Report Card Freebies and Good Grade Rewards

Rewarding kids for good grades

Report Card Freebies

Whether it’s a report card filled with all good grades or an exceptional test score, you probably want to award your child/children a bit for all their hard work. They deserve some awesome report card rewards! Luckily, there are several companies that offer report card freebies for those hard workers.

Check out this list of report card freebies you can redeem, as well as good grade rewards that you can do yourself to celebrate with your child. *Please remember to call ahead to verify with your specific location to make sure they are participating! We confirmed with our local locations for this post*

Companies that offer Good Grade Rewards:

Burger King Good Grade Rewards

Burger king rewards kids for good test grades with a free hamburger. Teachers are given certificates to give to children when they score 100%, that can then be redeemed for a free Burger King hamburger. Ask your child’s teacher for more information.


Love Chick-fil-A? In select areas, kids can score free Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets or ice cream, when they receive all A’s and B’s on their report card. Chick-fil-A runs their reward program through public schools, so check with your local school to see if yours is participating.

Chuck E. Cheese

Check out these Chuck E. Cheese rewards’ calendars! Parent’s and teachers can print out a calendar to track kids goals for anything from brushing their teeth, to reading every day. When the kids fill up their calendar, they can take it into their local play center and be rewarded with 10 free Chuck E. Cheese tokens! Print your calendar here.

Krispy Kreme Report Card Freebie

Kids in kindergarten through 6th grade can score a free Krispy Kreme doughnut for every A on their report card (up to 6 donuts). Don’t forget to take their report card with you, as you will have to show it to receive the prize.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has been offering the Book It Rewards Program for decades! When students read 5 days per week for a month, teachers can award them a Book It Certificate that they can redeem for a free personal pan pizza.


Ask your school to join the A is for Apple Program at Applebees where kids can earn a free meal from the kid’s menu for achievements such as good grades, sportsmanship, etc. The program is only available in select states, so check with your local Applebees to see if they are participating.

Cheryl’s Cookies

With the Cheryl’s Cookies for A’s Program, Kids can present their report card at any Cheryl’s Cookies location and receive a free cookie for every A, up to 3 cookies! The child must be present and have their report card in hand.

McDonald’s Incentives

Teachers can request certificates to give to kids with A’s on their report cards, that can be redeemed for a free kid’s meal. Check with your school to see if they participate.

Sonic Drive-In

Schools can request free food coupons from Sonic Drive-In that they can distribute to kids for good behavior or good grades. Ask your school about getting them for their students.

Other Report Card Rewards

Good grade rewards

If you’re not interested in any of the report card freebies offered by the companies above, you can always do your own thing too! Here are some good grade rewards and ideas for you to try out.

Check out These Other Good Grade Rewards:

Summer Kickoff Sleepover

If you enjoy hosting sleepovers, plan for a kickoff to summer sleepover! You could even coordinate with other families with kids who have high achievements on their report card as well and make it a big bash! Get out the board games, have fun creating with these crafts for kids, watch a movie, make pizza, and splurge on some fun snacks and desserts!

Don’t want to make it an all-nighter? Check out the next reward idea:

End of the Year party

My kids always enjoy a “late night” (we don’t do the sleepover thing)… For older students, you could have yearbook journals out and set up a fun photo area with photo props. Or get real adventurous and have a bonfire (parent supervised of course) and burn their papers with their friends.

We like to pull out the stuff to make smores too… just be aware that burning the paper creates a lot of messy paper ash. But the kids still enjoyed it (make sure there are no fire bans in your area before you do this).

Bonus Time

Reward good grades with Bonus time. Give __ extra minutes of book time, play time, screen time etc for a job well done. You can be very creative with this one and even hand out reward coupons for each A or B grade.

Their Pick of Dinner

Make it a special night for your star student. Have them pick out their favorite meal and then celebrate their successes throughout the year! Have more than one in school? Allow each student to choose a part of the meal: special drinks, side dish, main course, dessert, etc.

End of the Year Incentive

For younger kids, having a goal to look forward to is always motivating. Find a toy, game, or book that they are wanting and make that the goal to strive towards. It is best to set up the goal at the beginning of a quarter or semester but can be done at any time to encourage endurance and persistence towards the goal.

Day Trip

If you are local to the Treasure Valley in Idaho, there are many different things that you can do with your student once school is out! Check out all of these Fun & Free Things to do in Boise! If you’re not local, but want to celebrate with a day on the town look for a fun park, hiking trail, or community events in your area that you can participate in!

Movie Day

Kick off summer with a pajama and movie day! There are some fun new releases out right now. You could rent a Redbox or stream something from Amazon as a gift for their hard work!

Night out

Celebrate with a night on the town. Let your kids decide what activity to do, where to eat, etc. There are several discounts you can find for fun in your area on Groupon!

Money Rewards

Want to hand out some cash for good grades? Think about opening up a savings account for your child at the end of the year and kicking off their savings! This is a great way to teach money management, but also looking towards a financial goal. Some pocket change might be pretty motivating too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Report Card Freebies and Good grade rewards

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