3 Secrets to Make Your Flowers Bloom More

How to make flowers bloom more

How to Make Your Flowers Bloom More and Last Longer

My husband has been planting so many flowers in our back yard. He grows them from seed in his greenhouse so it is pretty cost effective. AND, I love the color of the backyard when everything is in full bloom!

Now, you don’t need to have thousands of flowers planted in order to keep your yard full of color. However, you’ll want to make sure your plants are blooming to their full potential or else your garden look as colorful as it could.

Here are a few tips and secrets that can help keep your flower beds colorful until the end of summer.

Purple flowers

1. Plant flowers that bloom at different times of the summer

These purple flowers (in the photo above) come up in the early spring to mid-summer and just as they are starting to die off some other flowers we have planted here start blooming to take their place!

Flower bed by tree

2. Pinch off the first blooms

Yep, I know, it doesn’t seem right. However, when you wait for the first blooms only to pinch them off, it actually encourages the sap flow in the plant and allows more blooms to appear and last longer.

This works best with annuals like petunias or impatiens (not plants grown from bulbs). This also helps the side blooms of the plant to become more established and the plant ultimately becomes fuller.

Clipping off the flowers that are dead and dying also helps the plant to keep blooming longer!

How to make flowers bloom more

3. Fertilizing flowers

Just like us, flowers need nutrients from food in order to flourish. There are lots of different ways to fertilize your flowers. My favorite is sprinkling some osmocote into the ground around the flowers.

For heavy feeding flowers like petunias, it is a good idea to apply some Bloom Booster (according to package directions) about once a week after watering.

More Gardening Tips:

How to make flowers bloom more and last longer


  • Thank you for such an informative blog. I love gardening and planting many flowers in my garden. As they are so pretty and beautiful, they need so much care for bloom. I love to see my colorful garden. I always set into the garden to feel fresh and forget worries to see flowers bloom. You give great tips to keep them bloom. Yes, fertilizing is very needed for flowers for their nutrients from food to flourish. This blog helps me take care of my lovely flowers. And how I can feed them differently because every flower is not the same.

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