the items you want to buy!

If you want some tips on how to stay within your budget, go read tip #5! If you want to learn how to get notified of the deals you want to see, scroll to tip #8!


Amazon Prime Day 2020 FAQ’s (Click on the link to jump to the section)

  1. What is Amazon Prime Day?
  2. What are the requirements to participate?
  3. What is new about Amazon Prime Day 2020?
  4. What are the best strategies for shopping Amazon Prime Day?
  5. What kinds of deals will be there be?
  6. How can I get the best Prime Day deals and how do I sign up for INSTANT HOT DEAL ALERTS

Amazon boxes

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#1: What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an online event where record-breaking deals are published for 48 hours to celebrate the 25th birthday of Amazon. We are looking for the same 48 hours this year!

Amazon Prime Day started back in 2015 as a way to celebrate 20 years in business. Because the company saw SO much success, they decided to keep doing it every year in July to give thanks to their customers and help them find the best deals around (and let’s be honest, they make a stink load of money too). This is the first time EVER that the online shopping event will take place in month other than July.

#2: What Are the Requirements to Participate in Amazon Prime Day?

You need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to get these deals. (see some of our favorite Prime benefits).

There are a few ways to save if you’re not currently a prime member.

Amazon prime truck

#3: What was going on for Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Length of Sale: The sale in 2019 lasted 48 hours! The 2018 Prime Day celebration lasted 36 hours! In 2017, it was only 30 hours long and in 2016 it was 24 hours long.

Who knows what will be this year for 2020! Maybe by then it’ll be a week long just like Black Friday has now turned into Black Friday Week! (have mercy on me!)

  • Monday, July 15 (2019) – Started with EARLY deals on Sunday at 3 PM ET and the main deals on Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th  ran for 48 hours.
  • Monday, July 16 (2018) – Started at 3 pm ET and ran for 36 hours. Sales included Whole Foods deals!
  • Monday, July 10 (2017) – Started at 9 pm ET and ran for 30 hours. Now in 13 countries.
  • Tuesday, July 12 (2016) – Started at 2:59 am ET. Amazon introduced exclusive Alexa deals.
  • Wednesday, July 15 (2015) – Started at 2:59 am ET. First ever Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day 2019 was smooth, versus 2018 which had a REALLY rough start! Just be ready for ANYTHING! I like to put things I know I will want in my cart in advance, so I have them handy when they go on sale! Remember that patience goes a long way and that NO DEAL is worth ruining a good day, so roll with the punches and any glitches that happen!

SOME deals sold out early, like the Ring camera bundles with the FREE Echo dots, so SNAG WHAT YOU WANT when you see it!

Pre-Prime Day Deals in 2020: In 2019 as they did in 2018, Amazon released some deals early. We look to see the same this year. The deals commenced on the SUNDAY before Prime Day. Digital deals started the week before! The best deals last through the end of Prime Day. We expect some of these digital deals, especially the discounts on the Amazon plans like Amazon Music and Kindle Unlimited, to reappear in 2020.

Whole Foods Deals: We hope to see some savings at Whole Foods as they are now competing with Walmart’s NEW Prime look-a-like service, Walmart+. In 2018, Prime Members got an extra 10% off sale items at Whole Foods. They also offered a $10 voucher if you shopped at Whole Foods before July 17, and spent at least $10! Members used this $10 voucher during the Prime Day sale on Amazon to snag better deals!

In 2019:

Among the top deals we saw in 2019 were an Amazon Smart Plug for $5, the Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote for $15, and the Echo Show 5 for $50. The 3rd-generation Echo Dot speaker fell to $22, while the 2nd-gen Echo was only $50. Discounts were also available on less-popular products, such as the Echo Wall Clock; it was just $24 during last year’s Amazon Prime Day sales. And an Echo Dot bundled with the AmazonBasics Microwave cost $60.

2019 and 2019 deals also included:

Prime day tips

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#4: What are the best strategies for shopping Amazon Prime Day 2020 Lightning Deals?

This day is BUSY, but the Fabulessly Frugal team will be here to help you all along the way! What you can expect is that hundreds of thousands of items will have reduced prices for just one to two days!

On top of the normally discounted deals, you’ll also find Lightning Deals. On Prime Day, there are THOUSANDS of lightning deals being released every FIVE MINUTES! Some are exceptional and others are just “meh”. The great ones sell out FAST.

Here are some tips for getting Amazon Lightning Deals. And make sure that you purchase the lightning deals immediately after claiming the item. You’ve got 15 minutes to get it done, otherwise, you’ll lose it.

The good thing about that is if you are a little late to the game and the product is “sold out”, you can “join waitlist” and every time people lose their claim, the person who is next on the waitlist will get the opportunity to buy! So always join the waitlist if you initially miss the deal. 

#5: Amazon Prime Day Strategy and Tips to Score FAB Deals

If you don’t want to lose your mind trying to find the best deals, follow the Prime Day tips below and things should go smoothly!

