Summer Fun With Ice Chalk Recipe

Summer can get pretty long! Especially those first few weeks when the kids are just out of school and we haven’t settled into a summer routine.  I like to keep them busy with new activities that they can learn from and enjoy. We tried this ice chalk recipe and it was super fun, especially on a hot day!  Frozen chalk makes a great art, science, and sensory experience all in one.

Ice Chalk on pavement


Ice chalk is very simple to make, you will have to plan ahead to have time to freeze the “chalk” .  I mixed up the sidewalk paint, then I poured it into ice cube trays, and froze it. It is super easy to do and it will entertain your kids for HOURS. Trust me!

Ice Chalk Trays

To Make Ice Chalk

1 cup Corn Starch
1 cup Water
Food Coloring
ice cube tray , Popsicle molds, or shaped ice molds

Mix the corn starch and the water together then pour into the ice trays.  I added 4 drops of the food coloring (I used neon colors for more vibrant chalk) to each individual cube, but you could mix the coloring with the corn starch and water and then pour it into the trays. The recipe made enough to fill one ice cube tray. Place the tray in the freezer for a couple of hours.  Instead of food coloring  you can also use washable paint, Liquid Watercolors  or kool aid.

This is a recipe that can be made with whatever you have lying around the house. No need to go out and buy things just to entertain your kids for a few hours. Get in your pantry, get out the corn starch, and find whatever coloring material is available!

Ice Chalk Empty Trays

You can turn this into a fantastic learning activity for your kids too as you talk about what makes the ice freeze and what makes it melt. Or maybe even talk about how you get the colors and how the colors stay on the pavement.  You could show them how mixing different colors together to make new colors as you melt two together.  So many learning and artistic opportunities from time spent playing on the pavement!

Ice Chalk Person

The colors become more vibrant as the chalk dries. At first it might look like wet cement or asphalt but they will brighten up very quickly! My kids actually prefer this kind of “chalk” because of the vibrancy. They will be able to see their creations MUCH better and I honestly think it looks cuter!!

One other thing that I love is that they don’t cover their clothes in CHALK! Every time my kids play with chalk it gets dusty flakes all over their clothes, but this way, it’s just water!  I always keep an old washcloth outside with them so they can wipe their hands off as they go!

Ice Chalk person finished

This is such a fun summer activity that is perfect for kids of all ages.  It is easy to make and is a fun activity for the kids.  It cleans up nicely and washes right off the pavement (at least it did for me).

Plus, it was something new for the kids to do on a long hot summer day. I am such an advocate to making sure that kids are ACTIVE all summer long. It is SO easy for them just to sit inside all day on the iPad, but what is that doing for them? Absolutely nothing! Make sure they are getting outside, using their imagination, and interacting with others! That will make their summer worth while and it will keep your home happy! Trust me!

ice chalk PIN


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