DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Jars

These DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Jars are easy to make and help you repurpose some very common items around the house especially if you have a baby!

Spice Jars 550

These magnetic jars are not only perfect for spices in the kitchen, but also for organizing the small items in your office like paperclips, thumb tacks, rubber bands, and more!  Stick them to a magnetic board or metal filing cabinet and it is an easy way to organize your office!

Spice Jars for office supplies

What you need to make a Magnetic Spice Jar

Spice jars materials

  1. An empty glass baby food jar (the smaller ones work better but either size will work)
  2. Chalboard Paint or Chalkboard Vinyl
  3. Foam brush if using Chalkboard Paint
  4. 2 inches of sticky back Magnet strips or a few round magnets
  5. Acrylic paint (optional)
  6. E6000 craft glue (or any craft glue)

Wash baby food jars inside and out and let dry thoroughly.  To remove the glue that sticks to the jar from the label use some Goo Gone and it will come right off.

spice jars paint lid

If you want to cover the writing on the lid you can either spray paint over it or brush paint it with acrylic paint.  You can also leave them as they are if you wish.  I used acrylic paint and painted the top and sides of the lid then let it dry thoroughly.

You can either paint the bottom of the jar with Chalkboard paint or use some chalkboard vinyl.  I would recommend using the vinyl it is so much easier to work with and more durable.  If you are using chalkboard vinyl, just trace the bottom of the jar onto the backing of the vinyl and cut out the circle.  Remove the backing and stick to the bottom of the jar and rub it into place.

Spice Jars chalkboard paint bottom

If you are using Chalkboard paint you will need to tape off a circle on the bottom of the jar using masking tape. ¬†Then with a foam brush paint the exposed circle. ¬†It will require multiple coats so don’t worry about getting the paint super thick on your first coat. ¬†Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats. ¬†Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape. ¬†There will be little areas that you willl need to touch up. ¬†I used my fingernail to scratch off or smooth out some of the edges and make them the circle smooth and¬†round.

spice jars glue magnets

You can then add the magnets to the top of the jar lid after the paint has dried.  I use sticky back magnetic tape and cut it so it will fit the lid.  I also secured the magnets with a bit of E6000 glue or other craft glue.  I love this stuff, it sticks to everything!  Let the glue dry.

Spice Jars finished

You can then add whatever spices you would like to the jar. ¬†Then write what is in the jar with chalk or liquid chalk markers¬†(one of my favorite things)! ¬†These jars are handy to stick on the stove¬†hood, the refrigerator, or a magnetic board… the options are endless. ¬†These are not only decorative, but help you to save space too!

Spice Jars oven hood

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