Amazon Prime Day 2023: Here’s Your Ultimate Expert Guide to the Action



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When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will be July 11 and 12, 2023.

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Amazon Prime Day FAQ’s

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  1. What is Amazon Prime Day?
  2. What are the requirements to participate in Prime Day?
  3. What is new about Amazon Prime Day (and what happened last year)?
  4. What are the best strategies for shopping Amazon Prime Day?
  5. What kinds of deals will be there be on Prime Day?
  6. How can I get the best Prime Day deals and How do I sign up for INSTANT HOT DEAL ALERTS

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#1: What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an online event where record-breaking deals are published for 48 hours to celebrate the birthday of Amazon. We are looking for the same 48 exciting hours of shopping this year.

Amazon Prime Day started back in 2015 as a way to celebrate 20 years in business. Because the company saw SO much success, they decided to keep doing it every year in July to give thanks to their customers and help them find the best deals around (and let’s be honest, they make a stink load of money, too). 2020 was the first time EVER that the online shopping event took place in a month other than July.

#2: What Are the Requirements to Participate in Amazon Prime Day?

You need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to get these deals. (See some of our favorite Prime benefits). 2023 Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year.

There are some discounts on Amazon Prime for students, seniors and other qualifying individuals, and a few ways to save if you’re not currently a Prime member:

  • Get a FREE 30 day trial of Prime RIGHT NOW. Here is the key though! After you sign up for the 30 Day Free Trial, it will automatically renew and charge you the annual fee once the 30 days are up! Just go to your account settings and cancel prime. You can even cancel it right after purchasing it, so you don’t forget. However, your trial will last the full 30 days.
  • Students with a .edu email can get a 6 month trial to Amazon Student, which includes all the regular prime benefits.
  • Already used the free trial? If you’ve used a free trial or canceled a Prime membership in the past 12 months, you don’t qualify for the free 30-day trial. BUT, You now have the option to sign up for Prime month to month, or maybe have a weekly offer, so you can participate in the Prime Day sale AND enjoy all the other benefits of Prime for a whole month!

Amazon prime truck

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#3: What to expect this Amazon Prime Day?

There will be mega sales in nearly every category! Here is what we know about Prime Day 2023:

Don’t wait to save this Prime Day. Early deals and new, member-only offerings start NOW. There will be MILLIONS of awesome deals over 48-hours! BUT, don’t worry…we’ll do ALL the work!

Here are more Prime Day Price Predictions for 2023:

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If you want some tips on how to stay within your budget, go read tip #5! If you want to learn how to get notified of the deals you want to see, scroll to tip #8!

Get Ready Ahead of Prime Day

Join Prime or start a free trial at to participate.
  • Set a Reminder: Prime members can tell their Alexa devices, “Remind me when Prime Day starts,” to be alerted when the two-day deals event begins.
  • Create Deal Alerts for Personalized Recommendations: Prime members can subscribe to receive deal alert notifications related to their recent Amazon searches and recently viewed items. All they have to do is visit the Prime Day event page on the Amazon app between now and Prime Day to create deal alerts. Once Prime Day arrives, members will receive push
  • Get Deal Notifications from Alexa: Prime members never have to worry about missing a deal thanks to Alexa. Add products to your Wish List, Cart, or Save for Later, and then ask Alexa to notify you about the deal when it’s live or even order it.

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#4: What Happened Last Year?

