10 Things People Waste Money On

December 31, 2013 2 Comments | Disclosure

Do you have a goal to spend less money or to increase your savings?

Are you wasting your money?

DaveRamsey.com posted an interesting article about the 10 things that Americans waste money on. Here’s my take on it…

credit cards

1. Credit card interest – Don’t buy what you can’t afford, especially at high interest rates!

2. Deal websites – Just because it is a great deal, doesn’t mean you should buy something. Before you purchase, be sure you will actually use it and enjoy it!


3. Appetizers – Unless you’re sharing the meal too, you’ll end up with a lot of leftover food. At least make sure some of it reheats well as leftovers! We try to avoid ordering specialty drinks too. Water is free!

4. Overdraft fees – Keep track of your money and spending and you will never have to waste your money on these fees.

atm machine

5. ATM fees – They can add up! Plan ahead and avoid the fees.

6. Upgrading shipping – Many things are not really needed right away, so don’t pay extra just to get it shipped faster if it isn’t necessary.

gold's gym trainer 420 treadmill

7. Unused gym memberships – Only start a membership if you know it will be beneficial for you and you will continue to use it all year long. I like doing workout DVDs at home. There are lots of workouts and exercise that can be done at home or outside for free.

8. Designer baby clothes – Babies make a lot of messes and they grow out of clothes pretty quickly too!

keurig b145 coffee brewing system

9. Daily coffee trips – Take a look at your budget and how much this habit is costing you. It would probably cost less to brew it at home.

10. Premium cable packages – Most people don’t watch 90% of the channels anyway! We have an HD antennae that works great for us.

Take a look at your spending and see what you might be wasting money on. Cutting out a few little things here and there will really add up. Most of us have at least one thing we could stop spending money on and we wouldn’t even miss it!

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  1. What do you do when you don’t do any of those 10 things and still can’t make ends meet?

    • Not making ends meet even when you’ve cut all you can is a tough situation. There are lots more things that we don’t truly need that can be cut from our spending. Basically, one would either need to cut spending even more or increase the income somehow. There are a variety of ways to do this and it really depends on the personal circumstance, resources, and abilities. Hang in there and keep trying! Dave Ramsey really does have some great advice, maybe you would benefit from his some of his expertise?

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