Best Things to Buy in October

It is finally October! Who is ready for this AMAZING month? October is one of my favorite months of the year. It is a time of leaves, spooky halloween, sweaters, and the best kind of cold. Here in Idaho fall is SO beautiful. It is one of my favorite seasons. Not only is it one of my favorite seasons, but also it is a time where we can save BIG on common items that everyone needs to buy. Starting last month, I decided to start a new tradition showcasing the best items to buy during September. To keep that new tradition going, today I have researched and found everything you need to know about October Discounts!

Best Things to Purchase in October

Let’s jump right into it shall we? I am sure that you are all so anxious to hear about the best items to buy this month. We often think of fall shopping and just think about Black Friday. Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year, but to be honest, the deals are starting NOW! No need to wait. I have researched it and applied all the knowledge I have in couponing and sales trends to give you the TOP discounted items in October.

#1 Halloween Costumes/Decor

This may sound silly, but hear me out. Stores often OVER anticipate what they will need for the halloween season. They overstock in costumes, candy, decor, party ware, and everything else under the sun. SO, don’t be like the rest of America and do your halloween shopping during the end of September and beginning of October. Wait until the 30th or 31st. Stores will see how much they have left and they will start to have discounts. I know this is super risky BUT you could prepare now and buy Halloween stuff for NEXT year when this season is over.There are always HUGE deals on Halloween items starting the 31st and going into November until everything runs out. You can get 50% OR MORE off all your halloween gear!

#2 Cars

I mentioned cars in the September Things to Buy post, but even more so this applies to October. Car dealers are getting in stock the brand new models and they are wanting to get the old models off the lot. If they haven’t got them out the door in September, they will be offering amazing deals to get them gone by October. Most of the time these deals only apply when you are buying an older model. Newer models never go on sale at first. On top of sales, they will offer incentives like no down payment! Just shop around and see what deals you can find!

TIP: I have a friend who used to be a car salesman and he informed me that all car salesmen have goals and marks they want to hit. Go at the end of the week or the end of the month, because if they haven’t hit their goal, they will be extra willing to work with you!

#3 Vacations

October is the month where all tourist places finally go into off season and lower their prices! Plane tickets, entrance fees, bus tickets, and food is often times WAY cheaper starting in October. Keep in mind that the prices will start to go back up once the holidays hit in December, so why not take a little family vacation! Studies say that trips to Europe are the cheapest during the month of October! So maybe this is your time to go!

Be sure to check out our post on Traveling With Kids While Sticking To A Budget for more tips!

#4 Columbus Day Sales

Now this is not an item, but this is something you definitely need to watch out for! On October 9th we celebrate Columbus Day! Many department stores will use this as an excuse and have a sale to clear out summer items, back to school gear, or even just to get people to get a head start on Christmas Shopping. I have seen higher end stores like Macys have up to 50% off on Columbus Day! So be sure to keep an eye on our deals page as well as your favorite department stores because you could save big on this next holiday!

#5 Air Conditioners

Most stores stock up on Air Conditioners before the hot summer months hit and a few of them end up with left over products. Not too many people need to buy air conditioners during the cold winter months, so stores put them on sale so that they are not just sitting in storage all winter. October is the perfect month to finally splurge and get a new air system so that those hot summer months are a little bit more bearable! If you can get an awesome deal, it is TOTALLY worth buying! Trust me, you will be thankful you did when you have the coolest summer ever next year!

#6 Garden/Outdoor Tools

Along the same lines as the air conditioners, stores stock up on lawn mowers, weed eaters, gardening gloves, tools, and planters… but once the snow starts to hit, nobody will need those. Stores always put all of that on sale during the month of October to make sure that they can clean all the products out and get them sold. Nobody wants to store all of that all winter in their store! So, just go on in and buy everything that you needed this summer, but never got around to buy. You will be so ready for summer to come in next year. On big things like a lawn mower, I have seen sales up to 40% off! YOU HAVE TO! Lawn Mowers are essential during the summer and if you can get a nice one for 40% off, you would pay the same price for a bad one next summer! So might as well buy it now!

#7 Toys

October is the month where stores start to clean off their shelves to make room for Christmas supplies and new toys and games. That means that all the old goes on sale. October is the perfect month to start stocking up on Christmas presents. I know many people that feel overwhelmed with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, so if that is you, this would be the perfect way to get Christmas presents at a discounted rate. Just keep your eyes out as you go shopping but from my experience I usually see the toy sales happening around mid-month! Don’t miss out!

#8 Jeans

I was told that the biggest left over back to school item is JEANS. There are always a huge amount of them left over and we know just how quickly styles can change so stores want to get those bad boys out of there! Jeans go on MAD SALE the month of October just so that they get them out of their hands. That means that October is the perfect time to stock up on your jeans for the year. We will post deals that we find here on our deals page! We see many different leggings and skinny jeans deals on Jane, but be sure to keep your eyes open at your favorite department store. I have gotten $30 pair of jeans for less than $9 before in October! Keep your eyes peeled ladies!

#9 Wedding Supplies

We all know that summer is considered “wedding season.” Stores once again, stock up all spring and summer to make sure that they are ready to handle all the madness. That means that come fall, there are not too many weddings, and everything just sits on the shelves! That would be the perfect time to go out and get your wedding supplies. That could be anything from invitations, wedding dress, lights, cake toppers, etc. Almost everything gets a significant price drop during the fall months and then starts to pick back up again as the new year comes in and people start prepping for the summer weddings! Another way to save money is to avoid getting married in June-August. I know we all dream of the perfect summer wedding, but venues and caterers often bump up their prices during high seasons like summer!

#10 Pizza

I know this sounds strange, but Pizza is a huge deal during the month of October. I just got an email from Dominos that October is National Pizza Month and almost all pizza chains celebrate this! Papa John’s, Dominos, and Pizza Hut all take a big part in it! So, sign up for emails or download their apps because the whole month you will be able to find awesome deals on Pizza! Your kids will definitely thank you when they get to have their favorite food a little more often than normal!

That’s a Wrap

Now you know all the things that you SHOULD buy this month if you want to save big. There is no reason to buy these things when they are in high demand. Buy now and store for a few months. Storing it will save you anywhere from a handful to hundreds of dollars! It is worth it!! So, get to shopping and go out and take advantage of those October deals!




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