AMAZON PRIME DAY is LIVE! Come on Over and Win some Amazon Gift Cards!

Update: The deals are LIVE now! Go HERE to view the best Amazon Prime Day 2017 Deals and be sure to VOTE for your favorites… you just might win one of the 20 gift cards I’m giving away now through the end of July 11th! More details on that below… 

Here we go!! The 3rd annual AMAZON PRIME DAY starts TONIGHT at 7pm MST (July 10th) and goes through end of the day on July 11, 2017 (ps – I’m celebrating it in a big way… scroll down for more – you could win an Amazon Gift Card!). 30 hours of AWESOME DEALS! Make sure you come here when it starts because we’ll be sifting through thousands of deals and posting a few hundred of the very best!

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Prime Day, read on…

if you want some tips on how to stay within your budget, go read tip #4! 

if you want to learn how to win some amazon gift cards, scroll to tip #6!


Amazon’s version of Black Friday and honestly, I have seen better deals on Amazon Prime Day than I have seen on Black Friday! If you are looking for deals, this is the place to be! I want to make sure you know all the ins and outs of this AWESOME day! AND make sure you read my shopping strategies in number 4!

The “6 Whats” Answered About Amazon Prime Day!

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Here are the 6 questions about Prime Day you are probably wondering about:

  1. What is Amazon Prime Day?
  2. What are the requirements to participate?
  3. What day will it be happening?
  4. What can I expect?
  5. What kinds of deals will be there?
  6. What will Fabulessly Frugal do for me on this day?

Oh and psttt…. I’ve got AMAZON GIFT CARDS that I am giving away now through PRIME DAY! And in fact, on Prime Day, I’ve got 15 set aside just for that day! All you need to do is come on over to the deal blog and vote for your favorite deals (more on this later on).  So, Let’s Get Started Shall We?

Question #1: What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an online event where record breaking deals will be published for 30 hours to celebrate the 22nd birthday of Amazon. Amazon Prime Day started back in 2015 and because the company saw SO much success, they decided to keep doing it every year in July to give thanks to their customers and help them find the best deals around.

These deals are ONE DAY ONLY and to be honest, I never see deals like this any other time of the year on Amazon except for on this day! Like I mentioned above, this is better than Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! All you have to do is sit in your house, get on your laptop or your phone, and find the deals that you like! (And guess what, my team and I will find MOST of the deals for you!)

Question #2: What Are the Requirements to Participate in Amazon Prime Day?

Unfortunately, not all can participate in these awesome deals, or so they say. Hear me out! You need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to get these deals! I LOVE AMAZON PRIME! It is $99 for a year subscription and you get SO many benefits. (FYI: If you are a student with an .edu email, you can get your subscription for only $45!). Go read this blog post about all the benefits of Amazon Prime. And if that doesn’t convince you on how great Amazon Prime is, I have a workaround it so you can STILL get access to these awesome Amazon Prime Day Deals. 

Amazon gives you the option to have a FREE 30 day trial of Prime. All you need to do is sign up for this free trial BEFORE Amazon Prime Day! With your free subscription, you can gain access to all the deals that will be available. Here is the key though! After you sign up for the 30 Day Free Trial, it will automatically renew and charge you the $90 once the 30 days are up! SO, if you are not wanting to buy a year subscription (which, I really think you should because it is worth it!) make sure you cancel your subscription before the 30 days are up! If not, you will be charged! Canceling is SUPER easy if you decide Prime is not for you!

Question #3: What Day Will It Be Happening?

We have the date ladies and gentlemen! On July 11th Prime Day will happen! Starting at 7pm on the 10th, the deals will start and will run all day on the 11th. The deals will run for 30 hours and we will be there along the way to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Question #4: What Can I Expect (and shopping strategies)?

This day is complete MADNESS, but my team and I will be here to help you all along the way! What you can expect is that thousands of items will have reduced prices for just one day! So take a moment and write out a list of items that you need, want, or have been dying to have. Think about Christmas, or back to school, or upcoming weddings, or just things you need around the house. Then come to the blog and you can easily filter by category to see if anything you need is showing up! If you just try and look through all the deals, you will be stuck searching for HOURS and may end up missing the deals that you really were needing.

