My 6 Month Old’s Christmas Wish List


Figuring out what to get a baby for Christmas is HARD!

They are too little for normal toys, and if you aren’t in baby land yourself, you might have no idea!

Here are some tried and true toys that my baby loves! (So, this isn’t MY 6 month old’s Christmas list, but I bet it’s yours!)

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

So Bug hasn’t figured out how to stack these Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks yet, but he loves the crinkly sound 2 of them make.  The rattle ones don’t interest him as much, but considering these are a lot safer for him to chew on than the wipes package (His crinkle toy of choice), I’m happy!  They make a fun gift that will grow with him for a while.  My three year old even loves to play with them!  Right now they are $6.45 for the set of 4!

DEX Products Womb Sounds Bear, Brown

This DEX Products Womb Sounds Bear has been a huge lifesaver!  Bug had bad colic and the only thing that would lul him to sleep was this… or the vaccum.  With my daughter trying to sleep in the next room, it wasn’t feesable to run the vaccum.  My favorite part about Bug’s Bear is that it turns off after 30 minutes, so it doesn’t waste batteries after my little guy has fallen asleep.  The Womb Sounds Bear is on sale right now for $17.53, and worth every penny!


Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat has been AMAZING.  We had a full size high chair with the Bee, and it did nothing but annoy my husband and I!  It was bulky, in the way and hard to keep clean.  The only fabric on this seat are the straps.  Everything else is easily cleaned up by some soap and water, and not only is the tray dishwasher safe, but it ACTUALLY FITS in the dishwasher!!  Plus the thing is portable, and folds down to smaller than my diaper bag! Best part is the Delux Booster Seat is only $22.99! 

Lamaze Octivity Time, Blue

We have a LOT of these Lamaze Toys, but the Lamaze Octivity Time is one of Bugs favorites.  The whole thing is chewable, and there are lots of different things for him to explore and learn with!  It’s got a mirror, taggies, several teethers, and a clicky starfish he can turn.  It’s one of the more expensive Lamaze toys, but it’s like 9 toys in one 🙂  Right now, the Lamaze Octivity Time is on sale for $24.37 which is on the outside of whate I would normally pay for a baby toy, but the Octivity time will probably be on Lightning Deal again soon!

Tiny Love Take-Along Arch

When Bee was small enough to be in a carseat, I wanted a Tiny Love Take Along Arch for her, but we never ended up getting one.  Now that Bug is old enough to interact with one, I’m so excited!  It’s already ordered, wrapped and under our “tree”!   A major plus is that because it’s bendable, it doesn’t interfear with the FREE carseat canopy!  He can still play with the Tiny Love Take Along Arch while being kept warm and dry by the carseat canopy.  It also gives him something to play with while I’m doing my shopping trips!

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

We didn’t do a Sophie the Giraffe with Bee, and with as much as Bug loves her, I regreat not doing it.  But almost 4 years ago, with my first baby, the idea of spending $20+ on a TEETHER made me want to gag.  But NOT any more!  What makes Sophie so great?  She’s a bendable, LIGHT flexible teether with so many places to chew on!  Bug loves chewing on her nose, hooves, ears, horns, back, neck, tush,  kneecaps, etc!  They are not cheap, but considering what you could pay for a couple other teathers that will be too heavy, too big, or too useless, Sophie is worth every penny!  If we ever lost her, we would without fail buy her again, and even pay to overnight!  She’s that much of a favorite toy!  And I know what I’m bringing to EVERY baby shower from here on out!  This giraffe is priceless!

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  • Krysten T

    We bought the arch for our son when he was about six months to keep him entertained on a long car ride.

  • kathy

    Another reason Sophie is so popular is because she is made from natural rubber (in France), not the toxic plastic from China most toys, including teethers, are made of these days.

  • Sun

    The Tiny Love Take Along Arch is actually not safe to use. If it didn’t come with your car seat it isn’t crash tested and could end up hurting your child if you actually get in to an accident.

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