Historical Prime Day Sale Dates

  • Amazon Prime Day 2022 and 2021 were smooth, versus 2020 with the pandemic delays, 2019 also with shipping and stock issues, and 2018 which had a REALLY rough start with site outages!
  • Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday 13, 2022 returned Prime to July and early deals started the week before. 2022 also saw a BONUS Prime Early Access Sale event that even that happened in October on the 11th and 12th that was dubbed as “a new occasion promoting Black Friday caliber deals exclusively to Prime members.” It had mixed success.
  • Monday, June 21st 2021 – Started with early deals on Sunday the 19th. The main sale ran for 48 hours. Amazon Prime Day 2021 was the earliest to date, held over 2 days on Monday, June 21th through Tuesday, June 22, 2021.
  • Tuesday October 14th 2020 – Started with early deals on Sunday the 12th at 3 pm ET. The main sale ran for 48 hours. In 2020, Prime Day was October 13th and 14th (a Tuesday and Wednesday). Because of the pandemic events of 2020 and staffing shortages, Amazon had delayed Prime Day for the first time in its history.
  • Monday, July 15 2019 – Started with deals on Sunday at 3 pm ET and the main deals on Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th ran for 48 hours for the first time. Since 2019, the Prime Day sale has gone a full 48 hours
  • Monday, July 16 2018 – Started at 3 pm ET and ran for 36 hours. Sales included Whole Foods deals!
  • Monday, July 10 2017 – Started at 9 pm ET and ran for 30 hours. Now in 13 countries.
  • Tuesday, July 12 2016 – Started at 2:59 am ET. Amazon introduced exclusive Alexa deals.
  • Wednesday, July 15 2015 – The first ever Prime Day started at 2:59 am ET.

In 2022, shoppers appeared to reach for needs over wants, with household essentials the top purchased category for the first time ever (29%), followed by health & beauty (28%),with consumer electronics the third most purchased category (27% of Prime Day shoppers), down from its #2 position on Prime Day 2021.

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Popular deals from 2022:

  • Earn a $10 Credit Through Prime Stampcard: From June 16 through Prime Day, members were invited to explore the perks of membership to receive a $10 credit toward their Prime Day order or future Amazon purchase.
  • Win Big by Supporting Small: From June 21 through July 11, for every $1 spent on eligible small business products, customers received a chance to win epic prizes.
  • Save on IMDbPro: As part of the 20th anniversary of IMDbPro, the essential resource for entertainment industry professionals, Prime members received a 30-day free trial and saved 60% on an IMDbPro annual membership, making it just $95—the lowest price of the year—for a full year of access.
  • Top items sold during Prime Day 2022 were Fire TV SticksEcho Dots, Blink & Ring cameras and doorbells, and Amazon gift card reloads that had a $12.50 credit back.
  • Frito-Lay Variety Packs came in sixth after ranking in the top five most of the event. More than one in 10 shoppers (17%) said they bought Groceries from Amazon on Prime Day, a significant percentage on a day historically known for Consumer Electronics sales.
  • This is compared to Prime Day 2021, when all top five items were Amazon branded and the list did not include any household or grocery items.
  • Amazon had much success pushing its own Amazon branded products, with sales of these lines accounting for 64% of Smart Home device purchases, 43% of Consumer Electronics, 38% of Household Essentials, 38% of Grocery, and 30% of Apparel & Shoes.
  • That was 48-hours of 2 million+ deals! Members shopped big, buying more than 250 million items and spending over $1.9 billion in the weeks leading up to Prime Day, saving more in 2021 than on any other Prime Day.
  • Prime Day 2021 was the also the biggest two-day period ever for Amazon’s third-party sellers, nearly all of which are small and medium-sized businesses. As part of Amazon’s new investment of more than $100 million to help small business sellers succeed, Prime members received $10 credit to spend on Prime Day when they spent $10 on items sold by select small businesses in Amazon’s store from June 7 to June 20.
  • TIP: SOME deals sold out early, like the Ring camera bundles with the FREE Echo dots, so SNAG WHAT YOU WANT when you see it!
  • Since 2018, Amazon has released some deals early. Amazon has normally started great deals early – the last few years the Sunday before. We are hoping to see the same for 2023.
  • Top-selling products worldwide for Prime Day 2021 included tools, beauty, nutrition, baby care, apparel, household products and of course electronics.
  • Work and study from home items were big in 2021. Prime members worldwide saved while gearing up for back-to-school and work-from-home, buying up 600,000 backpacks, 1 million laptops, 1 million headphones, 240,000 notebooks, 40,000 calculators, and 220,000 Crayola products.
  • There were hundreds of thousands of deals leading up to Prime Day 2021 from top brands including LEGO, Mattel, BLACK+DECKER, and Le Creuset and the best deal ever from Amazon Music — Prime members who had not yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited got four months free.

