How to Save on Your Heating Bill!

How to reduce heating bill

How to stay warm without a huge heating bill!

This winter has been a CRAZY one locally. Record snowfalls and lengthy inversions have left our highs in the single digits with negative temperature wind chills! On top of that, we have had 5+ snow days and winter isn’t even over yet! Yep, it has been a pretty interesting winter so far here in Idaho!

With all these cold days, one thing that I have wanted to be sure to do was not earn myself a huge heating bill, but still, manage to stay warm. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Check out some of my favorite tips to help save on your heating bill!

1. Close the vents or turn off the heat in rooms you don’t use!

This time of the year, the kids usually hang out in the family room to play with their toys. Since the playroom essentially has no traffic during the winter,  I close the vents to that room. They are not in there, so there is no sense in paying to heat an unused room. Think about other rooms that are not being used. Guest room? Office?

2. Use a programmable thermostat!

Using a programmable thermostat is probably the number one money saver for your heating bill. When the house is empty and everyone is at work or school, should the house be heated like they are home? No way! Of course you do want some heat on to avoid frozen pipes, but you can turn the heat down to 50 during the hours in which the house is empty and set the programmable thermostat to turn the temp up higher about an hour before you get home. 

Helpful tip: If you have indoor pets, I would not drop the temp below 60.

3. Turn your furnace down!

Many people set their furnace to 72 in the winter and just leave it there! You will be amazed at what difference just one degree can make on your heating bill. Are you planning on baking that day? Having guests over? Turn the heat down! Use the oven heat from your baked goodies or the extra body heat to help warm the home up. I actually keep my furnace set at 68. At first, I started to drop it a degree every week and a half or so until we were able to comfortably be at 68 degrees in our home. When I first started to drop the temp, we all bundled up with a sweater, cozy socks, or a blanket to fight the chill off, but we quickly became acclimated to the new temperature. Plus, it has saved us a ton of money!

4. Reverse your ceiling fans!

Did you know your ceiling fans will spin two different ways? By reversing it, or making it turn in a clockwise direction in the winter, and using it on a low speed, this will cause the room air to be gently pulled up and the warmer air pushed down into the room.

5. Use door guards!

Door guards are one the least inexpensive ways to help your heating bill drop. Install these on your doors to prevent cold air from coming in and warm air from escaping.

6. Pay attention to those drafty windows!

If you have older windows, chances are they are pretty drafty! You can prevent heat loss by using window insulators. There are a lot of different methods for this. You can use plastic or films, but this kit is really simple to use and easy to remove when temps are warmer.

7. Use outlet sealers!

This is one of the first things I did at my home to help protect my warm air. Use these outlet sealers to prevent drafts! You will probably be amazed at how much cold air comes in this way!

8. Check your furnace filter!

Your furnace filter is another item that can help change your heating bill DRASTICALLY! Make sure yours is clean and changed every three months. If you are using a dirty filter, not only will it make your furnace work harder and cost you more money, but it can also be a fire hazard!

9. Replace worn weatherstrips!

Check all of the exterior doors of your home for the health of your weatherstrips. Over time, it can become cracked or chunks may be ripped out! Be sure to replace them as needed to keep your warm air in!

How to save money on heating bill

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how much you can reduce your heating bill with just a few simple changes. And since the heating bill is typically one of the largest household expenses in the winter, it’s definitely worth the time to give these tips a shot.

Have any tips you’d like to share? How do you save money on heating during the winter? Let us know!

How to save on heating bill

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How to save money on heating


  • CAUTION – Closing off rooms/vents only work for houses with ELECTRIC heat or other heat that is controlled ROOM-BY-ROOM. For houses with CENTRAL HEAT, I’ve been told by my HVAC company that closing off vents in unused rooms can cut off air circulation to your furnace needs to keep from over-working (costing you MORE money!). (This can be verified by calling your local HVAC company.)

    For houses with CENTRAL HEAT, to save money it is best to not let your house temperature vary by more than 4 degrees so your furnace doesn’t have to work too hard to heat it to the desired temperature when you are home. Consider keeping the “daytime temp” at 68 degrees and putting on a sweater/sweatshirt and allowing the nighttime temperature to go to 64 degrees and putting extra blankets on the beds or using heated blankets.

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