Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday. For some it brings excitement and butterflies. For others it brings feelings of anxiousness and stress. It's an opportunity to save a LOT of money, but spend a lot of money too. For this very reason, this page was built with YOU in mind. We want you to feel empowered and ready. We want to help you rake in the savings, yet be smart about your spending. We want to help you utilize your time and resources, yet not sacrifice time spent with loved ones. 

Use the navigation above to quickly jump to sections to help you get ready. You can be the Queen (or King) of Black Friday. Consider this page to be your training ground and the Fabulessly Frugal deals database and app to be your number one time and sanity saving resource.

3 Things to Know About Black Friday

1. Know When to Shop

The first thing you should know when planning your Black Friday adventures is that it's so much more than just Black Friday! Retailers are starting earlier and earlier, because they want your business! In fact, Amazon is promoting Shop Early Black Friday Deals! You can count on the sizzling sales to start the weekend prior to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. JCPenney and Kohl's Black Friday deals will drop as early as 12:01 CT Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Then plan on staying up late Wednesday evening as retailers flip the switch and make their Black Friday deals and (many) doorbusters available online! Note that doorbusters online sell out in SECONDS! In-store deals start Black Friday morning (stores are closed on Thanksgiving this year!). Check out our Black Friday Store Guides for specific times.

2. Decide Where to Shop

With so many flashy ads and loud commercials, the retailers are trying hard to get your attention. For some, it can feel overwhelming. Don't fret! With a little time and the right tools, you can easily determine where to get the most bang for your buck. Let's start with an awesome tool... our comprehensive Black Friday ADS Comparison spreadsheet. Use it to price compare who is selling what, and for how much! Remember that you don't have to spend time and fuel to camp out in front of stores to get the best deal... we'll help you prepare and plan your Black Friday shopping strategy more below.

3. Online Shopping vs In-Store Shopping

Thanks to 2020, most stores are closed Thanksgiving Day and offering most of their best deals ONLINE (yay!). Some will be sprinkling their deals throughout the month, others will hold their sales online the entire Black Friday week. For the most part, almost all retailers will be releasing all their Black Friday deals (and in most cases, doorbusters) at midnight (varies by time zone) so you can stay up late and try to score those deals online first. You might not even have to go to the store! Check out our Black Friday Store Guides to research your favorite stores and their sale dates.

Black Friday Store Guides

Wondering when the online deals for your fave store go live? Look below! Need to know when the stores open (local time)? Yep, we've got that too. Plus a few thoughts and advice about each store. Want to see more deals? Click the AD SCAN button to view the ad. Click the DEALS button to view the deals that are available now at that store!

