17 Easy Ways to Save Money on Amazon

Ways to save on Amazon

All who know me, and everyone here at Fabulessly Frugal, knows how much I LOVE Amazon! I do all of my shopping there because let’s be honest, that is where you can find the best deals!

Today we have a special guest post coming from Tyler, an expert on deal finding, who’s going to show you how to save money on Amazon! I cannot wait to share this topic with you because seriously, these tricks will save you SO MUCH money!!

17 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on Amazon

Amazon is the undisputed shopping king of the world. With millions of Amazon Prime subscribers, they can offer massive deals across their entire website that saves you and your family money.

With just a little bit of work and elbow grease (ok maybe not elbow grease), you can save even more on your favorite Amazon Products.

Amazon offers dozens of great, yet relatively unknown services, to lower prices even more. Before making your next purchase on Amazon, consider the following these Amazon tips to save a ton of money while shopping on Amazon.com.

1. Save Big with Amazon Warehouse Deals

The Warehouse section is not a widely known area in Amazon. It’s a little hard to find at first, but that’s how you know you can find the best deals… Just like that pop-up shop down the street that always has the biggest discounts.

To find the Amazon Warehouse area, simply click ‘Today’s Deals’ at the top of Amazon.

Amazon Today's Deals

Then you will see a sub-menu where you can click ‘Open Box & Used’ to see the Amazon Warehouse section.

Amazon Open Box & Used

If you do not mind buying something used to save a little extra money, Amazon Warehouse is the area where you can find a treasure trove of great items at huge discounts.

Amazon’s Warehouse store offers furniture, home goods, and electronics that have been opened, damaged or returned in the past, providing substantial discounts in return.

Before worrying that you might receive something dirty or broken, Amazon lets you filter your search based on item condition. There are a number of Amazon product conditions:

  • New
  • Like New
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Acceptable

Also, each item has different comments detailing any defects so you can have confidence in your purchase. For some items, Amazon even offers an extended warranty through Square Trade.

2. Opened Box Discounts with Amazon Outlet

The Amazon Outlet store is similar to the Warehouse store. Both offer great discounts on opened, defective, and used merchandise from Amazon.

Unlike Warehouse deals, Outlet sales focus on smaller goods like clothing, jewelry, and kitchen tools. Like all Warehouse products, Amazon fulfills all Outlet sales themselves, meaning you get to use your free 2-day Prime shipping here as well.

Discounts on some Amazon Outlet items can reach 80% or more, so before you purchase something on regular Amazon, be sure to visit their Warehouse and Outlet stores to see if you can save even more!

3. Amazon Family & Household for Family Savings

If you have a Prime subscription and have infants or small children, then Amazon Family can save you even more on products you use all the time.

Amazon family

Amazon Family’s primary money saver is their deal on diapers. All Amazon Family members can save 20% on all diaper purchases when ordered through a subscription.

In addition to the diaper savings, Amazon Family gives exclusive discounts and coupons on common, everyday items that your family always needs. You can even get a special Welcome Box when you sign up for a baby registry! It comes with over $35 worth of baby supplies, diapers food and more.

Amazon Household is another great service Amazon offers for families. It allows you to share your Prime benefits with your whole family. With Household, you can share your prime account with your spouse and connect all your children’s accounts.

Screen with Amazon website homepage on it

With Amazon Household you’ll also get access to Amazon FreeTime, Amazon Photos, Amazon Videos and more. You can even control what your kids can watch and the content they can view.

Note: Your children will not be able to buy on Amazon (or see any products).

4. Make Money with Amazon Trade-In

Like GameStop and Best Buy, Amazon also offers exchanges on books, movies, and electronics. If you are looking for some extra spending money to spend on Amazon, consider trading in your unused electronics in return for that Amazon credit we all crave.

Amazon makes it super easy to trade in unused items. You can enter the item you want to trade in, describe its condition, and get an instant quote on how much Amazon will give you back.

Once you tell Amazon what you want to trade in, they will make a free shipping label for you to mail unused items right to their warehouse. After they have received your goods and verified their condition, they place the funds directly into your Amazon account.

You can even head to the Amazon Trade-In page and often see devices you have signed into Amazon with. It will give you a quote of how much your items are worth. It’s kind of creepy that they know your devices but it makes getting money back really simple.

