20+ Ways to Get FREE Stuff From Companies

How to get free stuff online without paying

How to Get Free Stuff Online and Offline

We love getting free stuff in an ethical, legal, and courteous way! Check out these easy ways to get free food, music, education, and more!

1. Free Apps

There are so many apps available for free! See a ton of free apps on Amazon. Plus, you can find over $10,000 in paid apps and games available on Amazon Underground. For all those Apple users, iTunes offers free apps too!

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2. Free Music

You can download music 100% free from lots of companies. Amazon offers downloads of select free MP3 songs and free digital albums, so does MTV. iTunes tends to offer free songs on a weekly basis.

Or you can listen to music online for free from Pandora or Spotify. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can stream Prime music online without any ads and at no additional cost. (Learn more about Amazon Prime.)

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3. Free Movies and TV

With the internet, you can watch full-length programs online for free (and it is totally legal). Watch online with sites and apps like Hulu, or the network stations often offer full episodes online as well – like PBS, MTV, VH1, and ESPN.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can also watch movies and TV with Amazon Video without any additional cost. (Learn more about Amazon Prime.)

Also, keep an eye out for free rental Redbox codes. Those are always nice! Every once in a while you can get a free movie rental, as long as you return it on time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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4. Free Anti-Virus Software

Newegg and other companies will occasionally offer anti-virus software for free after rebate. You would need to buy it first, then submit for the rebate. But you can also choose options that are always free, like Avast, Panda, or Sophos.

5. Free Samples

Many stores like Costco, Kroger, and Sam’s Club offer free samples during lunch or dinner hours on the weekend. Go ahead and ask your local stores if and when they offer samples.

Also, many companies will actually send you a free sample of their products, especially if it is something new. We’ve seen this from vitamin, health food, software, and many other companies.

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6. Free Education

Did you know that many colleges and universities now offer classes online for free to the general public? You won’t earn a degree by taking these classes, but you will learn a lot! If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a list of the free online college courses.

7. Free Magazines

Some magazine companies will offer select magazine titles for free now. FreeBizMags is an example of a place to get free subscriptions every now and then.

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8. Free Books

Of course, you can check out books and DVDs from your local library for free, but there are also eBooks you can download for free. Amazon offers a huge variety of different free ebooks every day.

cupcakes with birthday candles for birthday freebies

9. Birthday Freebies

There are lots of restaurants and companies that will give you a little freebie on your birthday or during your birthday month. Plan ahead and try to hit as many as you can! Even if there isn’t a birthday freebie advertised, it doesn’t hurt to ask anyway!

Make sure you sign up with their birthday club or emails at least a month before your birthday. Learn more about birthday freebies.

10. Garage Sales

You can politely bargain with the seller to see if they will throw in a free item with your purchase. Also, check to see if they have a freebie box going of things they want to get rid of, especially toward the end of the sale. (Check out these garage sale shopping tips.)

free ads newspaper

11. Classifieds

Most classified services have a category available for local people to list items that they want to get rid of – people just wanting to give stuff away for free. You will see a lot of different types of things. Many of these items just need minor repairs or touch-ups!

Craigslist and Freecycle are good examples of sites listing free items. The classifieds in your local newspaper may also have listings. It is worth checking out every now and then!

12. Trade Shows

You can attend some trade shows and conventions for free, and there are usually a lot of vendors handing out freebies and samples.

When I’ve gone to trade shows, I usually end up with a bag full of freebies. Spend a little time at each booth you are interested in because some vendors reserve the freebies for those that really seem interested.

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13. Credit Card Rewards

I am eligible to get free gift cards to restaurants, Amazon, or other retail stores through my credit card rewards every month or so. You must be smart with credit cards though! Do not spend money that you do not have and make sure to pay your credit card balance in full each month.

Also, choose a good rewards card that will work for you. Know the rewards program and take advantage of it!

14. Rebates

Every once in a while you’ll see a “Try Me Free” rebate on a product at the store, or see rebate offers around that make an item free or close to free. Be sure to note the valid dates, submit your rebates according to the fine print, keep your receipts, and keep track of all of the rebates you submit.

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15. Grand Openings

Some businesses will make the grand opening a big event and offer giveaways and freebies to get you to come and check it out.

16. Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the best ways to get free stuff online. I can vouch for the giveaways we host on this blog and on similar blogs! We really do give out free prizes and the odds are usually pretty good! Many local businesses will offer giveaways around the holidays too.

College and major radio stations also run contests for free music or event tickets. They are usually at about the same time of day. So listen in and keep the number handy so you can call quickly.

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17. Free Entertainment

Many museums, parks, and other attractions have free admission days. Visit the attraction website or call to inquire about the dates. You might also ask if they offer free admission or specials for birthdays!

Cities, communities, local theater, and musicians may also offer free or cheap events. (JamBase.com lists live music in your area.) Check your local library, newspaper, community Facebook pages/groups, websites, and more to stay informed about local events.

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18. Free Coupons

You can print lots of free coupons online (other than the cost of having a printer, ink, and paper).

You can also contact large companies to let them know how much you love their product and that you would appreciate a free product – they may go ahead and send you something. Think about personal care, office supplies, pet care, beverage, food, restaurants.

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask! You might get some high-value coupons out of it too.

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19. Car Dealership Freebies

Watch for ads in the paper, mail, on TV, or on the radio. Dealerships may offer a freebie if you test drive a car or two with them.

20. Loyalty Rewards

Many restaurants, grocery stores, and companies will offer a type of loyalty rewards program or club. When you buy a certain amount, you may be eligible for a freebie. Or maybe on a certain day of the week they offer a small freebie.

Sometimes a freebie is offered just for signing up with the program in the first place. This may also be the case when you sign up for their email subscription! Make sure to look around and do some digging so that you don’t miss anything.

toothbrush with toothpaste

21. Doctors and Dentists

Dentists are usually willing to give free toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste during your appointment. I have an electric rechargeable toothbrush (which I love), so instead of taking the free manual adult toothbrush, I always ask for the kids’ toothbrush and samples. I haven’t had to buy a kids’ toothbrush in a while!

When you need a prescription, ask the doctor for a free sample of the medication. Most doctors, of nearly every variety, will have some samples of their recommended products on hand.

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22. Free Shipping

I avoid paying for shipping whenever I can! Try to plan ahead and shop online at places that will offer free shipping with a coupon code or with a certain purchase amount that works for you.

Many online retailers will run free shipping sales every now and then, or you can sometimes choose to pick the item up at your local store – no shipping charges! By the way, I love my Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping. (Learn more about Amazon Prime.)

Did I miss a good one? Please share your favorite freebie tips in the comments!

I found some of these great ideas on TurboTax, All You, Totally Free Crap, and DealNews.

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