30 Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Under $30 on Amazon

Amazon is filled with a TON of stuff, but let’s face it, not all of it is the best. And sorting through pages upon pages of items isn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend an afternoon.

To help save you time AND money, we’ve found 30 fun, useful, and cheap stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. You’ll find things below for dad, mom, the kids, and everyone in-between.

1. Rubiks Cube

If you have a puzzle lover on your list, the Rubiks Cube is a classic and a must-have.

Get it here.

2. The Great Grill Scraper

Perfect for dads, the grill scraper is a simple, small tool that can easily scrape the gunk off any grill.

Get it here.

3. Book of Puntastic Dad Jokes

Another great stocking stuffer for dads is this book of dad jokes. Just be prepared for some cheesy humor if you’re going to get this for someone you know.

Get it here.

4. Stocking Stuffer Joke Book for Kids

Don’t just let dad tell all the jokes! This joke book for kids is a “challenge” book: two jokesters go head to head to make the other laugh. What a fun idea for Christmas!

Get it here.

5. Hand Shadow Book

This awesome hand shadow book is under $5 and teaches the reader how to create 28 different hand shadows.

Get it here.

6. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Cold weather equals chapped lips so lip balm is one of the best stocking stuffers you could give! Burt’s Bees is a natural moisturizing balm that comes in multiple flavors.

Get a pack here.

7. Stretchy Flying Christmas Elves

If you’re simply looking for a silly and inexpensive stocking stuffer for a friend or nephew, these are a great choice.

Get these here.

8. Rainbow Scratch Notes

These notes are a fun cheap stocking stuffer for under $10 and you get 125 notes in a pack.

Get these notes here.

9. Snowman Foam

Even if you don’t have a white Christmas, you can still make some snowmen with these foam putty packs!

Get this snowman foam here.

10. Mini Light Up Racers

Kids will LOVE these! And they’re less than $20!

Get these racers here.

11. Crayola Twistables

These twistable crayons are perfect for arts and crafts at school or at home. For the price, this set of 50 is totally a bargain too!

Get these crayons here.

12. Activated Charcoal Face Sponge

This is really a great stocking stuffer for anyone and everyone, plus it’s under $10! The activated charcoal is extremely cleansing and the material of the sponge helps promote blood flow and skin health.

Get it here.

13. Extendable Back Scratcher

This is a classic stocking stuffer idea that is really practical too. You’d be surprised at how often these things come in handy!

Get it here.

14. Kanoodle 3-D Puzzle Game

Ok, this Kanoodle game is absolutely brilliant. It’s fun to play with, stimulates the mind, and it’s cheap (under $15)! For that low price, you get 200 puzzles of varying difficulties perfect for all ages.

Get it here. You can also find a ton of other great Puzzle Games on Amazon for cheap.

15. Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

While this may seem a bit silly at first, it’s a great stocking stuffer for mom, your sister, girlfriend, wife, or any other woman on your list. And it’s less than $10!

Get it here.

16. Mini Talking Robot

For under $20, this little robot is a steal. It can repeat things you say, be used as a phone holder, and do other simple things the kids will love.

Get it here.

17. Meat Shredder Claws

If you don’t have a KitchenAid mixer to shred meat and you’re tired of using a fork, these shredder claws are a great alternative! Check out some other neat kitchen gadgets to use as stocking stuffers as well.

Get them here.

18. Emergency Car Escape Multi-Tool

Although we hope you’d never have to use this, it’s nice to have one of these tools in the car just in case. It’s designed to help you cut seatbelts and break and clear glass. Would make for a great stocking stuffer for anyone who drives (teenagers, neighbors, family, etc.)!

Get the pack here.

19. Fake Makeup Kit

If you have a little girl who just LOVES to watch you put on makeup and wants to take part in the fun, this fake makeup playset is perfect.

Get it here.

20. Digital Bookmark

This digital bookmark has a built-in reading timer, comes in multiple colors, and is less than $10. Great for the reader in your family! You can also check out these DIY bookmarks for even cheaper alternatives.

Get it here.

21. Starry Night Light

This is probably the coolest night light ever. It projects a starry sky on the ceiling which is super relaxing and not too bright.

Get it here.

22. Car Trash Can

Although not the most exciting stocking stuffer, this one is very useful. Cars are easily filled with wrappers, packaging, and other trash, and it usually ends up on the floor, but this product solves that problem.

Get it here.

23. Bath Bombs

You can’t really go wrong with bath bombs as a stocking stuffer. This set comes with 6 extra-large bombs with different scents and properties.

PS – Check out our DIY bath bombs for even cheaper ideas.

Get the pack here.

24. Reusable Gear Ties

These reusable ties are awesome as stocking stuffers for adults and teenagers. Great for organizing charger cables, headphones, etc.!

Get them here.

25. Skincare Face Masks

Face masks are a simple stocking stuffer and this set comes with 12 different types.

Get the pack here.

26. Keychain Screwdrivers

This handy keychain screwdriver pack comes with a Philips and flat head screwdriver, plus 8mm and 6mm hex wrenches. Good stocking stuffer choice for anyone!

Get it here.

27. Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tool

For under ten dollars, this tool is a fantastic stocking stuffer for mechanics, dads, or basically anyone working in tight spaces. It’s very handy for reaching things like dropped screws, for example.

Get it here.

28. Reusable Collapsible Straw

If you want to contribute to a better environment with your stocking stuffer, this reusable straw is a wonderful choice. Plus, it looks nice and can extend to different sizes which awesome!

Get it here.

29. Mini Jenga

Jenga is a classic game and this mini version is just as fun as the full-sized thing.

Get it here.

30. Smack It Card Game

Smack It is a fun, fast-paced card game that takes inspiration from War and Slap Jack. It’s easy to play making it the perfect stocking stuffer game to bust out on Christmas morning. And, you can get it for less than $10!

Get it here. You can also find more fun stocking stuffers games on Amazon.

Cheap stocking stuffer ideas

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed the ideas! There are tons of things you can give as stocking stuffers but we found that the ones above were some of the best.

That being said, if you want to go an even more inexpensive route, try making your own homemade Christmas gifts! These are often a lot more thoughtful as well.

Another awesome way to go is with gift cards. Right now is the best time to buy them as well. Check out these Holiday Gift Card Deals and Promotions.

Have any cheap stocking stuffer ideas of your own? Share them below!

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