10 Magic Eraser Uses That Will Save You Tons of Time

Magic eraser uses

How Magic Erasers Work

I love having a pack of Magic Erasers on hand for when I need them. They’re so great for stubborn stains! Even when other cleaning products can’t do the trick, the Magic Eraser can often be the missing ingredient that makes all the difference.

So what makes the Magic Eraser so magic? Well, most of the magic comes from the material it’s made out of, which is called melamine foam. This foam is basically like super fine-grit sandpaper so it literally rubs stains off, just like an eraser.

Now, because the Magic Eraser is abrasive, you have to be careful where you use it. If you use it on surfaces like walls or wood flooring, you could end up rubbing paint or finishes off. That’s why it’s always important to spot test an area BEFORE using your Magic Eraser!!! Keep that in mind while reading the Magic Eraser uses below.

How to Use a Magic Eraser:

  1. Soak it
  2. Squeeze it
  3. DO A SPOT TEST!!!
  4. Scrub away

Must-Know Magic Eraser Hacks

1. Destroy Soap Scum

If it’s been a while since you cleaned your bathroom or other areas prone to soap-scum buildup, it can take some elbow grease to get things looking nice and shiny again. Some soap scum can seem to stick around no matter how hard you scrub! Luckily, the Magic Eraser can help get rid of even the toughest of soap scum stains.

P.S. If you want another easy solution you can try our homemade soap scum remover. You could even use it in combination with your Magic Eraser for extra effectiveness.

2. Clean Stovetop Stains

Have you ever had one of those stubborn, crusty stains on your stovetop? Or watermarks that never seem to go away? If you’re battling with a stain like that and nothing else seems to be working, it might be a good time to bust out the Magic Eraser! The light abrasiveness of the eraser will help scratch away the baked-on food and any old stains that you’re having troubles with.

3. Make That Oven Door Clean Again

Just as food can get stuck to your stovetop, it can be even worse in your oven. For the most part, cleaning the inside of the oven isn’t too bad (you can even check out our DIY oven cleaner for that part) but the glass oven door can be a tough spot to clean.

The oven door is a hotspot for food splatter stains so it can start looking gross pretty quickly, and trying to rub those stains off can cause smears that look even worse! Next time you’re cleaning this part of your oven, grab a Magic Eraser and gently scrub those splatters and stains away.

4. Make Your Shoes Shine

I wouldn’t recommend using a Magic Eraser on the suede part of your shoe but if the rubber sole of your shoe is starting to get dirty and stained, the Magic Eraser can deal with that easily! It’s amazing how new your shoes will look after trying this hack.

If you want to see this Magic Eraser hack in action, check out this video of a person cleaning their white Adidas with a Magic Eraser.

5. Get Rid of Tooth Stains

I’m not sure who first thought using a Magic Eraser on their teeth was a good idea, but it turns out it’s actually pretty effective for removing food and drink stains. Since the Magic Eraser Original sponge is non-toxic it’s completely safe as well, but you have to be careful not to rub it on your gums.

I’d say to try this one at your own risk as it still seems a bit dangerous to me! You can read more about it in this study.

6. Clean Your Glass Shower Door

Just as you can use a Magic Eraser on your oven door, you can use it on your glass shower door as well. This will help remove soap scum and any other grime that might have built up since your last clean.

As an alternative, you can also try our DIY all-natural shower cleaner which works extremely well and will save you some money too.

7. Clean Whiteboard Marks

I’ve heard mixed reviews from people using a Magic Eraser on their whiteboards. Some say it’s a great way to get rid of stubborn pen marks while others say it will ruin the board and rub off the finish. I’d say just make sure to do a spot test, rub gently, and try not to use this solution too often!

8. Eliminate Rust

Rust can be really tough to get rid of but with the abrasiveness of a Magic Eraser, a lot of rust stains can be wiped away without too much effort. Try using it on pipes below your sink, on rusty pots, and on other rusty areas in your home.

9. Deal With Tupperware Stains


Tupperware stains can sometimes be sooo deeply engrained it can seem impossible to get rid of them. No matter how much soap you use or scrubbing you do, the stain remains. The Magic Eraser does a perfect job on stains like this because it lightly buffs the stains out of the container.

10. Erase Other Types of Grime

There are a lot of other Magic Eraser uses I could talk about but it really ends up being all the same advice. In the end, the Magic Eraser is great for dealing with a ton of different grimy things around the house!

Use an eraser to clean dirty light switches, your computer mouse, your computer keyboard, controllers, and more! Just be careful not to scrub anything too hard as you could end up damaging the thing your cleaning. Make sure to always do a test spot first as well.

What other things do you clean with a Magic Eraser? Let us know in the comments!

6 Things You Shouldn’t Clean With a Magic Eraser

1. Your Skin

Although it may seem pretty harmless, it is not safe to use a magic eraser on skin. Since it’s abbrasive it could irritate your skin and it’s not a pleasant feeling! I’ve read horror stories of people using Magic Erasers on their face and it does not end well.

2. Wood

Using a Magic Eraser on nicely finished wood is dangerous because the abrasiveness can remove the nice finish, leaving it dull and potentially scratched. I wouldn’t risk it.

3. Stone Countertops

Same goes for stone countertops like granite. You often need special cleaners for these and a Magic Eraser could end up making the surface look dull and scratched. If you need to clean granite, check out our homemade granite cleaner.

4. Non-Stick Pots and Pans

Non-stick cookware is lined with special surfacing that could be rubbed off with a Magic Eraser. You definitely don’t want to ruin your expensive cookware!

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another material that typically needs a bit of extra special care. If you use a Magic Eraser you could dull the surface and cause small scratches. Instead, use our DIY stainless steel cleaner.

6. Paint

You should be careful about cleaning painted things like the outside of your car, walls, furniture, and anything else like that with a Magic Eraser. The abrasiveness could rub off the paint if you scrub too hard and even if you’re super gentle, you could still cause some damage.

Magic eraser hacks


As you can see from the Magic Eraser uses and hacks above, Magic Erasers are pretty amazing. The only problem is that they get used up really fast and they’re not cheap!

Luckily since we know exactly what they’re made out of, we can actually buy cheaper generic melamine sponges from Amazon in order to save money. These are basically the same as the Magic Eraser and you can even follow this tutorial to add cleaning solution to them if you want!

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