Here are some deals from past Prime Days:

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Prime day tips

#5: What are the best strategies for shopping Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals?

  • This day is BUSY, but the Fabulessly Frugal team will be here to help you all along the way! What you can expect is that hundreds of thousands of items will have reduced prices for just one to two days!
  • On top of the normally discounted deals, you’ll also find Lightning Deals. On Prime Day, there are THOUSANDS of lightning deals being released every FIVE MINUTES! Some are exceptional and others are just “meh”. The great ones sell out FAST.
  • Here are some tips for getting Amazon Lightning Deals. And make sure that you purchase the lightning deals immediately after claiming the item. You’ve got 15 minutes to get it done, otherwise, you’ll lose it.
  • The good thing about that is if you are a little late to the game and the product is “sold out”, you can “join waitlist” and every time people lose their claim, the person who is next on the waitlist will get the opportunity to buy! So always join the waitlist if you initially miss the deal. 

#6: Amazon Prime Day Strategy and Tips to Score FAB Deals:

If you don’t want to lose your mind trying to find the best deals, follow the Prime Day tips below and things should go smoothly!

  • PLAN AHEAD! Take a minute and write out a list of items that you need, want, or have been dying to have. Think about Christmas, birthdays, school supplies, and weddings, or just things you need around the house. This should help you focus and not overspend your budget.
  • Set a budget and choose to stay with in it. It’s not a good deal if you have to go into debt for it. If you buy $40 of Amazon gift cards now, you can get $10 credit for Prime Day. This is a great way to help you stay with your budget!
  • Sign up for DEAL ALERTS through the Fabulessly Frugal App! Our FREE app will send you notifications for the VERY BEST DEALS that YOU want to see! Choose specific items, specific brands, or categories galore! Grab our app for iOS or Android
  • Make Interest Free Payments Many of the Amazon tech and pricier items will offer you equal monthly payments with no fees or interest!
  • Share your Prime Membership! Invite a family member to enjoy Prime Day deals, live events, and more as part of Amazon Household.
  • Bookmark our Amazon Deals Page Use our filter during the Prime Day sale to see if anything you need is showing up (here are some tips for using our filter)! If you just try and look through all the deals, you will be stuck searching for HOURS and may end up missing the deals that you really were needing and wanting.
  • Found something you think is a good deal? Use Google shopping guides to price compare and determine if it really is a good deal or not.

More deals than black friday












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#7: Will other retailers have sales of their own?


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#8: How Can I get the BEST Prime Day Deals and How Will Fabulessly Frugal Help me on Amazon Prime Day?

This is my favorite part… we have built a FREE app that can send you notifications for the VERY BEST DEALS and NOW is the time to USE it to its fullest. We spend the time searching through the thousands of deals so you don’t have to.

When we find a deal that meets your criteria, we’ll send you a notification right to your phone. It’s THAT EASY! AND it’s FREE.

HOW do I get the APP??
  1. Download our free app [Click for Apple] [Click for Android]
  2. Make sure you’re LOGGED IN to the account.
  3. THEN click on the ALERTS tab and TURN ON deal alerts YOU WANT!
HOW do I set up ALERTS??
  • When you are on the ALERTS tab, search or scroll thru the different brands, categories, and products.
  • Pick your favorite BRANDS like Apple, Xbox, Echo, Star Wars (we have hundreds more!)
  • and CATEGORIES, like gift cards, air fryers, or games for family
  • and PRODUCTS, such as AirPods, Alexa, Instax Mini or 50″ TV’s

Leave a comment and let me know what you are excited to find on Prime Day.


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