Thanksgiving Dinner Deals Shopping List

Thanksgiving Dinner Deals

It’s time to find the best Thanksgiving deals!

The best way to save on your Thanksgiving meal is to buy your ingredients at the lowest prices possible.  We have come up with a list of good prices for your Thanksgiving day ingredients. Because you should not pay more than what we have listed if you can help it.

The Savings Strategy:

  1. Use the Holiday Price Point Guide to make your list of ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Each week as items go on sale pick up those items at the lowest price. Before you know it you will have everything you need for Thanksgiving at a fraction of the regular store price.
  3. Bookmark this page and come back each week to see which Thanksgiving day ingredients are on sale and make a shopping list for your favorite stores.

Watch our video to see how we make our shopping lists:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes driving around town to get the best deal is just going to waste time and gas!
  • If you do want to get the best deals, plan your shopping around other errands and daily routines.  I don’t live by Walmart, but Walmart is very close to my my daughter’s gymnastics class, so I’m going to shop at Walmart while she’s in class.
  • Lucky for me, I live close to Fred Meyer, Winco, and Albertsons.  So given my routines and location, I am in a good position to snag the best deals from all three stores.
  • Another way to save is to do a Thanksgiving Dinner potluck.  Have your guests bring part of the dinner as well.   Doing this ahead of time gives you time to make your shopping list and really save as items go on sale.  NOW is the time to plan with your family and/or friends.

What’s hot this week?

  • Albertsons IM has  Turkey for $0.69 lb, Cheap Veggies, Cream Cheese,Cheese, Stuffing,  plus Much  More!
  • Fred Meyer has Cheap Cool Whip, Bread, Butter, Plus More!
  • Winco  has Broth, Cake Mix, plus so many great deals this week!!!
  • Walmart has Pumpkin Pie, Ham, Plus More!

Albertsons IM

Albertsons NW

Fred Meyer



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Comments & Reviews

  • This is so great! Thank you for posting!

  • I only just started getting the newspaper again. Have I missed all the coupons for thanksgiving goods???

    • There should be a lot of Fab Thanksgiving Coupons as we get closer to Thanksgiving! And don’t worry if you’ve missed something. There are lots of printable coupons and you can always check out the online coupon clipping services. This is a great time to start getting the paper again!

  • Many thanks for this. Love – love – triple love this holiday guide! I hope you do December’s as well. If you do how about including some baking staples like chocolate chips/nuts etc… or Chex Mix supplies (Chex or Crispix cereals, nuts, pretzels, goldfish…) ? I cant tell you how many batches of Chex Mix we go through around here. 🙂

  • Have you all heard of the app called SnipSnap? It would be a wonderful compliment to this website… many coupons online from Toys-R-Us to JoAnne’s to food items. Just an FYI!

  • Hey I so appreciate you comiling all this information for us! It’s great!!!!!!! I do have one question. I am in Boise Idaho, and so far the lowest Turkey price I have seen is 87 cent per lb at Winco, and the get the 16lb turkey free at Albertson’s. Did I miss something? The guide says to aim for 50 cents per lb, but I haven’t seen any major coupons other than the $3 off Butterball if you buy the other items and the cheapest I have seen them is again Winco at $1.17 per lb. What am I missing?

    • Hi Kary, I’m glad this is helpful to you! You’re right. We haven’t seen turkey for $0.50 per lb yet. In the past stores like Fred Meyer and Albertsons have offered Turkey for $0.50 wyb $50 worth of items. It looks like the free turkey at Albertsons is the best deal so far. Hopefully the deals will get better as we get closer to Thanksgiving! We will keep you updated!

  • Hi Heather!
    Wow you are so right about there being lower prices coming. I just found out today that at the Winco in downtown Boise they are offering their turkeys ( not Butterballs tho) at .58 with a $25 purchase, .48 with a $50 purchase, and while not advertised the turkey is free with a $100 purchase. They are also matching competitors ad prices on holiday foods and even going lower by 1 cent. Just bring in the ad and show it. This includes the private label brown sugar and powdered sugar prices to promote their own store brands. After speaking with their pricing manager, I found out these things. She showed me the sign over the salt bags in the front end detailing the price match, and told me of the other deal with the turkey. Happy shopping!

  • I’m not sure where to put this comment, but I really miss that you don’t do Ridley’s on “stores we blog about”. I had a great morning with their ad- their best item was sugar- 1.18 for 4 pounds. Or the Cranberry sauce for .48. (Actually I miss the Smiths too, because ever so often they have some good deals too) Just thought I would say something…and thanks for the price ideas- sometimes one just doesn’t know, since the product is only bought once a year and stocked up. And prices do just continue to increase.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I know everyone has their favorite stores and we wish we could afford to post on all of them! Unfortunately that’s just not possible right now. I’m so glad the price list is helpful!

  • I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at these crazy price comparisons – although I TRULY appreciate all the AMAZING work you do! If you had to go to just one store to get all the basics, which would you choose for a big Thanksgiving meal in Boise?
    THANK YOU for all your work and help saving us money!

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