Easiest Caramel Corn Recipe

easy marshmallow caramel popcorn image
Easy Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn! Next time you have a craving for some delicious caramel corn, just whip up this quick and easy popcorn recipe and you will be good to go. This has got to be the easiest caramel popcorn recipe ever! Mmm. Looking at these pictures is making me want to whip up this caramel corn again tonight! I have all of the ingredients on hand right now, so this could totally happen. ;) Gooey, sweet, caramel corn in just …
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Popcorn Popper $7.00! {Popcorn Recipes}

Nordic Ware 60120 Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup, White
Lowest Price Yet on Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper! This versatile popper is great for cooking, storing, and serving popcorn and other snacks. Just serve it right from the bowl! You don't have to deal with the grease, salt, and artificial flavoring found in many bagged microwaveable popcorn. Make it as healthy (or not) as you want! I love popcorn, especially the sweet varieties! A lightly salted and buttered popcorn is always nice to snack …
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Cookies and Cream Popcorn Recipe

cookies and cream popcorn
Oreo Popcorn! Yes! Only 3 ingredients needed for this delicious popcorn treat, and it is quick and easy to throw together! You only need popped popcorn, chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos), and Almond Bark to make this yummy treat. I made this for a bridal shower recently and everyone loved it. We ate it all up! You can find the vanilla Almond Bark at most grocery stores, in the same aisle as the chocolate chips. Easily crush the Oreos …
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Easy, Healthier Caramel Popcorn

popcorn collage1
Only 4 Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Honey, Vanilla, Salt! Oh, and you'll want some popped popcorn too. :) If you love sweet popcorn, like me, you will want this recipe! This is basically a healthier version of one of my favorite sweet popcorn recipes, Killian Corn. I love it! Now that I've found this version, I feel like I can enjoy it more often. In fact, I think I'll whip some up tonight! Start with the sauce first because it needs to cool …
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Gooey, Yummy Popcorn Recipe

killian corn Collage
I remember my mom making this popcorn and giving away bags of it as Christmas gifts for our neighbors. She often added almonds and coconut, but I've always loved it plain. I practiced making this recipe a lot in college and now I am a pro at it. This popcorn was THE reason that I felt like I needed to own a popcorn popper. ;) I have a friend that makes a similar recipe too, but she uses corn puffs instead of popcorn. I'm sure you can come up with …
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DIY Teacher Appreciation {White Chocolate Popcorn Tutorial}

DIY Teacher Appreciation {White Chocolate Popcorn Tutorial} Teacher Appreciation is this week so I am going to share with you a couple of fun and frugal gifts to show those hardworking teachers how much we appreciate them. Before I had kids I taught kindergarten and always got interesting gifts. The ones I LOVED were the ones that I could use in my classroom, gift cards, edible or practical gifts. I have 3 kids in school so I can’t afford to …
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Cajun Popcorn

A fresh twist on popcorn, this is an easy snack everybody will love! Ingredients 2 1/4 teaspoons coarse salt 1 1/4 teaspoons paprika 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 3/4 teaspoon onion powder 3/4 teaspoon ground pepper 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano 3/4 teaspoon ground thyme 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 cup melted butter 24 cups plain popped popcorn (from 1 cup kernels or 4 microwave packages) Directions 1. In a small bowl, stir together …
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An Easy, Crafty & Deliciously Homemade Gift Idea

I posted this idea last year and thought it was a great time to revisit it for all you scrambling for a great last minute gift idea! I have crafty friends. I surround myself with crafty friends because there is no way on earth I could come up with something so adorable all on my own. One of said friends came up with this fabulous idea to give to all of her neighbors.  It has all of the necessary elements required when choosing the perfect neighbor …
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Chocolate Covered Caramel Corn

  Ingredients: 1 ¼ C White Corn Syrup 3C Brown Sugar 1 Can (15 ½ oz) sweetened condensed milk ½ C Butter 3 gal popped corn Topping: 1 1/2 cups White Chocolate Chips 1 1/2 cups Milk Chocolate Chips In a heavy medium sized saucepan, combine corn syrup and brown sugar.  Cook and stir until it comes to a boil.  Then stir in sweetened and condensed milk and bring to a boil, while stiring.  Add butter, while …
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