7 Simple Yet Effective House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How to keep your house clean and tidy

Learn How to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy with These 7 Tips

I don’t have time to spend hours organizing and cleaning my house. I have found a few little house cleaning tips tricks that help keep my house clean and save my sanity!

Of course, it is very helpful to enlist your kids in keeping the house tidy. Here are a few different ideas for managing kids and chores. And being efficient when you clean is helpful too.

To complement those habits, I’m going to show you how to keep your house clean almost on autopilot. This IS possible! When you have a self-cleaning home, your home will just take minutes to tidy, and will always be ready for company!

1. Invest in a doormat for every entrance to your home

Hello doormat

You may have a doormat near the front door, but what about the other entries? Dust and dirt will be tracked into your house from your shoes and feet (if you’re barefoot), and leave your home dirty with each step you take!

Invest in doormats for each entrance to your home and make sure to sweep or shake them out regularly to keep dust and dirt out of your home.

While this Hello Doormat is super cute, you’ll be happier with a nice doormat that traps dirt. They aren’t as cute as the hello doormat, but they are much more efficient and trap the dirt as people walk through the doorway into your home.

2. Invest in an automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Clorox automatic toilet bowl cleaner

One of the worst cleaning jobs out there is cleaning the toilets. If neglected, you could spend hours scrubbing your toilet bowl. Attaching an automatic toilet bowl cleaner (I like Clorox brand) to your toilets will clean your toilet every time you flush!

3. Invest in a Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaner

We absolutely love our robo vac (this is the kind I have). We have it run every night automatically while we’re sleeping (which also motivates the kids to make sure they don’t leave anything lying around).

If needed, I also run it after the kids go to school. We still do our weekly thorough vacuuming, but this little guy sure does pick up a lot and my house is cleaner because of it!

Not only can we program it, but it will also move between our hard kitchen floors to our carpeted area seamlessly. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made! And yes, my kids love it so much that they put wiggly eyes on it. It’s like our little pet that cleans the house!

Watch for Robotic Vacuums to come on sale on Amazon. You should be able to find a good one for less than $190. Make sure it works on carpet and hard floors, has great ratings, and is a lot like this one. Some of the newer models work with Alexa too!

You can also check our online deals database to see if we’ve found any Robot Vacuum Deals!

4. Keep food at the table and use placemats

Dinner table with place clothes

Designate one area in your home for all food-related activities. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks! This is especially important if you have kids who tend to leave messes.

Create a rule in your home that everyone must eat at the table and use placemats whenever they eat. This will keep your table clean and messes contained. Plus, if you’re like me, those hot dishes on your dark wood tables cause spots on the wood! Placemats will protect from that too!

To make cleanup even easier, make sure to get placemats that are simple and quick and easy to wash.

5. Use refrigerator liners and pantry liners

Fridge mats

If you are storing food, you should consider lining the shelves. You can even line them with plastic wrap if you’re on a tight budget.

No longer will you need to scrub your fridge when there’s a mess or if you accidentally spill something. Instead, just replace the liners when they get dirty and keep your fridge or pantry clean with no work!

Note on the pantry liners… I don’t like the liner that is grippy. I find that things get caught on it and then the liner is out of place! I also don’t like the adhesive stuff for pantry shelves.

6. If it can be cleaned in one minute, do it now

Clean kitchen

One way to keep your home clean is by taking care of messes as soon as they happen! As soon as something spills, clean it up. If you’re done eating off the dishes, clean them as soon as you can.

These small steps will cut your cleaning time in half! A good rule of thumb is that if you can do your task in one minute or less, do it now. You’d be surprised how many tasks don’t take much time at all!

Teach your kids to do the same. The very first step to teaching is by being an example! And if you are unsure how long it takes to do regular tasks around your home, time yourself and keep a running list handy for reference.

Vase of flowers on side table next to bed

7. Create systems

Clutter will pile up if there is nowhere for it to go! To avoid clutter buildups in your home, create bins and easy storage systems for your things. For example:

  • Keep a bin handy for pickups that you can put away at a later date.
  • Keep a command center in your kitchen to organize your kid’s school supplies.

After you implement these types of systems, keep tweaking them until they work for your family.


Creating a self-cleaning home is not about wearing plastic gloves while handling every item in your home, or avoiding rooms to keep them clean. It’s about building systems that work and keeping messes to a minimum.

If you follow these house cleaning tips and tricks, you’ll have a noticeably cleaner home in no time, and a self-cleaning home before you know it!

Share your house cleaning tips in the comments!

7 simple house cleaning tips and tricks that will help you keep your house clean


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  • Hmmm interesting, I really like tip number five. Definitely going to look for some fridge liners now. Thank you!

  • You are exactly right about having systems in place to keep your home clean. Planning a daily or weekly routine is essential to having a clean home even if you have a house cleaning service coming routinely.

  • Having a daily or weekly routine is definitely important to have a clean house!

  • We have recently started our new house cleaning and service company and came across this article. Really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this! Found tip number 3 very helpful and makes total sense to invest in a robotic vacuum.

    You’re completely correct on having a daily or weekly routine to clean your home. Even if you have a house cleaning service coming routinely to keep your home in order, this is a excellent practice to maintain.

    House cleaning is not an exciting topic to write about, but you did excellent on keeping it entertaining. Thanks so much

  • I have never even heard of an auto toilet cleaner before, it’s brilliant!! Makes so much sense and saves time doing something that nobody wants to do haha! Awesome ideas here, thanks!Gail

  • Wow, thanks for such an amazing read! Really helpful tips for daily home cleaning chores, also quite simple and easy life hacks.

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