Sell used items on Amazon

5. Subscribe and Save

Some items that people tend to buy frequently like toilet paper, pet food, and toothpaste can be even cheaper if you subscribe to the item on Amazon. Subscriptions are items that Amazon will reorder for you after a specified period.

Adding a product to your subscriptions will add up to a 15% discount on that item. So if you want to receive toothpaste every month, you can set up a subscription for your favorite toothpaste and Amazon will send it every month! This is one of the easiest ways to save money on Amazon!

Bonus Tip: Combining Amazon coupons with subscriptions are a great way to save even more and save you trips to the store. Find Subscribe and Save Coupons & Deals here.

6. Amazon Coupons

Although they may be hard to find, Amazon has a decent number of different coupon areas that help you save even more on Amazon.com.

Here is a large list of all the current Amazon Coupon areas:

Once you found the coupon you want, click “Clip” and add the item to your cart. The discounts will not appear until you get to the final checkout screen so make sure you get the coupon applied.

7. Amazon Lightning Deals Offer Quick Savings

Lightning Deals are a time sensitive deal area in Amazon.com that features big discounts on items but only for short amounts of time.

You can get a super big discount until either the time of the deal runs out, or they sell out of the item. Some lightning deals last for 5 minutes while others can last for hours. If you see a great lightning deal, it’s smart to snatch it up before it runs out.

When a lightning deal is activated, you will see:

  • The product featured in the deal
  • The discount % and the final price of the product
  • A percentage bar that shows the current amount of claimed deals
  • A timer showing how long you have until the lightning deal is over
  • An add to cart button if there are available items

Lightning Deals can be anywhere between 5%-90% off and can last almost any amount of time. To find the lightning deals section, simply click on the ‘Today’s Deals’ link at the top of Amazon.

Amazon deals

On the next page, you will see a new left sidebar with options to select the Deal Type. Select lightning deals and you will see the list of current lightning deals and offers. Browse the selection of lightning deals to find the biggest discounted items on Amazon.

Save money on amazon

Note: If you cancel your lightning deal order, you will not be able to buy the deal again (even if it is still running).

8. Receive Amazon Daily Deals

If you don’t have time to scroll Amazon every day to find the best deals, then you may want to check out a daily deals subscription where you can get the biggest and best Amazon Deals! As most of you know, here at Fabulessly Frugal you can do that!

Either log on each day to check out the daily deals section or sign up for our email list. When you go to the “Today’s Deals” section on Amazon, it can be hundreds of pages of items! Ideally, you would have time to scroll through that each day, but most of us don’t have that kind of time!

That is why people, just like the team here are Fabulessly Frugal, do the work for you! SO, check out FF’s daily deals sections, Instagram account, and sign up for the email list so you never miss a deal!

9. Save on Groceries with Amazon Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry is a great way to save on groceries and household items. Prime Pantry is a store where Prime members can browse and shop household products like groceries, toiletries, and everyday products including:

  • Auto supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Beauty products
  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Personal care products

Prime pantry can save you a ton of money by offering free shipping on bulk orders. Simply fill up your pantry with items until you reach the max weight. When you’re ready to order, checkout and receive free shipping on your pantry.

Amazon will remember all your favorite Pantry items for easier ordering next time. Not only will this save on trips to the grocery store, but it will save you a ton of time as well.

Check out Fabulessly Frugal’s Amazon Pantry Guide!

Amazon Prime pantry tips and tricks

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to check out Amazon Prime Pantry coupons to save even more.

10. Find the Best Pricing with Price Trackers

Many prices on Amazon’s items fluctuate often. It is common for some item’s prices to change daily. While you could check Amazon every day to see if the price has dropped, there are free, third-party tools to Track Amazon Prices.

One of the most popular sites is CamelCamelCamel. They let you check the price history of most items, let you know if it has even been on sale, and will alert you if the price drops again. You can have notifications sent to your email or Twitter account.

Amazon’s low prices, selection, and convenience can save you time and money. Although having Amazon Prime is necessary to receive maximum benefits, savings, and free shipping, many of the above services do not even require Amazon Prime.

11. Buy From 3rd Party Sellers and Save

Did you know that Amazon is not the only company selling products on Amazon? There are actually thousands of other businesses, selling their items on Amazon.

3rd Party sellers can use Amazon as a platform to sell their own products and reach millions of other potential customers. Buying from 3rd party sellers can you save you money in a multitude of different ways:

  • 3rd party sellers do not charge sales tax, so you save there.
  • 3rd party seller prices are often cheaper than Amazon prices (so they can compete).
  • Most items from 3rd party sellers can be upward of 15%-20% off the normal price of buying directly with Amazon.

