8 Different Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Easter egg coloring ideas

Easter egg dyeing is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago, and it’s still a tradition that is going strong to this day! It’s one of the most fun Easter traditions to do with the kids, along with a classic Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner.

What makes it even better is that there are now tons of different ways to dye Easter eggs, from the traditional methods to funky new methods you may have never heard of. So, this year, try out some new ideas, and see what your kids like best! We’ve gathered 8 of the coolest Easter egg coloring ideas we could find to help you out!

How to Get Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

One of the key ingredients in making dyed Easter eggs is, of course, the hard-boiled eggs! This is typically the first step with every egg dyeing method, and it’s an important one to get right as you’ll want to be able to eat and enjoy your eggs later on, without wasting any.

To help you get this step done easily and efficiently, check out our guide on how to get perfect hard-boiled eggs. We also highly recommend trying instant pot hard-boiled eggs as they’re super easy to make and come out perfectly every time.

Note: Some people choose to blow the egg out of the shell before dyeing, and this is something you could do to. Either way works!

8 Cool Ways to Color Easter Eggs

1. Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

Red, orange, green, blue and purple Kool-aid eggs

Starting off with a surprising one! This definitely isn’t a traditional way to dye Easter eggs, but it works great and kids love it.

It gives the eggs a bit of a fruity smell, but don’t worry, they won’t taste fruity or like kool-aid at all! They’re completely fine to eat.

Another bonus with this method is that kool-aid packs are cheap, so this won’t cost you much! And as you can see from the image above, the eggs turn out with a really nice, bright, vibrant color. Each different flavor of kool-aid gives a different look!

2. Melted Crayon Method

Crayon dyed Easter eggs

Ok, here’s another one of those Easter egg dyeing ideas that you may think is super strange at first, but you’ve got to try it! This is honestly one of the coolest and most fun ways to dye Easter eggs.

All you do is boil the eggs, take them out without cooling them down, and then grab a crayon and start drawing! The wax will literally melt right on and you can make cool designs and mix colors for super unique looks.

Plus, since all crayons are made from non-toxic material, these crayon dyed eggs are still safe to eat!

3. Easter Egg Stamping

Coloring Easter eggs with a sponge and stamps

This method uses food coloring, which is probably more what you’re used to using when dyeing Easter eggs. That being said, we’re not just going to be soaking them and leaving it at that!

Instead, this fun method involves using stamps and sponges to put fun designs on your eggs. It’s super easy to do and allows you to get a cool marbled effect as you can see in the image above.

4. Marbleized Eggs With Shaving Cream or Whipped Cream

Various marbleized Easter eggs

Ok, here’s another really cool new way to dye Easter eggs. The result is an amazing and colorful marbleized look.

To get started, you’ll need some neon food coloring, and then some shaving cream or whipped cream. Using whipped cream is a good idea if you want your eggs to stay edible.

You’ll then just add the food coloring to the shaving/whipped cream, mix it up, then roll your eggs around in it. After drying they’ll be looking beautiful!

5. Rice Shake Eggs

Red, blue, and yellow rice shake Easter eggs

For a cool speckled look on your Easter eggs, this method is perfect. It’s super straight forward and easy to clean up as well because all of the mess stays contained in a Ziploc bag!

All you need to get started is some rice, food coloring, a spoon, and a Ziploc bag. Then you just add the rice and food coloring to a bag, mix it up, and then put your egg in and shake it around. Bam! Easy dyed eggs.

Get the full tutorial from Crafty Morning.

6. Blueberry Dye

Basket of blueberry dyed eggs

If you want a really cool and natural soft blue look on your Easter eggs, this is the way to do it. All you need are blueberries, water, and distilled white vinegar to get started.

The end result is a bit of a speckled, natural blue look of varying shades. It’s quite gorgeous really. The creator even mentions how they look a bit like robin’s eggs.

PS: We did an entire post on natural dye recipes for Easter eggs. If you like this blueberry method, check that post out for more ideas and different colors!

Get the full tutorial from Freut Cake.

7. Tie-Dye Eggs

Beautiful tie dye Easter egg

If you’re going for REALLY bright and colorful eggs this year, tie-dye seems like the ultimate option. And it’s actually really easy to execute. All you need are some paper towels, food coloring, water spray, elastics, and a table fan if you want to speed up the drying process.

Once you have those things, all you need to do is wrap an egg in a paper towel, add some drops of food coloring around it, then use your water sprayer to mix and spread the colors around. Leave the eggs wrapped up until they dry, and unwrap them for a big surprise! Each egg will be completely unique.

Get the full tutorial from One Little Project.

8. Glossy Bright Eggs

Bowl of multi-colored glossy Easter eggs

Last but not least, for those of you who want some traditional, bright and glossy, solid-colored Easter eggs, this method is perfect. These eggs look so good they almost look fake!

All you need for this is vinegar, food coloring, and cooking oil. Keep in mind your fingers will get a bit of dye on them when peeling these eggs, and even the inside surface of the egg may be a bit colored. Still, they’re completely fine to eat.

Get the full tutorial from One Little Project.

Different ways to dye Easter eggs

Can You Eat Dyed Easter Eggs?

Since all of the egg dyeing ideas above use a form of non-toxic dye, they will all be safe to eat! That being said, the shaving cream method isn’t safe and won’t taste right, so use the whipped cream in place of it to keep that one edible.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, dyeing Easter eggs isn’t always just as simple as just dunking them in food coloring! There are many different, unique ways to dye your eggs, and I hope you give some of the methods above a shot!

This is a fun way to keep an old tradition going but in a new way ๐Ÿ™‚

Have any egg dyeing ideas of your own?

Share them in the comments below! I know there are WAY more than 8 ways to color Easter eggs, so tell us your favorite method!

Or, give us some feedback on the methods above…which is your favorite? Which one do you think looks the best? Which are you going to try out this year? We want to hear from you!

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Easter egg dyeing ideas

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