How to Combine Coupons for Bigger Discounts

Do you know how to combine store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons to save even more money at the grocery store? If you don’t, you could be missing out on some great savings!

Many moons ago when we were figuring out how to coupon, we were astounded when we learned this!

The Two Types of Coupons

Manufacturer Coupons

These types of coupons are created and distributed by the manufacturers of the product. You can tell if a coupon is a manufacturer coupon as it will usually have it written across the top of the coupon.

You can usually find manufacturer coupons in the newspaper, online, and you could even mail your favorite product manufacturers to ask them directly for high-value coupons.

Store Coupons

These types of coupons belong to specific stores and they must be redeemed at the store they belong to. You’ll usually find store coupons in flyers, on store websites, and in newsletters.

How to Combine Coupons

Most stores have rules when it comes to combining coupons. Here are the typical rules:

  • You can only use one manufacturer coupon per product; and
  • You can only use one store coupon per product

So, if we can’t combine manufacturer coupons, and we can’t combine store coupons, what can we do? Well, (I bet you already figured it out) you can combine a manufacturer and a store coupon on one item! 

Once you know that, you open up a new world of possible discounts. Here is a scenario to show you how it works:

  • You’re buying a pack of Charmin toilet paper
  • You have a store coupon that gets you $0.50 off
  • You also have a Charmin manufacturer coupon that gets you $1.00 off
  • You stack those coupons at the cashier and receive $1.50 off your pack of toilet paper

Easy, right?

Why does this work?

Well, it’s similar to using a manufacturer coupon during a store sale, except for that this time the store sale is in the form of a store coupon.

How to Save Even More

If you want to dip into even more savings, you can use an app like iBotta or Checkout51 alongside your coupon combining tactics. Doing this regularly could result in huge savings and lots of cash back! Good luck!

More Couponing Tips

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  • Walgreens would not let me combine their coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. This happened months ago. Are the rules different for different states? I live in Arizona.

  • Sometimes the Walgreen’s Store coupon is also a Manufacturer’s one, like in the Flu books, those you can’t stack with anothe manufacturer one. At least that was how management explained it to me. So most you can stack.

  • I watched Extreme Couponing last week, the shopper had about 20 packages of name brand bathroom tissue that she got for free. That tissue cost about $5.99 on sale. Could you explain how did she get it for free? The most I have seen a bathroom tissue coupon is for .25 so even when you double it, you still have to pay $5.49 per package? It would be nice for the program to tell the viewers exactly what the shoppers are during to get all this stuff for free (if it is legit). Just bragging that you got it for nothing means nothing to the viewer. In my neighborhood there is a limit of 20 coupons per transaction, per customer, per day and no more than 2 of the same manufacturer can be doubled. So I would like to invite those shoppers to come to Portsmouth, VA and show me what they got, cause I bet they can’t do it. And No store here in Virgina is going to give you a gift card for an overage in coupons.I have been unsuccessful in cutting my grocery bill in half. Just for the record I feed my family real food, live food not can goods. Can someone show me how to save 30% on real food.

  • I am confused on how you can get a large quantity of a certain product. Do you have to have a coupon for each item? If so is this what the limit on the coupon is for?

  • Just wanted to share my love of couponing at Target because you also get 5% off when you use your RedCard Debit Card (I don’t use credit cards so I love they have a debit option). I have found that I save the most on baby/toddler items because Target mails me a Target baby coupon book about every two months or so. You can also print coupons from Target website or save on your smartphone with the Cartwheel.

    I also try to look for the items that they also offer free gift cards for…for instance Gillette Razors (The lady razors are usually cheaper than the mens):
    Sale: $8.99
    Free $5 Gift card when you buy two
    Manufacturer Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free
    *Usually can’t find store coupons for this item
    5% Red Card savings: 0.44
    Total Cost: $8.55 for two razors, plus you have a $5 gift card for your next purchase!

  • A few weeks ago a customer in the store I was in gave me a printed out coupon for 100oz or more for Tide Liquid Deturgent $9.00 off. I printed 12 of them…the cost was $11.99 and I bought 12 for $2.99 each…total cost was forty-two plus change with a total savings of $99.00

  • Is this really true. Can you really same money on coupons. How? Many years ago I tried to use a coupon and they would not let me use it. I have no idea but I never looked at another coupon sent. So how can you save money using coupons? I live in Virginia and it is really hard to use coupons here. My friends tell me that it is not even worth my time. So can you explain.

  • Hey! I live in southern Nevada, I have just started coupon-ing and I wonder if you could help me. I have a store coupon I would like to use for cereal, I then when to look for a manufacturer coupon, when I found it the manufacturer coupon said I couldn’t use it with any other coupon. Does that mean ANY other coupon- including my store coupon?

  • If I have a $1.00 off of 2 and a .75 off 1, can I combing those on the two products or do I have to purchase 3?

  • I noticed that along with combining coupons they also divide their items up into multiple small transactions. So it’s like they have 5 shopping carts of groceries, but they organize them and ring them up as 50 different transactions. They ring up 15 items, coupon those down, pay, bag it , then ring up 15 more items, similar with similar coupons, pay, and so on so on, till (3 hours later-NOT exaggerating) they are done.. I take it they read very carefully to avoid “One Coupon per transaction, PER COSTUMER) items, OR if they need to, have family members make a transaction using the same tact..

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