To see 3rd party seller offers and prices for a product, you can click on either of these two options once on the Amazon site:

Amazon 3rd party sellers

On the 3rd party offer page, you will see the list of prices and sellers for that certain product.

Amazon tips to find cheaper products

Make sure you keep an eye on the product condition and read any notes to make sure that the item is in working condition.

Bonus Tip: Save even more by finding an open box or slightly used 3rd party items.

12. Get a Refund or Replacement for a Broken Item Without Shipping It Back

If something you bought from Amazon arrives broken, you can contact Amazon customer service and get a refund or have a replacement item shipped – without the hassle of returning the broken item. They might even send the replacement with free next-day shipping!

13. Free Six-Month Trial of Amazon Prime for College Students with Amazon Student

Score free two-day shipping, exclusive deals and promotions, earn credit for referring friends, and unlimited photo storage. You just need a valid .edu email address to sign up.

After the free trial, the Prime membership will upgrade to Amazon Prime for 50% offonly $49 a year! Sweet deal!

14. Save 15% on Your Baby Registry and 10% on Your Wedding Registry with Amazon

Amazon has an amazing selection of baby items and things any newlywed would want. Create a baby registry and you will save 15% off the items you didn’t receive as gifts – if you are an Amazon Mom (if not, you save 10%).

Create a wedding registry and you will save 10%! Returns are free for 90 days too! (Some restrictions apply.)

15. How to Deal with Delayed Shipping

If an item you ordered is being delayed, politely contact Amazon customer service. They realize that the timeliness of shipments is important and may be able to upgrade the shipping of an item not yet shipped or create a replacement order with next-day shipping.

If an order does not arrive on the guaranteed delivery day, contact Amazon customer service to get a refund on shipping costs or possibly a free extension on your Prime membership.

Keep in mind that you need to provide a valid shipping address and that Amazon packages may travel through multiple carriers. If you believe your package has been stolen, be sure to check around the delivery location, see if someone else accepted the package, then contact Amazon customer service.

16. Free Return Shipping on Eligible Clothing, Shoes, and More

Shop Amazon Fashion. On the product detail page, select your size and color, then look for “Free Returns” next to the price to confirm that the item is eligible. Not all items, sizes, or colors will be eligible, but there are tons that are!

I have utilized this many times like so:

  • Buy a pair of jeans that are eligible for free returns
  • Receive the item
  • Keep the box and packaging on hand
  • Keep the item’s tags in place, and try the jeans on

If you don’t like the fit or whatever, go to your account and request a return for the item. Print the UPS label, repackage the item, and drop it off at a UPS location. It makes shopping online for shoes and clothing a lot easier!

17. Some Extra Amazon Tips to Save Even More

I know, I know… you have so many good ways to save money on Amazon now, you don’t know what to do. Well, we just had to give you a few more ways to save on Amazon.

Add custom search parameters to Amazon product list pages to see the biggest discounts. For example, add the following parameter to the end of an Amazon URL and see all items 70% off and higher: &pct-off=70-

Let’s say you want to see all the products that are between 30%-60% off. You would simply add this to the end of the URL: &pct-off=30-60

This method will only work on product list pages so make sure you aren’t on the homepage, single product pages, or any other pages that don’t list products.

Wrap Up

So, are you as convinced as I am when it comes to how AMAZING Amazon is? These tips will make a huge difference in the way you shop and SPEND money! You can save tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars if you just apply these simple Amazon tips.

More Helpful Amazon Tips:

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And huge thanks to Tyler for sharing his knowledge and giving us these awesome 12 tips!

Tyler Horvath

Tyler Horvath is a serial entrepreneur and master deal finder from Kansas City. When he is not finding the best deals online, he enjoys spending time with his family.


  • I have been receiving your emails now for almost 2 years. I really look forward to them. I know you girls work very hard to bring us the very best deals. I’m a big fan of Amazon and a Prime Member by virtue of my EBT card. I also like to hear about your personal lives as that makes me feel like I know you. All I can say is “Keep Up the Good Work.”

    • Wow Clorinda, thank you so much for taking the time to share! And thank you for being a loyal reader! I’m so happy that we’ve been able to help you!! 🙂

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