AD Leak Date :Friday, October 21
Online Deals Go Live :Sun, Nov 7, 5:00pm MST
In-Store Hours :Nov 25, 5:00am - Nov 28, 12:00am
Walmart Black Friday 2022 will be an all-new Black Friday experience. We will get FOUR separate Black Friday Sales Events this year! Like the past two years, Walmart will spread the excitement of Black Friday savings over several events throughout November and cap off a month of deals with Cyber Monday....
AD Leak Date :Sunday, November 20
Online Deals Go Live :Sun, Nov 20, 12:00am MST
In-Store Hours :Sun, Nov 20, 7:00am
Target released their Black Friday 2022 ad on November 20th. You can snag great deals with their Early Black Friday Deals campaign, in-store and online, starting each Sunday through 11/20. Along with this is their Holiday Price Match Guarantee. This means that they will match the price of an item if...
AD Leak Date :Friday, November 4
Online Deals Go Live :Sat, Nov 19, 11:01pm MST
In-Store Hours :Nov 20, 8:00am - Nov 25, 10:00pm
The 2022 Kohl's Black Friday ad was released on November 4th. Like in years past, Kohl's Black Friday week deals are stellar. This is because their sale prices, although often the same as everyone else, can stack with more than one promo and you earn that fantastic $15 on $50 Kohl's Cash to spend later...
AD Leak Date :Friday, October 21
Online Deals Go Live :Sun, Nov 20, 10:00am MST
In-Store Hours :Nov 25, 6:00am - 11:59pm thru
Nov 26, 9:00am - 11:00pm
Macy's Black Friday 2022 ad is here! They offer so many amazing Black Friday deals every single year. This is the go-to place for fashion and quality home products, at steep sale prices. They offer lots of mail-in rebates to go along with their sale, and coupon codes, which usually equals super-cheap...
AD Leak Date :Tuesday, November 1
Online Deals Go Live :Fri, Nov 18, 11:00pm MST
In-Store Hours :Nov 25, 5:00am - 10:00pm thru
Nov 27, 5:00am - 10:00pm
What's so great about the JCPenney Black Friday Sale?! They offer special buy doorbusters (while supplies last), huge discounts (60-70% off) on apparel, home and kitchen products, Christmas decor, bedding and more. SEE THE JCPENNEY BLACK FRIDAY AD HERE JCPenney's 2022 Black Friday sale starts on...
AD Leak Date :Friday, November 19
Online Deals Go Live :Sat, Nov 20, 1:00am MST
In-Store Hours :Nov 20, 1:00am - Nov 27, 12:59pm
Amazon's Black Friday is ON! The Deals of the Day are hot and we only expect them to get hotter through Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. Right Now you can Shop Black Friday Deals with Prime Day prices on Amazon Alexa tech See our favorite Amazon Black Friday Deals (we've already seen some...

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Planning Your Black Friday Strategy

Whether you wait in lines for days to get a good deal or shop on your phone as you bask in the glory of the turkey food-baby, we have a full checklist of what you should do to prepare for the premier shopping season. Don't worry, you don't have to be an aggressive shopper to take advantage of great deals. Let's show you how!

The Strategic Shopper

Nothing more needs to be said, right? You love great deals, and you'll shop your way to the top. With that said, strategic shoppers definitely need a game plan for the big day. If you're prepared, you'll feel a lot less stress and anxiety when the deals go live.

Do your homework. If you watch TV, take note of any Black Friday ads you see instead of skipping commercials. Check the social media accounts of your favorite stores for deals you can use. Utilize our Black Friday comparison guide to see who has the best prices on the items you want!

Add everything you want to your cart beforehand, if you are shopping online. You would be surprised how online inventories deplete themselves in a matter of hours or even minutes! With this method, you can beat everyone to the punch before the game even begins.

Work with a team. Coordinate with other Black Friday lovers and assign 1-3 people to a specific store to get specific items. Doorbusters generally have a limit of 1 item per person, so you'll need as many people as there are doorbuster items desired. And of course, wear a mask!

  •  Sign up for our instant HOT DEAL alerts.
  •  Start shopping pre-Black Friday sales.
  •  Stay up late Sunday night to get all the best Kohl's Black Friday deals and earn Kohl's cash to spend Cyber Monday week.
  •  Stay up late the night before Thanksgiving to get online doorbuster deals as they go live at 12:00, 1:00, and 3:00 am (see our store guide for specific times/time zones).
  •  Use multiple computers to be logged into each online store (for example, Target, Amazon, and Macy's).
  •  Choose several stores that have different doorbuster times and grab deals in-store.
  •  While you are waiting in line, peruse on your mobile device and shop online for additional Black Friday deals
  •  Shop at your local small businesses on Saturday
  •  Shop online on Cyber Monday
  •  Spend Kohl's cash on final items on your shopping list, Nov 28 - Dec 7
  •  Submit rebates

