Sam’s Club Scan and Go App Review

In early 2018 Sam’s Club started offering the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app for Sam’s Club shoppers to shop and pay for their purchase in store, with out ever going thru check out! They recently integrated the Scan and Go capabilities directly in the Sam’s Club App! If you had troubles with the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app, you just need to uninstall the app and install the Sam’s Club App! The Sam’s Club app is such an awesome time saver! I could NOT believe how easy it was to use! You can watch my experience with the old Scan and Go app (which works very similar in the new Sams Cub app) in this silly little video:

Awesome, right!?!?

Get the game-changing Sam’s Club App now!

I know exactly how it goes when we mothers decide to go to the grocery store. Crying kids begging for treats (not mine of course), long lines, and trying to get everything on your list and not overspend!

Sam’s Club has come up with a new app that allows you to shop independently, avoid the lines, and get in and out of the grocery store quicker than ever!

Introducing the Sam’s Club App that Allows You to Skip the Line!

sam's club scan and go review

This app allows you to go through the grocery store, pick up the items you need, and use your phone to scan/pay for them so you never have to wait in the checkout line!

New Sam’s Club App Features:

  • Log in to the app to view frequently ordered items (making it so easy to reorder the essentials that you need!)
  • You can also place an order online for in-store pick up! When you’re heading to the store, you can go into the app and select that you are on your way and the store will have your order waiting for you. WOOT!

Here’s How Sam’s Scan and Go Works:

Step #1:  Download the Sam’s Club App HERE!

Sam's scan and go

Step 2: Shop & Scan!

Once you have the app downloaded, it is SUPER simple to use. All you have to do is open the app once you are inside of Sam’s Club and as you pick out your groceries, scan the barcode!

If you watch the video you’ll see that you don’t even have to perfectly get that barcode… it’s almost like it’s product recognition more than it’s relying on barcodes! It’s CRAZY FAST! (ps – If for some reason the item does not have a barcode, you can search it and add it to your card manually).


The app will give you your running total as you shop so you know if you are staying within your budget or not! And let’s say you do go over your budget, you can delete or change the quantity in the app as well! You can do anything the checkout person would be able to do!

Sam's club scan and go

Step #3: Pay & Go!

Once you have all your groceries scanned, you can check out and pay via the app (iTunes/Android)! It’s that simple! On your way out you will just show the person checking receipts your e-receipt and you will go right by! SERIOUSLY GUYS!

Got a return? Just go to customer service, show your e-receipt, and they will be able to help you return it! The app is free and is available to ALL Sam’s Club customers! You do not need any special membership to access the app.

Sam's scan and go

The Sam’s Club App will also save all your receipts in one easy place on the app so you can access them whenever you need. You also can track your savings and check your spending to ensure you are staying within your budget! I LOVE THIS!

Sam's scan and go app

This app is amazing! I love how easy and simple it is! When you are rushing in and have only a few minutes to get your groceries bought, this will make you in control of the amount of time you will spend in the store. I highly suggest downloading this app and see what it does for your shopping life. I bet it will make things go a lot smoother!

Download the App and tell me how it goes for you!


  • Ever since this app was “upgraded”, it no longer works. I told the customer service at the store and sams club online that it no longer worked and they said “Yeah, we’ve been hearing that a lot lately”. However, they have made no attempt to fix it.

  • Cathy

    Can you explain me how Sam’s Cub check everything was scan by customer.

    Thank you

  • I’ve had the app for some time now and I absolutely love it. Did I just hear that they have decided to stop using this app at the Sam’s club stores? I hope not. I don’t like using the self scans and there are never enough regular lanes open any more. I’d hate to see this app go away.

    • I was told that it’s not ending. It’s just going to be accessible in the regular Sam’s Club app, instead of having a separate Scan and Go app. Are you hearing different?

  • I got an email today that says the app is ending May 30. I cannot believe this! This might be a game changer for me.

