28 Creative Coffee Filter Crafts & Art Projects

Get some frugal art projects going with these awesome DIY coffee filter crafts! They’re easy, fun, and great for adults or kids. 

Coffee filter art projects

Coffee filters were made with a specific use in mind, to filter coffee! But, many have discovered how awesome (and inexpensive) coffee filters can be as a craft supply, and there are now tons of coffee filter crafts all over the internet.

Below we’ll show you some of the best ones we could find, including coffee filter art projects, decor pieces, and more. We start things out with the easy crafts and then move on to some really impressive yet time-consuming projects, so be sure to read through the entire list!

Where to Buy Coffee Filters for Cheap

There’s a good chance you already have coffee filters at home if you’re a coffee drinker, but if not, you might still want to try these coffee filter crafts. In that case, head over to Amazon or your local grocery store!

Amazon has a huge bulk selection available for good prices so if you’d rather just get them shipped right to your house, we recommend going there.

Coffee Filter Crafts

Have your coffee filters ready? Great! Time to get crafting 🙂

1. Ocean Animal Suncatchers

Whale and shark sun catchers

Animal crafts are fantastic to do with kids as you can easily turn them into learning activities. These suncatchers will look really cool on your windows too with the different blues, oranges, and reds in there!

Get the full tutorial from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

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2. Tie-Dye Monsters

Two multi-colored monsters

This is another craft idea that can be turned educational (the crafter has some tips in her post for this). And what kid doesn’t like making silly monsters?

Get the full tutorial from ABC’s of Literacy.

3. Parachute Guy

Coffee filter parachute man in the sky

I absolutely love this idea. Parachute toys are always a big hit with the kids but the store-bought ones can be a bit finicky sometimes. With this craft, the kids get to make their very own!

Get the full tutorial from stlMotherhood.

4. Jellyfish Suncatchers

Two filter jellyfish on a window

Here’s another awesome ocean-themed suncatcher idea with some new crafting techniques involved. Teaching (or showing) your kids how to curl ribbons will be a fun part of the process.

Get the full tutorial from Kid Friendly Things To Do.

5. Butterflies

Tie dye butterflies

You’ll need four coffee filters for each of these butterflies, and the process for making them is pretty neat! The crafter shares tips on how to make the craft more toddler friendly too.

Get the full tutorial from Mas & Pas.

6. Coffee Filter Apple

Three crazy colored apples

Ok, can we just appreciate how cool that tie-dye apple in the top right of the image above looks? That’s a masterpiece!

Get the full tutorial from Gift of Curiosity.

7. Ghost Lollipops

Group of ghost lollipops

These are so cute and such a great treat idea for Halloween. Pair them with our Halloween Banana Ghosts for a ghost-themed snack tray!

Get the full tutorial from Happiness is Homemade.

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8. Dye Easter Eggs with Coffee Filters

Egg before getting dyed with coffee filter wrapped around it

This is a pretty genius way to dye Easter eggs. Just color on a coffee filter with a marker, wrap it around your egg, and then spray it with water and voila! If you’re interested, check out these other ways to dye easter eggs too.

Get the full tutorial from Kitchen Table Classroom.

9. Christmas Wreath

Coffee filter christmas wreath

For a frugal and reusable Christmas wreath, this idea is fabulous! It’s easy, kid-friendly, and the end result reminds me of something you might see in Whoville.

Get the full tutorial from Darcy and Brian.

10. Rosette Wreath

Black and white rose wreath

Here’s another wreath idea and this one is absolutely stunning. It will take a long time to make, but it’s definitely worth it for the end result! You could even make this for a DIY baby shower gift.

Get the full tutorial from Laura Erickson.

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11. Twinkle Light Flowers

Row of lit up paper flowers

This is another awesome way to repurpose coffee filters into flowers, but this time with lights involved as well. It’s an inexpensive project, and the end result is very pretty. I could see these being hung on a vanity or something like that!

Get the full tutorial from Craft Your Happiness.

