Hilarious White Elephant Gifts Under $15

With the month of November coming to a close, we can all expect one thing… Christmas parties! We all love them! There is great food, fun, games, and most importantly, white elephant gift exchanges. I always feel so much pressure when I am planning my white elephant gifts. I mean, I want to give something that someone will like, but I want it to be funny! Yet I don’t want to spend too much money. Here are a few ideas, and be sure to leave your hilarious ideas in the comments below!

I have been to many white elephant gift exchanges over the years, and most of the time the gift has to be under $20. When it is the girls getting together, sometimes I never know if I should bring something serious or if I should do something funny. I have decided that if you truly want to make memories, go the funny route. Everyone loves a good laugh!

The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $15

Handerpants – $12.65

I mean who doesn’t want some underwear for their hands?! To me the point of white elephant gifts is to find a gift that you would never give someone at any other time, give it, and laugh about it for hours. Don’t worry, this gift is so great, it will return to the white elephant exchange the next year! Do everyone a favor and get these bad boys!

The Yodeling Pickle – $11.16

When someone opens up a white elephant gift, the last thing they expect is a pickle, let alone a yodeling one! This plastic pickle literally yodels!! Just push the button and it will yodel and yodel for hours! This would be the most hilarious gift. It will catch everyone off guard and everyone will be fighting over it.



Set of 10 Finger Puppets – $9.38

Why have 5 fingers on each hand when you can have 25?! I have actually seen this gift given and it was the highlight of the night. These can come in “handy” for many of life’s toughest situations! Everyone needs a pack of 10 finger puppets in the shape of hands. Am I right?

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Doll – $14.98

If this isnt the grand prize I don’t know what is?! Who wouldn’t love a cat lady action figure doll! When people open this gift they will die of laughter. Nobody even knows that things like this exist, until they are gifted one! This would be the best gift!

Dad Beer Belly Fanny Pack – $5.69

This is one of those things that is hilarious to have, but we would never go out and buy it! If I was given this as a white elephant gift, I would use it all the time for costumes or pranks! But I wouldn’t go and buy it for myself. This would be the greatest white elephant gift because everyone has seen these floating around facebook being advertised, but now they could finally own one!

Toilet Mug – $12.99

I mean who doesn’t want to drink their morning tea out of a toilet bowl! This gift would be hilarious because when they open it up, they will assume it is just a regular mug, but little to they know! This would be the perfect desk decor as well. Everybody wants a toilet bowl on their desk right?!

Leg Lamp Nightlight -$10.36

For the most traditional Christmas present out there, why not get a leg lamp nightlight just like in “A Christmas Story!” But, keep in mind this is just a nightlight not an actual lamp! It comes with the light bulb already as well. This gift would be awesome!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Coloring Book – $6.46

This is an effective, affordable way to find a white elephant gift! Ugly christmas sweaters is such a common theme lately at christmas parties so why not get a white elephant gift that goes along with the theme!

Toilet Mini Golf Set – $4.98 

This is such a hilarious gift. I mean who doesn’t want to play mini golf while in the restroom?! The set comes with the green mat, putter, 2 golf balls, the flag stick, and do not disturb sign. This is such a cheap gift, but it will get everyone around you laughing! And the cool part is, all jokes aside, they can give this to their kiddos and they can play mini golf in the house. Preferably not in the restroom though! haha

Duck Money Soap – $14.95

Give the gift of a pearberry bar of soap in the shape of a duck with real money inside! Once the soap is all used up, you will have access to the money! What a random, awesome gift. Keep in mind that the money inside is REAL.

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste – $6.91

Bacon is a huge craze right now so might as well make your toothpaste bacon flavored as well! haha maybe not your own, but making someone else’s toothpaste bacon flavored sounds even better! This would be a hilarious white elephant gift that everyone will remember.

Which one will you choose?

I hope that out of these options you can find at least one that you love! I am being indecisive and not sure which one I want to get for my christmas party! Comment below and let me know which item you cannot wait to give for your white elephant gift this year?

Happy White Elephant Season!


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