    • I’ve been told that they are just moving the scan and go capability to the regular Sam’s Club app. Can you paste the text from the email you received Debbie?

  • Be CAUTIOUS!!!
    Let me add to the raves compliments of how much time this app has saved me. However, on April 27, 2019, upon entering the store, I realized that I had to download their newest app. I quickly was able to download and then it came time to check out. Fortunately, I had my Sams credit card on me, entered the information and left the store. Thereafter on May 14, 2019, unbeknownst, I learned that my app had been compromised. Not only was my Sam’s credit card used, but in the meantime, my Debit card was also reconnected to my account and $912 dollars later, I’m closing accounts and now have to obtain a new Sam’s member account.
    ***Recommendation – Sam’s needs to have a PIN number or password that must be entered in order to complete the check out. With someone having copied my app, they were immediately able to purchase items (5 different transactions) in one day using the app that stored my information. Better protection is IMMEDIATELY necessary to make sure this compromise doesn’t continue to occur.

    • So sorry to hear this! I reached out to my contact at Sam’s Club and they told me that someone from Sam’s Club will be reaching out directly so they can help you address this issue.

    • Might want to consider doing your online shopping/app shopping from an account that is geared for that, not an account that has any real money. For that reason, none of my accounts have been compromised. They can’t steal what’s not in the account. Sorry, it’s not a fault with the app, but with the end user.

  • It appears that it’s not available to those with basic membership; I get an error in the sams app saying scan and go isn’t supported in this type of membership. Too bad; it was awesome. Very disappointing!!!

  • I always used to think that Sam’s must lose a lot by bad customers not scanning items and going the person at the end with the scan gun. I kind of felt sorry for them until I just lost almost $50 using the scan and go. I got back home and had somehow put in 2 time for kitty temptations. That was about $18 and when I went into the store I picked up a 2 cord set of usb cables. Before I left I was going thru the fruit area and picked up a better and bigger box. When I changed the box I accidently must have left the cable set in the other box as it was kind of small and I didn’t have my glasses on. Needless to say when I got home I was out the $26 for the cables and the temptations both totaling near $48-$50. Sam’s made a nice profit on my errors. Now I don’t feel so bad for them. I call the store but they basically said too bad.

  • Just tried our reopened club that is only scan and go. No problem with the app but I will not be visiting the club again as the offerings are minimal and nothing fresh. It is no longer worth a stop for me to get a few of the items on my list and then go to a store that will have it all.

  • Used scan & go since 1st introduced, used to love it.
    Its not scan & go anymore, they used to just count your items @ the door, & scan your barcode reciept on your phone, & you were on your way.
    Now they scan them again, to make sure your not stealing.
    Today I cancelled my membership because of a rude employee @ the door.
    She told me I needed to go to the end of the line of people that used the register, which was all the way to the back of the store.
    I argued with her, & told her, I’ve never had to do that before with the scan & GO app, & that this app is the only reason, I had a membership.
    Who wants to wait in a line?
    So I went to customer service desk, & returned the items paid for, & also to cancel my membership.

    • I am sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. That had to be really frustrating. I would definitely reach out to corporate Sam’s and tell them what happened.

  • We started using the Sam’s app as soon as it was available, it was a game changer! Fantastic idea! Two months ago, we started having trouble during check out. We have two credit cards on our account and even thought the app highlights the preferred card and the online account has the correct preferred card, it changes during check out. I have been in touch with Sam’s several times, and they seem to think it is my fault or the fault of my phone. It is an App quirk and may be another game changer.

  • I love the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app! It’s so easy to use and makes shopping at Sam’s Club so much more convenient.

  • I love the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app! It’s so easy to use and makes shopping at Sam’s Club so much more convenient.

  • Don’t you want senior citizen customers. HELLO and wake up! Will my flip phone work there???
    we are not tech savvy and most of us don’t want to be tech savvy. Just something else to stress out about…yank your collective heads out of your asses….we don’t want this crap.

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