12. Watermelon Suncatcher

Watermelon slices on window

I love this simple suncatcher idea. So far we’ve seen apples and watermelons…what other fruits could you turn into coffee filter crafts?

Get the full tutorial from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

13. Tie-Dye Turkey

Three tie dye turkeys made from coffee filters

This is such an awesome craft for Thanksgiving! Super cute and super simple.

Get the full tutorial from ABC’s of Literacy.

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14. Dancers

Coffee filter dancers

If you have an aspiring dancer in your household they’ll love to make and play with these coffee filter dancers. The dresses are so bright and colorful!

Get the full tutorial from One Little Project.

15. Watercolor Rainbows

Perfect for spring, summer, or even St. Patricks Day, this craft uses actual watercolor to turn the coffee filters into beautiful bright rainbows. These would probably make for fantastic suncatchers as well!

Get the full tutorial from Our Kid Things.

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16. Planet Earth

This craft uses similar techniques to the coffee filter crafts above – add color, spray with water, and watch the magic happen! Because of this method, each planet earth you make will be completely unique.

Get the full tutorial from About a Mom.

17. Moose Coffee Filter Craft

It doesn’t get much easier than this! If all you’re looking for is a good old coloring project, make a moose!

Get the full tutorial from Look We’re Learning.

18. Umbrella

Polka dotted umbrellas

Having rainy days recently? Craft up some of these coffee filter umbrellas while you’re stuck inside! The crafter shares several decoration methods for these so you can do some coloring experimentation.

Get the full tutorial from Glued to My Crafts Blog.

19. Basketball

Another straightforward coloring project here, and it’s perfect for the basketball lovers. All you need is a coffee filter, a glue stick, construction paper, and some crayons!

Get the full tutorial from Look We’re Learning.

20. Snail Suncatchers

Family of snails

Love the suncatcher ideas we’ve featured so far? Make a whole family of suncatcher snails!

Get the full tutorial from No Time For Flashcards.

21. Vinyl Record

Do you have a record player in your house that the kids love to play with? Help them with this craft so that they have their very own (less expensive) record to play with!

Get the full tutorial from Look We’re Learning.

22. Bats

Purple filter bats

I LOVE these coffee filter bats. They’re a bit silly, a bit spooky, and would make for great DIY Halloween decorations. I can’t get enough of those dark purple wings!

Get the full tutorial from Darcy and Brian.

23. Coffee Filter Angel

Angel on top of tree

Looking for a new tree topper for Christmas this year? Why not make your own? The kids can even lend a hand and it will make the topper that much more special.

Get the full tutorial from Kid Friendly Things To Do.

24. Bumble Bee

bright yellow bee craft

Simple and adorable! This may be a bee craft but I’d say overall it’s an A+ 😉

Get the full tutorial from Non-Toy Gifts.

25. Coffee Filter Flowers

Pink and blue coffee filter flowers

This is such a clever way to utilize the coffee filters! I love how simple this craft is too – great for preschoolers and other young kids.

Get the full tutorial from Look We’re Learning.

26. Angel Wings

Amazing DIY angel wings

Ok, we’re getting to some of the more complex coffee filter crafts on this list now. This one is super impressive! It will take some time and finesse to make something like this but it’s definitely worth it. And, if you take care of it, it will last for years.

Get the full tutorial from Curb Alert Blog.

27. Fluffy Wreath

Puffy coffee filter wreath

This is another one that will take some dedication, but it’s actually quite cheap to make! And the end result is absolutely beautiful.

Get the full tutorial from Love Grows Wild.

28. Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies coffee filter crafts

We already showed you one way to make butterflies with coffee filters, but this craft uses a bit of a different technique. I think these would look great out in a garden or attached to a fence!

Get the full tutorial from CBC.

Final Thoughts

Who knew there were so many things you could craft with coffee filters? Once you start trying out a few of these projects, you’ll realize just how fun they are to make.

The ones that use the coffee filters + water are almost like mini science experiments. As you add water to the colored filters, you’ll see everything slowly mix together into beautiful art! Have fun!

Which coffee filter crafts are you going to try first? Which craft on this list is your favorite? Let us know!

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