How to Pull Weeds Fast and Easy

The easiest way to pull weeds

The Easiest Way to Pull Weeds

Yard work is hands down my favorite hobby. It is so relaxing and makes for a great stress reliever. My favorite part about doing yard work is that you get instant gratification and rewards from your efforts. You can immediately see all the work you’ve done.

I love yard work so much that I even love to pull weeds. Matter of fact, I spent all of last weekend on my hands and knees helping a friend do some yard work which included spending about 6 hours pulling weeds. Though I loved helping and I would do it again in a heartbeat, my back, legs, and knees are still sore from all that work.

Yesterday, I saw a video of the Weed Zinger in use and I thought to myself, “Where have you been all my life?” This thing is amazing. A simple push into the ground and a twist and up pulls the weed, root and all, out of the ground. All without much effort at all. I am sold!

I am also thinking this would make a really fab Father’s Day gift idea too! Check out more details below…

The Weed Zinger

Easy way to pull weeds

  • Made from durable steel.
  • No need to kneel, bend, or lift with this amazing tool.
  • Has a unique trigger eject system to easily remove the pulled weed from the tool.
  • Perfect for use on dandelions, crabgrass, and more!
  • Naturally aerates the soil too!
  • An easy weed removal tool without using any harsh chemicals!

The reviews on the Weed Zinger are all pretty positive as well. One reviewer even said that their kids fight over who gets to use it when it’s time to weed! How about that.

There were however some reviews that said this tool isn’t the best if you have a TON of weeds bunched together. But, for single weeds here and there, this is the perfect solution.

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Other Quick Weeding Tips

  • Make sure to remove the entire weed – If you miss just a bit of it, it could grow back.
  • Wear gardening gloves – Gloves usually have more grip so if you’re weeding my hand this is a must.
  • Use a prevention system – Use landscape fabric to maintain your hard work and prevent weeds from growing back.

Tell us your favorite way to pull weeds in the comments below!

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