  • PLAN AHEAD! Take a minute and write out a list of items that you need, want, or have been dying to have. Think about Christmas, birthdays, school supplies, and weddings, or just things you need around the house. This should help you focus and not overspend your budget.
  • Set a budget and choose to stay with in it.It’s not a good deal if you have to go into debt for it.
  • Sign up for DEAL ALERTS through the Fabulessly Frugal App! Our FREE app will send you notifications for the VERY BEST DEALS that YOU want to see! Choose specific items, specific brands, or categories galore! Grab our app for iOS or Android
  • Make Interest Free Payments: Many of the Amazon tech items will offer you 5 equal monthly payments with no fees or interest!
  • Share your Prime Membership! Invite an adult or teen to enjoy Prime Day deals, live events, and more as part of Amazon Household
  • Bookmark our Amazon Deals Page and use our filter during the Prime Day sale to see if anything you need is showing up (here are some tips for using our filter)! If you just try and look through all the deals, you will be stuck searching for HOURS and may end up missing the deals that you really were needing and wanting.
  • Found something you think is a good deal? Use Google shopping guides to price compare and determine if it really is a good deal or not.

#6: Will other retailers have sales of their own?

Amazon has managed to make Prime Day into a Black Friday-like holiday. Other retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy have held Prime Day-like sales of their own and are likely to do so again.

One retailer to watch this year is Walmart, which recently launched Walmart+ to directly compete with Amazon Prime  And Target offers its same-day delivery via Shipt on over 65,000 items.

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#7: What Kinds of Deals Will There Be?

Amazon Prime Deals: Unfortunately, we cannot reveal EXACTLY what deals will be happening this year because Amazon has the deals under lock and key! BUT, I can share the top deals that Fabulessly Frugal readers have enjoyed over the past two years as well as our 2020 predictions on some of them!

Alexa Deals: Not only can Alexa tell you the day’s top deals, but you can also purchase them via any Alexa-powered device. There will be some deals that are exclusively available via voice Alexa purchase. Alexa voice shopping is about convenience. We think you’re better off making most purchases the traditional way to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Top Deals from Amazon Prime Day 2019 and 2018

More deals than black friday

More of the deals Fabulessly Frugal readers loved in 2019 and 2018 were:

Predictions for Amazon Prime Day Best Deals 2020
  • The best items to buy on Prime Day are Amazon devices, like Kindle, Alexa Enabled Items like Echo, and Fire TV
  • Deals in work/study from home essentials will be BIG this year
  • We also expect to see great deals on Smart TVsApple tech, and integrated smart home devices like plugs, lights, and RoboVacs.
  • TVs and laptops are always showcased. Lots of TVs – The deal inventory of TVs will be nearly 2x than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
  • Hand tools and appliances
  • Household essentials (trash bags, coffee, dishwasher detergent, batteries)
  • Beauty
  • Fashion (both from Amazon’s own brands but also FRYE, Under Armour, J.Crew and Crocs)
  • Magazines from Amazon Newsstand
  • Pet products
  • Toys, Toys and MORE Toys All Day – Members in the U.S. will find toy deals nearly all day on Prime Day.
  • Air Fryers made a big impression over the holiday season in 2019, and we expect a strong deal showing for this category in 2020. We also look for deals on Instant Pot and other pressure cookers!
  • More items expected to have exciting deals this year are Ring Doorbells and Home Security Cameras
  • We predict there will be more Whole Foods deals than ever on Prime Day.
  • We also expect to see Prime Now discounts on same day delivery (as soon as an hour!), especially for members who haven’t used the delivery service before.
  • There should be deals on services like Amazon Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Audible
  • Alexa Specials – Voice Only offers if you use an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or another Alexa enabled device
  • More Sellers – MORE small business sellers around the world are participating in Prime Day this year.
  • More to Watch – Members will find unbelievable deals on some of today’s top-rated TV series and popular blockbuster films to rent or purchase and instantly stream on Amazon Video.
  • Watch-A-Deal – Readily track and shop any deal while at home or on-the-go with the Amazon App.
  • Sort by Category – Newly-enhanced deal shopping is designed to help customers swiftly sort deals by category.
  • Tips and Tricks– Find helpful advice on how to shop on Prime Day

#8: How Can I get the BEST Prime Day Deals and How Will Fabulessly Frugal Help me on Amazon Prime Day?

This is my favorite part… we have built a FREE app that can send you notifications for the VERY BEST DEALS!!!

NOW is the time to USE it to its fullest! 


  1. Make sure you’re running the most recent version [Click for Apple] [Click for Android]
  2. Make sure you’re LOGGED IN to the account.
  3. THEN click on the ALERTS tab and TURN ON deal alerts YOU WANT!



When you are on the ALERTS tab, search or scroll thru the different brands, categories, and products…

  • Pick your favorite BRANDS like Apple, Xbox, Echo, Star Wars (we have hundreds more!)
  • and CATEGORIES… like gift cards, air fryers, or games for family
  • and PRODUCTS such as AirPods, Alexa, Instax Mini or 50″ TV’s

When we find a deal at it meets your criteria, we’ll send you a notification right to your phone!


AND it’s FREE!!!

GET THE APP! This will be the MOST INSTANT way to learn about the HOTTEST DEALS on Prime Day 2020!!! 

You should also sign up for our newsletters so you can get our daily deals, HOT deal alerts and more!

My team and I will be searching through Amazon ALL TWO DAYS and will keep you updated so you know exactly which deals are live! We will spend hours searching through the thousands of deals and we’ll post the ones that people like you will actually want!

WHY are we doing this?

Well, because we’re online shopping addicts just like you are! 😀 Just kidding (kind of). We love shopping online and are genuinely excited about big sales like this! We love to help you by sorting through and finding the best deal.

And YES, when you come to and click on our links, we get a small commission when you purchase something. So shopping through our links helps support our team! So, thank you!

Leave a comment and let me know what item(s) you’re hoping to find a deal on!


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