On top of the normal discounted deals, you’ll also find Lightning Deals. What are lightning deals you may ask? Well, lightning deals are just like that, LIGHTNING. They come in an instant, and then they are gone! On Amazon Prime Day, there are THOUSANDS of lightning deals and they are exceptional. They are so good that I have seen products sell out in minutes! And the awesome thing is that usually lightning deals are high demand products like kindles, echo dots, Fire TV sticks, and SO much more! You can find deals in every department!

But, there is a trick to these lightning deals. Once you claim the item and add it to your cart, you only have a certain amount of time to purchase it. If you do not purchase it in that amount of time, you loose your claim and it goes to someone else. The good thing about that is if you are a little late to the game and the product is “sold out”, you can join the waitlist and every time people lose their claim, the person who is the highest on the waitlist will get the opportunity to buy! So always join the waitlist if you initially miss the deal. 

Question #5: What Kinds of Deals Will There Be?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you EXACTLY what deals will be there this year because Amazon has been so hush-hush about this day, BUT, I can show you the deals from last year so you can get a good idea on what past year’s deals have looked like!

Deals from Amazon Prime Day 2016:

Those are just 30 of the THOUSANDS of deals that were posted last year and I have no doubt that this year will be even better. What is awesome is that these deals are NAME BRAND products that are quality and that people actually want! If I get any hints about upcoming deals, I will let you know!

 Question #6: What Will Fabulessly Frugal Do For Me on Amazon Prime Day?

This is my favorite part… like you saw above, I showed deals that people actually want. My team and I are will be searching through Amazon ALL DAY and keep you updated so you know exactly what deals are up! We will spend the hours searching through the thousands of deals and we’ll post the ones that people like you will actually want! And make sure you follow Fabulessly Frugal on Facebook and turn your notifications on. I’ll be sharing direct links to some awesome lightning deals you won’t want to miss there!

WHY are we doing this? Well, because we’re online shopping addicts just like you are! 😀 Just kidding (kind of). We love shopping online and are genuinely excited about big sales like this! We love to help you by sorting through and finding the best deal. And YES, when you come to and click on our links, we get a small commission when you purchase something. So shopping through our links helps support our team! So, thank you!

Help Me Help You!

Comment below and tell me what items are on your wishlist so I can keep my eye out and notify all FF readers when products YOU want are posted as deals!

Starting at 7 PM on July 10th, we will begin posting and will continue to post throughout the entire day! MAKE SURE you are constantly checking the deal blog, Fabulessly Frugal on Facebook because that is where we will be posting the deals! We will be posting all 30 hours to keep everyone in the know ALL DAY LONG! In fact, we’ll be posting every 10-15 minutes for a good portion of the day! Deals will be going VERY fast, and if you want to get in on the Better than Black Friday deals, you’ll need to PAY ATTENTION!

How To Win an Amazon Gift Card:

Simply come to the Deal Blog at Fabulessly Frugal, browse the deals and vote on your favorites! Winners are randomly selected and you will be notified INSTANTLY if you are a winner. You’ll get the gift card code right then! Yes, it’s that easy! Head here to learn ALL about how to vote and win a gift card! I love sharing amazon gift cards with you!

So, do your part, get prepped, and we will do the rest! Here’s to Black Friday in July!!

Amazon Prime Day: For Prime Members Only!

  • Deals are Everywhere – Members can shop deals on all devices, across nearly all categories, in all Prime countries.
  • Lots of TVs – The deal inventory of TVs will be nearly 2x than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
  • Toys All Day – Members in the U.S. will find toy deals nearly all day on Prime Day.
  • Watch-A-Deal – Readily track and shop any deal while at home or on-the-go with the Amazon App. Learn more at
  • Sort by Category – Newly-enhanced deal shopping is designed to help customers swiftly sort deals by category.
  • Alexa Specials – There will be benefits to being an owner of an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap on Prime Day.
  • More Sellers – Twice as many small business sellers around the world are participating in Prime Day this year.
  • More to Watch – Members will find unbelievable deals on some of today’s top rated TV series and popular blockbuster films to rent or purchase and instantly stream on Amazon Video.
  • Tips and Tricks – Find helpful advice on how to shop on Prime Day at

Leave a comment and let me know what item(s) you’re hoping to find a deal on!

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