How to Cut and Freeze Mango

Mango Freezes Easily

I love mango! When I buy a big box of mangos my family can not eat all of them before they start to get old. So it works really well to freeze them. Then I can use my frozen mango to make smoothie recipes. When I was in the Philippines I learned how to properly cut a mango. It can be a little tricky because of the large seed in the center of the mango, so there really is a best way to cut a mango.

How to Cut Mango

how to cut fresh mangohow to cut mango

Mango cutting tools:

If you love kitchen tools like I do here are some cool kitchen tools for cutting mangos.   mango slicermango cutter   OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter $13.99 Amco 2 in 1 Mango Tool $11.84 how to freeze mango

How to Freeze Mango

Freezing mango is very simple.

  • Cut it out and arrange it on a baking sheet or a 13×9 pan depending on which pan fits in your freezer.
  • Cover the top and bottom of the pan with plastic wrap.
  • Let fruit freeze for 24 hours.
  • Then transfer mango from the pan to a freezer bag and return to the freezer for long term freezing.

Here are some more tutorials on freezing fruits and vegetables:

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  • So funny that you posted this. Just the other day I was butchering my mangoes and said to my husband, I must be doing this wrong. So thank you for the proper way to do it. Hopefully next time I won’t end up with mango mush:)

  • CB327

    Children everywhere will love the first three items on the list of fuit and vegetable freezing tutorials.

    I just might be pretty happy about the second one! 😉

  • Thank you for the information as I never thought about freezing Mangos as my kids just love them cut up. I will have to cut some up when they are not here.

  • So good to know!!! Thanks for the culinary tutorial!

  • katie goldsworthy

    Great info! Thanks for sharing it at Monday Funday…..I’m crazing a mango smoothie now!

  • Julia

    I love mangos and these are some great ideas. They keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge, but it would be nice to have a freezer stash too!

  • Thanks so much for posting this! Your website is awesome and very helpful! I was wondering if you could still cook (like sauté or grill) mangos once they are frozen! I’d like to freeze my mangos, but still want to use them for their original purpose!

    • Monica

      Emily- I have not personally tried it sauteing mangos, but I have done frozen peppers. I have found that it works best to saute them while they are still frozen rather than waiting for them to thaw. If you wait for them to thaw they tend to get a little mushy. Let us know how it goes for you.

  • sweepthelegjohnny

    Geat post very helpful info!!

  • Dominick B.

    Hi everyone and thank you for the mango lessons, lol
    We have two large mango trees in our back yard and right now the mangoes
    are falling off like crazy. We didn’t know we could cut up and freeze them until
    we read your comments on this web sight.
    One thing we do to make it easier to section a mango is to use a potato peeler
    to remove the skin. It works great and there’s less waste.


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