The Moderate Shopper

If you don't want to run around stores like a maniac and still get a good deal, then you will probably fall somewhere in this category. You can still get down and dirty without all of the fuss. Like the Black Friday fanatic, you should do your homework. Utilize our Black Friday comparison guide to see who has the best prices on the items you want so you spend your time in the right places. You value your time, so you shop online first. You might not stay up until midnight to start online shopping, but you will start early. Before the sales go live, put your must haves in your cart. Make sure you know your login passwords so you aren't scurrying to login when the online sales begin. Once you've caught your online deals, pick one brick and mortar store to go to, only if you can't find the items online.
  •  Sign up for our instant HOT DEAL alerts.
  •  Shop the early Black Friday sales (namely Kohl's)
  •  Thanksgiving morning checkout the online doorbuster deals.
  •  Wake up early on Thanksgiving Day to get online Black Friday deals (Amazon/Kohl's/Target/Best Buy)
  •  Choose one retail store to get specific doorbuster deals on Black Friday, if needed
  •  Rest on Saturday/Sunday
  •  Shop online on Cyber Monday
  •  Use Kohl's cash you earned during Black Friday week on final items on your shopping list, Nov 30 - Dec 9
  •  Submit rebates

The Chill Shopper

Have better things to do than worry about Black Friday shopping? That's perfectly fine, but you can get some great deals too.

Shop online Thanksgiving morning while your turkey is cooking. Then enjoy the rest of the day with your family. There are a lot of high-value items on sale with your favorite merchants.

Enjoy the fun and weekend with family and then on Monday, get back online with and let us do the work. We find all the best deals for you. You just buy what you want and need!

Sign up for our instant HOT DEAL alerts.

  •  Wake up early on Thanksgiving Day to get online Black Friday deals
  •  Shop online on Cyber Monday

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Black Friday Price Comparison

Black Friday is traditionally the best time to buy TV's, computers, small appliances, toys, and electronics. But with so many stores and deals and ads, it can be overwhelming to know where to go to get the best deal!


Check out our comprehensive Black Friday Price Comparison guide!

Go to Price Comparisons

We’ve listed top product categories and brands and show you the prices and deals that are available at the top 6 national retailers. Enjoy the side by side view of deals on the most popular items today!

BONUS FEATURE: Download our app to use our smart search and filter features to find what you’re looking for even faster!

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Q: Do I have to go in-store to get the best deals?
A: No! Due to the pandemic, retailers are putting most of their deals online! The majority of them start their online sales (and even doorbusters) at 12:01 am on Thanksgiving day. Other stores, like Best Buy, Kohl's, and JCPenney, are releasing all or some of their deals as early as 21 days before Black Friday! Other stores, like Wal-Mart for example, decrease their online inventory to put them in-store for Black Friday doorbusters. Unlike previous years, many if not all Walmart Doorbusters will be available online. Other stores are unclear, and Kohl's is clear that they WILL be available online. Check our store guides to see when their best deals go live.
Q: I can't find the item I'm looking for online at my favorite retailer, does that mean it's available in-store only?
A: If you're searching before the deals go live, then it very well is a specialty item and you won't be able to find it until the deals drop. If it's Black Friday and you can't find the item online, then it is available in store only. In recent years, stores have been offering more and more of their doorbusters online as well as in-store. To date, Walmart is the only retailer that is NOT offering doorbusters online.
Q: Is Black Friday the best time to buy TV's?
A: According to Consumer Reports, in 2016 the average price on Cyber Monday for a TV was $329 lower than the peak price in 2016 and $45 lower than for Black Friday. So if you miss the TV deal you were hoping for, hold tight.... Cyber Monday will likely redeem you!
Q: Should I go shopping alone?
A: Yes and no. Leave your kids and husband at home, but bring your friends. Create a strategy together so you can split up and find the best deals in-store. Divide and conquer!
Q: If I miss Black Friday, can I still get good deals?
A: Yes! It's not only about Black Friday anymore. In fact, the deals get hot BEFORE Black Friday! Many retailers offer their Black Friday prices through Saturday night and then on Sunday, if not Monday, the Cyber Monday deals begin. Then we'll have about 7-10 days of quiet... and then the deals will rise up again as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Although to save the most on electronics, your best bet is Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
Q: Are there any other ways I can beat the competition of Black Friday?
A: Yes! Start early! Pre-Black Friday deals start as early as 2 weeks prior (Best Buy), the weekend prior (traditionally Amazon and Walmart) and the Monday before Thanksgiving (Kohl's). These deals usually go fast, so start planning now!
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