11 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Space Around Your Home

It is Thursday and we are almost DONE with this series! Time is flying. I have loved focusing this week on Household Management and what it means to me! I have shared with you 3 posts thus far and I have loved all your feedback! If you have missed any, be sure to check them out!

 Day 1: How To Manage Your Household Like a Pro

Day 2: 12 Ways to Fill Your Home With Love

Day 3: How To Hold Your Ground With Kids Who Argue

And now today, Day 4 of our September series!

I have loved learning and growing with you thus far! Today I am super excited to introduce this topic because it is one that I promised you on monday! I know that is will come in handy for each and every one of you and I cannot wait to share! So, drumroll please…

11 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Space Around Your Home

I get it! You are always trying to be superwoman and let’s be honest you are doing great! But sometimes we have too many things to get done and we either don’t have the time, the money, or the space to do them! Those are usually the three road blocks that almost all moms face. So what I wanted to do is find you house hacks that will help you LEAP over those road blocks and be able to get things done more effectively.

Most of us have scanned pinterest a time or two for a few of these but I wanted to put my favorites, and the most useful ones around, in one place so you can have a master go to list whenever you are needing help!

So, let’s get rid of those road blocks shall we?

#1 Save Space in Your Closets

When you have MULTIPLE different beds to make and all of them have multiple different sets of sheets, the storage closets can begin to look a little messy! My kids always struggle with folding up the fitted sheets and end up just stuffing it all into the closet! Spend 5 minutes to show your kids (or learn for yourself) how to fold up all the sheets and then store them in the pillow case! That way it is just a little packet and when it comes time to change the sheets, all you have to do is go in and grab a new packet! Easy as pie! And it will make your closet look SO much better!

Thank you Daily Mail!

# 2 Save Money By Not Wasting Food

I always go out and buy fruits, veggies, yogurt, cheese, etc. and they all come with a wonderful expiration date on them. I always tell myself that I will assure that we eat it in time, but somehow it makes its way to the back of the fridge and it does not get eaten in time. SO, set a cardinal rule that all perishable foods will go in the FRONT. Do not allow them to get to the back or you will forget about them. And also teach your kids this rule! This could save you hundreds of dollars a year!

#3 Save Time When Cleaning Your Microwave

Cleaning the microwave can be one of the most time consuming tasks. Things can build up for weeks and by the time you notice them, they are so caked on that it could take hours of scrubbing to get it back to normal! The perfect way to clean your microwave is to heat up a bowl of vinegar in the microwave. Let it get hot enough that it creates some steam. The steam will start to break down the junk for you so after you let the vinegar sit for a while, you can open up the microwave and wipe everything right off! No elbow grease required and it will take minutes instead of hours!

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#4 Save Space By Adding An Extra Shower Rod

If you are living in a tiny apartment or a smaller house, there are high chances that your shower does not have much space. You have to have somewhere to put your products and this is the perfect idea! Buy another shower curtain and hang it up! On it attach this key rings with clips that you can clip your shampoo. conditioner, facewash, bodywash, and loofa to. You will never have to take it off the hook and can just squeeze it straight into your hand while you are in the shower! Who says you need lots of room in your shower?!

Thank you Better Home and Garden

#5 Save Time by Finishing your Tasks Faster

Do you often feel all over the place? Me too! But with a little 10 minute planning session, you can plan out your to do list so that you are not running all over and wasting your day away. Task Batching will help you group together the items that should be done together and will allow you a schedule as when to do things! That way you aren’t doing little things all throughout the week, rather separating time to do it all once or twice a week! This could save so much time!

Find out more at Page Flutter!

#6 Save Money on Your Grocery Bill Each Month!

This one is KEY in my house. Going to the grocery store not only takes your time, but also your money! Sometimes though you go to the store and see AWESOME deals on foods or products that your family uses, but of course you recently had stocked up on it. But I am going to share just a list of often expensive items that you can FREEZE and buy when on sale so that you aren’t having to pay jacked up prices for common use items!

  • Bread
  • Flour
  • Meats
  • NUTS! These can get so pricy!
  • Yeast
  • Pancakes
  • Butter
  • Herbs
  • Cheese
  • Cake/Cookies/Pie Crusts (Don’t freeze the whole pie)
  • Soups
  • Fruit
  • Frosting
  • Chips
  • And so much more!

These are all things that I have frozen and do so on a regular basis! I highly advice you to try this and do it because it can save you SO much money!

#7 Save Time By Lining the Bottom/Shelves of Your Fridge With Paper Towels or Mats

We all know how awful it is to clean out the fridge! Well instead of emptying everything out and taking the shelves over to the sink to wash them out every other week, how about you just line the bottom of them with a paper towel or fridge mat so that you can just remove them and replace them! That way the mess is already in one spot and all you have to do it switch it out! This could be a total game changer! You should do it!

#8 Save Space By Making A Paper Towel Holder

You know like those horrible drawers that don’t actually open? What is the point of them? Well, you can actually remove them and turn it into a paper towel holder! Isn’t that awesome! Just enlist your husband to do this little task over a weekend and before you know it you will have even more counter space and you won’t be wasting a part of your cabinets with a drawer that actually isn’t even a drawer!

Thanks Hometalk!

#9 Save Time By Having Vinegar Clean Your Shower Head

Is it time to clean your shower? We all know how hard it is to clean a shower full of build up and water stains! It can take forever and your arms start to get SO tired so you try and balance yourself standing on the tub! It can be a disaster! Well, save time by filling a bag with vinegar and tying a plastic bag around it. Leave it overnight and once you get up in the morning, it will be squeeky clean!

Thanks for the idea Better Home and Gardens!

#10 Save Money At The Grocery Store Without Using Coupons

Couponing is not used as frequently as it used to be. To be honest, many apps have developed better systems to help you save MORE money when shopping! Groceries are a huge expense in my family and I use every little thing that I can to save a penny here and there. I have an entire post showing all my favorite savings apps that I use each time I go to the grocery store as well as which rewards cards/loyalty cards are actually worth it signing up for! I have done the trial and error and now I want to share with you so that you can save more money too!

Check it out here!

#11 Save Space By Using a Peg Board To Store Your Items

This is the perfect idea! Especially if you have a small bedroom or office and cannot store a lot. Peg Boards are very affordable to make and the they can hold EVERYTHING. Once you make one, you can literally hang ANYTHING up on it. If you take this picture for example, all of these art supplies would have filled up a whole dresser and it would have been so unorganized. BUT, when you hang it up on this peg board it all is easily accessible and super cute! Follow the DIY here and get to hanging because this could save SO much space!

Thanks Ginger Snap Crafts!

There You Have It!

These are just 11 of the best ones I found! We have all seen so many but these 11 stood out to me as new, unique ways to save more time, space, and money around your home! Running a home is kind of like running a business. You have to test things out and see what works best for your family. Try out these tips and see what works and what doesn’t! And if you have any household hacks be SURE to comment below and let us know so we can feature them!

Coming Up Tomorrow:

Sometimes do you feel like you only spend time helping others and never do anything for you? Come back to find out the 9 essential habits that all mother’s need to have! It’s our last day of the series so you won’t want to miss it.

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