I Tested 13 Frozen Foods from Trader Joes in the Air Fryer And It Was Amazing!

I tested 13 frozen foods from Trader Joe's in my air fryer and it was amazing!

If you have been here before, you know how much I love using my air fryer to make simply delicious air fryer recipes like air fryer hamburgers and air fryer honey garlic shrimp. You also know that I love sharing recipes that you didn’t know you could make in the air fryer. I want to empower you to use your air fryer for more than reheating foods.

However, today I am excited to share with you 13 popular Trader Joe frozen foods that I tried in the air fryer. You can either watch me test out these foods for the first time in this YouTube video or read along and I will tell you how you want to make frozen food in the air fryer.

1. Brazilian Cheese Bread

This is cheesy and fun food that was adored in my home. For this recipe, place the contents in the air fryer basket and cook at 320˚F for 5 minutes.

2. Butternut Squash Fries

I love air fryer fries. For this recipe, place the fries in the air fryer basket or in a silicone basket. Spray the fries with a little oil, mix together, then add a seasoning of your choice. I did cinnamon and sugar with a little salt. You might also enjoy a garlic and onion powder seasoning. Mix in your seasonings, then cook at 320˚F for 15 minutes- making sure to stir halfway through.

3. Coconut Shrimp


If you love coconut shrimp and want a quick and easy fix, you need to try this coconut shrimp from Trader Joe’s. This recipe is simple- all you have to do is cook it in the air fryer at 400˚F for 8 minutes and it’s done! You can enjoy the coconut shrimp with some sweet chili sauce.

4. Hash Browns

These hash browns are a hit! Cook this one in the air fryer for 8 minutes at 400˚F. I was able to get 4 or 5 in my air fryer basket.

5. Orange Chicken

Make this frozen orange chicken a full meal with some frozen broccoli. First, preheat your air fryer at 350˚F for 5 minutes. Then place the contents of the bag in the air fryer basket and cook for 7 minutes at 350˚F. Stir the chicken, add the frozen broccoli, and cook for 8 more minutes and stir at the halfway point. Place everything in a bowl and stir in the orange chicken sauce.

6. Cauliflower Gnocchi

I love gnocchi, but this one wasn’t my favorite unfortunately. Let me know how you like to serve your gnocchi, because it might make this one better.

Since there is a lot in the bag, only use half the bag for the air fryer. Cook at 400˚F for 15 minutes. Be sure to lightly spray the gnocchi and shake the basket at the halfway point.

7. Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese bites from Trader Joe’s is easy-peasy! Place the bites in the air fryer basket and cook at 400˚F for 10 minutes. If you want to make you own mac and cheese bites, check out this homemade air fryer mac and cheese bite recipe.

8. Cilantro Chicken Mini Wontons

Air fryer mini wontons is another easy recipe from frozen! Cook at 350˚F for 7-8 minutes. If you want the wontons to be more crispy, turn up the temperature to 375˚F.

9. Fried Rice

This fried rice is amazing and so simple. Place the contents inside a silicone air fryer basket and cook for 5-7 minutes at 360˚F, stirring halfway through. I served this one with the orange chicken and broccoli and it was amazing.

10. Coffee Cake

So this isn’t a frozen food recipe, but it’s super good! Make the mix according to the instructions on the box. Then spray silicone muffin liners with oil and add the mixture to the liners in this order: the batter, cinnamon-sugar mixture, more batter, and more cinnamon-sugar mixture. I was able to put 9 muffin liners in the air fryer basket. Then cook at 320˚F for 15-20 or until the internal temperature reads at 190˚F. Check out my free printable to get all the temps you need for cooking and baking in the air fryer.

11. Brioche French Toast

This french toast was a favorite for my little kids. First, preheat the air fryer at 350˚F for 5 minutes. Then place 4 french toasts in the air fryer basket and cook at 350˚F for 10 minutes, flipping at the halfway point.

12. Chocolate Croissants

I love chocolate croissants! Begin with following the box instructions by letting the frozen croissants sit out for 9 hours before proceeding. Place the croissants in the air fryer basket on unbleached parchment paper (this makes the cleanup A LOT easier). Then brush an egg wash onto the croissants and cook at 320˚F for 14 minutes. These were so delicious.

13. Toasted Ravioli

This toasted ravioli was my personal favorite. Place the ravioli in the air fryer basket and cook at 400˚F for 8 minutes. I LOVED how quick and easy this recipe was!

Final Thoughts

I Tested Frozen Food from Trader Joes in the Air Fryer- and it was amazing!

If you love Trader Joe’s and your air fryer as much as I do, then you are going to love all of these recipes! I don’t normally use my air fryer to cook frozen foods, but when I do- it is amazing, simple, and crispy! Tell me what you like to cook inside your air fryer in the comments below!

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I tried Trader Joe's best frozen foods in the air fryer and it was easy and amazing! Yes, you can use your air fryer for warming up food.

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Comments & Reviews

  • Add pesto and parmesan cheese to the cooked cauliflower gnocchi. Or a tomato cream sauce. Makes them so much better!

  • I love the silicone basket you used for your fried rice. I love my air fryer but one thing I hate is leaning the grill (I have the Phillips xl). The tiny mesh crevices are impossible to get as clean as I would like so I end up using a lot of parchment paper. Does the air fryer basket impede getting foods as crispy? If not, why don’t you use it when cooking all your foods? I’m tempted to. It the basket but I was wondering if I could use it with all my foods.

    Thank you!

    • HI, the issue with using the basket for everything is that as you suspected, many recipes need the air flow to crisp up. We recommend the basket only when cooking things that are messy and need more the heat vs the air flow (like ham with sauce or fried rice, vs something like chicken tenders). Hope this helps!

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